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Kuja Rahu Sandhi at Ghati Subramanya Temple, Doddaballapura, Bangalore

Ghati Subramanya Temple Kuja Rahu Sandhi Pooja

Ghati Subramanya Temple is located in Bengaluru, Karnataka and is very famous for Kuja Rahu Sandhi, Kuja Dosha Pooja, Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja.

Ghati Subramanya Temple Kuja Rahu Sandhi Procedure

1) Tuesday is the best day and Lord Subramanya Swamy’s favorite day so plan to perform the pooja on any Tuesday. Inform the person over the counter that you are there for Kuja Rahu Sandhi Pooja.

2) Purchase Panchamritha Abishekam ticket from the ticket counter. Online booking facility is not available.

3) Panchamritha Abishekam will be performed at 7:30 AM every day. This special pooja includes Panchamritha Abhishekam and Ksheerabhishekam to the deity.

4) After performing the Abhishekam, donate to 11 poor people without fail.

5) You can offer any amount starting from Rs.11, 51, 101, 1001 as you wish. Place the amount in betel leaves and offer the amount to the poor.

6) By Praying Lord Subramanya Swamy will reduce the malefic effects of Kuja Dosha.

Kuja Rahu Sandhi

Kuja Rahu Sandhi Dosha Effects

1) Delay in Marriages.
2) Couples will be separated or divorced.
3) Lack of mental peace.
4) Broken relationship.

Kuja Rahu Sandhi Homam

This Homam will take place for 3 hours and will be carried out in two slots, At 6.00 AM and 9.00 AM. This pooja includes Sarpa Shanti Pooja, Kuja Shanti Pooja, Raghu Shanti Pooja and other Graha Shanti Poojas. This pooja is good for the delay in the marriage and the suffering of Sarpa Dosha.

Ghati Subramanya Temple Address:

Shri Subrahmanya Temple,
S.S.Ghati Post,
Doddaballapur Taluk,
Bengaluru – 561 203,
Land Line Numbers: 080-29550091, 29500191

How to reach Ghati Subramanya Temple:

By Air:

Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport is the nearest International/Domestic airport which is 45.9 km via NH648.

By Train:

1) Makalidurga in Kelaginajuganahalli is the nearest Railway Station which is just 3.8 km from Ghati Temple.
Train passes Makalidurga Railway Station:
VIJAYAWADA PASS, Train No: 56503
Train Name: SBC HUP PASS, Train No: 56523

2) Krantivira Sangolli Rayanna, Bengaluru is 64.9 km via Bellary Road.

By Bus:

The direct bus to Doddaballapur is available from Majestic Bus Station in Bangalore/Bengaluru. Doddaballapur is 14.8 km via SH 9 to Ghati temple.

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73 thoughts on “Kuja Rahu Sandhi at Ghati Subramanya Temple, Doddaballapura, Bangalore

  1. Hi Sir

    My birth detail is given below. Need your help regarding which Pooja is required
    Name Manish
    Dob 01.08.78
    Time 09.50pm
    Place Bhiwani

    Awaiting your response.


    1. Dear Manish
      Your Kundali has Kala Sarpa Yoga (Ananta Dosha). You should Perform Kala Sarpa Dosh pooja.

  2. Darshan here sir
    12.30 pm
    Ashwini star, Bangalore.
    Sir, As you said in previous answer that having North east or east direction is good for me, when is the good time to construct the house? Will I able to clear loan if I take? And please tell about my wedding also when is good time to get done.

    1. Dear Darshan
      East is the most favorable direction so place the door at the left to the east corner after consulting a Vasthu specialist when drafting the House Plan.
      Regarding Loan – if you put a constrain on the expenses that you incur then you could be able to save some money or dissolve the loans. Otherwise you may not. Don’t be a spendthrift.
      Regarding marriage it happens. To conclude this I need to analyse some more on your natal chart where I don’t have time to spend. So try to understand.
      Daily don’t forget to worship Lord Ganesh.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  3. Namaste sir, Darshan here

    Birth date 22/05/1990
    Time,,: 12,30 noon
    Place: Bangalore
    Birth Star: Ashwini

    There is no any progress in life as of now, we