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Khairati Begum’s Tomb Mosque, Khairtabad Mosque Hyderabad

We can find this monument behind the Dwaraka Hotel in Lakdi ka pul. Kairta – un – Nisa built this monument as a memory of her teacher Akhund Mulla Adbul Malik. Kairat-Un-Nisa is the daughter of sultan Mohammed Qutb shah 1612-1626. This tomb was built on the square plan and stands on the high plinth belong to khairati Begum. These arches are decorated with lime plaster and the floral medallions.

The minarets are decorated with complex designing patterns and with an ornamental honeycombing pattern. The mosque has three main arches and two tall minarets. The structure has a vast dome surrounded by four small minarets.

Khairati Begum Tomb Address:

6-1-1027, Taj Enclave,
Telangana – 500004
Phone: 099850 99023

How to Reach Khairati Begum Tomb:

The capital of Telangana is Hyderabad and Khairati Begum Tomb is situated in Lakdi-ka-Pul which is easy to reach by road. It is well connect from different parts of India through railways, road ways and air ways.

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Khairati Begum’s Tomb Mosque, Khairtabad Mosque Hyderabad

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