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Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Poojas, Price, Cost Details

Explore the Poojas, Price, and Cost details at Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Temple. Discover the various offerings and their prices to plan your divine visit. Immerse yourself in the spiritual bliss of this sacred temple.

Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Main Vazhipadu:

1) Shodashabhishekam: This abhishekam is offered for the prevention of diseases and to gain good health.
Cost – Rs.1250/-

2) Udayasthamana Pooja: This pooja is offered to fulfill any wish and for general well-being.
Cost – Rs.6500./-

3) Paarvathy Parameswara Pooja:
This pooja is performed to achieve successful matrimony and to have a happy and prosperous married life.
Cost – Rs.30./-

4) Umeshanu Pooja: This offering brings progeny, prosperity and happiness in the married life.
Cost – Rs.30/-

5) Navagarha Pooja: This is to satisfy the Navagrahas (The nine planets) which control the destiny of our life.
Cost – Rs.300/-

6) Pretha Verpaadu: This is performed to give freedom to the souls of our ancestors and release them from earthly connections.(Moksha Prapthy).
Cost. Rs.300/-

7) Shathru Samhara Devi Pooja: This pooja is conducted to eliminate enemies or to get protection from them.
Cost. Rs.300/-

8) Vella Nivedyam: This is one of the favorite offerings for Lord Shiva., which ensures the general well-being of the devotee.
Cost. Rs.10/-.

9) Swayamvara Manthra Pushpanjali: This pooja is performed to seek a good life partner and to achieve successful matrimony.
Cost. Rs.100/-.

10) Mrithunjaya Maha Manthra Pushpanjali: This is offered to Lord Parameswara for his blessings for a long, healthy life and an easy death without any suffering.
Cost. Rs.40/-

a) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Abhishekangal/Price:

  • Navaka Kalasabhishekam Rs.2000
  • Shodashabhishekam (Subramaniyangal) Rs.2000
  • Ashtakalakabhshekam (Sivangal) Rs.1500
  • Annabhishekam (Subramanyangal) Rs.1700
  • Bhramha Kalashabhishekam Rs.900
  • Kalabhabhishekam Rs.850
  • Rudhrabhishekam Rs.650
  • Kumbhabhishekam (1 Kumbam) Rs.150
  • Kumbhabhishekam 108 Avarthanam Rs.1400
  • Panchagavyabhishekam Rs.125
  • Kavadi Abhishekam (Subramanyangal) Visheshal Rs.75
  • Panchamrithabhishekam Rs.75
  • Jambeera Resabhishekam Rs.25
  • Shangabhishekam (Sivangal) Rs.30
  • Ikshurasabhisekam Rs.30
  • Sarkarabhishekam Rs.30
  • Kavadi Abhishekam Rs.25
  • Kodi theerthabhishekam Sivangal (Dravyam koodathe) Rs.15
  • Ielaneerabhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.10
  • Enna Abhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.10
  • Palabhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.10
  • Thenabhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.10
  • Pananeer Abhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.10
  • Bhasmabhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.15
  • Neyyabhishekam (Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.25

b) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Havanangal/Price:

  • Aghora Havanam Rs.400
  • Mahasudharsana Havanam Rs.500
  • Navagraha Santhi Havanam Rs.500
  • Mahaganapathi Havanam Rs.300
  • Mahamruthunjaya Havanam Rs.400
  • Sandhana Gopala Havanam Rs.300
  • Sudharsana Havanam Rs.200
  • Vishnu Kalasa Thilahavanam Rs.250
  • Yamaraja Havanam Rs.225
  • Jathavedass Havanam Rs.225
  • Swayamvara Havanam Rs.225
  • Trushttappu Havanam Rs.225
  • Sathrusamhara Havanam Rs.300
  • Prathyangiri Havanam Rs.300
  • Ashttadravya Ganapathi Havanam Rs.80
  • Thilahavanam (Karuthavavu) Rs.75
  • Mruthunjaya Havanam Rs.75
  • Karuga Havanam Rs.50
  • Ganapathi Havanam Cheruthu Rs.30

c) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Pooja/Price:

  • Udhyasthamana Pooja (Dakshina Extra) Rs.15000
  • One day visheshal Pooja (All temple) Rs.1000
  • One day pooja (All temple) Rs.550
  • Banesee Pooja (Dravyam extra) Rs.500
  • Navagraha Pooja (Big) Rs.500
  • Navagraha Pooja (Small) Rs.200

d) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Oru Divasathe Visheshal Pooja/Price:

  • Sivan Rs.200
  • Devi Rs.200
  • Vishnu Rs.200
  • Subramanyan Rs.200
  • Ganapathi Rs.200
  • Sasthavu Rs.200

e) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Oru Divasathe Pooja/Price:

Sivan Rs.150
Devi Rs.150
Subramanyan Rs.150
Vishnu Rs.150
Ganapathi Rs.125
Sasthavu Rs.125
Guru Rs.100

f) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Oru Nerathe Pooja/Price:

  • Sivan Rs.50
  • Devi Rs.50
  • Subramaniyan Rs.50
  • Vishnu Rs.50
  • Ganapathi Rs.30
  • Sasthavu Rs.30
  • Guru Rs.30

g) Sri Kanteswara Pushpanjalikal/Price:

  • Sree vidhya Mandra Pushpanjali Rs.30
  • Thrikala Pushpanjali Rs.30
  • Ella Devanmarkkum Pushpanjali Rs.30
  • SanthanagopalaMandrapushpanjali Rs.30
  • Thrisathi Archana Rs.50
  • Mruthunjaya Mahamandra Pushpanjali Rs.50
  • Lalitha Sahasranama pushpanjali Rs.100
  • Sahasranama Pushpanjali Rs.100
  • VilluwapathramkonduSahasra Nama Pushpanjali(Dravyam Koodathe) Rs.100
  • Navagragha Pushpanjali Rs.140
  • Swayamvara Mandra Pushpanjali(Padmamittu cheyyuvan) Rs.150
  • Vilwapatha Pushpanjali Rs.20
  • Eikamthya Sookthajapam Rs.30
  • Roudra Sookthajapam (Shivangal) Rs.30
  • Purushasooktha Japam (Vishnuvingal) Rs.30
  • Sree Sookthajapam (Devikku) Rs.30
  • Ayu Sookthajapam (Sivangal) Rs.30
  • Bhagyasookthajapam Rs.30
  • Raktha Puspanjali Rs.15
  • Mruthunjaya Pushpanjali Rs.20
  • Angapushpanjali (Subramannyangal) Rs.15
  • Swayamvara Mandra Pushpanjali Rs.15
  • Navagragha Mandrapushpanjali (Oro Grihathinnu) Rs.15
  • Pushpanjali (108 Archana) Rs.5

h) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Dharakal/Price:

  • Sreerudra Dhara Rs.20
  • Thirumanjana Jala Dhara 4 yamam Rs.30
  • Ksheeradara (Shivangal) Rs.30
  • Iekshudhara (Sivangal) Rs.40
  • Jaladhara Ahorathram Rs.15
  • Jaladhara Oru Rathri Rs.10
  • Jaladhara Oru Pakal Rs.10
  • Ilaneer Dhara (Ilaneer Koodathe) Rs.10

i) Kozhikode SreekanteswaraPrathyega (special) Poojakal/Price:

  • Swaswatha Pooja Rs.400
  • Sathru Samhara Devi Pooja Rs.200
  • Pretha Verpadu Rs.200
  • Sarpabali Rs.150
  • Thrikala Pooja Rs.125
  • Sarpa Pooja Rs.40
  • Ganapathikku Malarpooja Rs.40
  • Soorya Namaskaram Rs.35
  • Malar Pooja (Subramaniyangal) Rs.40
  • Subramaniya Pooja Rs.30
  • Panaka Pooja Rs.40
  • Shiva Pooja Rs.30
  • Parvathi Parameswara Pooja Rs.30
  • Umesanu Pooja Rs.30
  • Saraswathi Pooja Rs.30
  • Devi Pooja Rs.30
  • Vishnu Pooja Rs.30
  • Lakshmi Narayana Pooja Rs.30
  • Sumangali Pooja Rs.30
  • Swayamvara Pooja Rs.30
  • Prathima Pooja Rs.10

j) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Navagraha Pooja Ooro Graghathinu/Price:

  • Aadithyan Rs.90
  • Chandran Rs.90
  • Chowuva Rs.90
  • Budthan Rs.60
  • Vyasham Rs.50
  • Sukran Rs.40
  • Sani Rs.60
  • Rahu Rs.50
  • Kethu Rs.50

k) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Nivedhyangal/Price:

  • Vada, Payasam(Shivannu) Rs.150
  • Manoharam Rs.150
  • Unniyappa Nivedhyam Valuthu Ganapathikku Rs.100
  • Panjamrutha Nivedhyam Rs.40
  • Palpayasa Nivedyam Rs.40
  • Pizhinju Payaza Nivedhyam Rs.40
  • Aamlannam Rs.40
  • Chundal Nivedyam (Ganapathingal) Rs.35
  • Dhanyannam Rs.30
  • Mulgannam Rs.40
  • Gulamulgannam Rs.40
  • Neyipayasa Nivedhyam Rs.35
  • Malar Nivedhyam Rs.30
  • Panjasara Payasa Nivedhyam Rs.15
  • Unniyappa Nivedhyam Cherutu (small) Rs.20
  • Panappayasa Nivedhyam Rs.15
  • Thrimaduram Rs.10
  • Venna Nivedhyam (Dravyam Koodathe -Vishnuvinnu) Rs.10
  • Vella Nivedhyam (Shivangal) Rs.10

l) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Navagrahasanthi havanam Ooro grighathinnu/Price:

  • Adithyan Rs.90
  • Chandran Rs.90
  • Chowva Rs.90
  • Budhan Rs.100
  • Vyazham Rs.90
  • Shukran Rs.90
  • Sani Rs.90
  • Rahu Rs.90
  • Kethu Rs.90

m) Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Kshethram Palavaka Karmangal and Price:

  • Niramala Vlakk Rs.2200
  • Kalabham Charthuvan (Shivangal) Rs.900
  • Mattu Devanmarkk Rs.500
  • Deepasthambam Theliyikkuvan(Dhravyam Koodathe) Rs.100
  • Vivaham (Both Parties) Rs.250
  • Seemandha Karmam Rs.50

Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Kshethram Marriage Hall Charges:

Rental and other charges for the Centenary hall

  • Donation: Rs 45,000/- per day
  • Caution Deposit: Rs 2,000/-(Refundable)
  • Cleaning Charges: Rs 3,000/-
  • Marriage Registration Fees: Rs 150 X 2 = Rs 300/-
  • Marriage Certificate Fees: Rs 250/-
  • Manipanthal charges: Rs 250/-
  • Mandapam Cleaning Charge : Rs 500/-
  • Kitchen Gas Advance: Rs 7000/-(Refundable)
  • Video charges: Rs 450/-

For more details regarding advance payment contact 0495-2722161, 2722681

Read the Conditions for the people taking and using the Centenary Hall on rent:

  1. Before serving food, dining table tops should be covered by spreading paper rolls. If the renter has not arranged the same on his own, the Khshetrayogam would provide the same at extra cost.
  2. Plastic products should not be used.
  3. The renter should arrange for the people for serving food and for clearing and cleaning the table.
  4. On paying for the hall, the utensils according to the given list only will be provided.
  5. The utensils and glasses provided should be returned correctly. If at all any is lost or damaged, that should be paid for.
  6. If any mandapam or canopy is decorated on the stage, the advance should be paid and necessary permission should be taken from the Kshetrayogam office. However, nails should not be used on walls or the ceiling.
  7. For taking videos, the necessary fees should be remitted to the yogam office in advance
    On power failure, the generator will be operated. But any breakdown occurs to the generator, Kshetrayogam will not be responsible.
  8. Kshetrayogam will not be responsible for the vehicles parked at the temple premises.
  9. Bringing in and consuming liquor, meat and fish in the temple premises are not allowed.
  10. Please cooperate and help to keep the temple premises clean and tidy.

For Booking Marriage Hall

Sreekanteswara Kshethram Timings:

On Ordinary Days:

Morning: 5:00 AM to 12.15 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

On Special and Festival Days:

Morning: 5:00 AM to 12.15 PM
Evening: 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Contact:

Sreekandeswara Kshetrha Yogam
Kerala – 673001.
Phone: 0495-2722161, 2722681
Email ID: mail@sreekanteswara.com

Kozhikode Sreekanteswara Poojas, Price, Cost Details

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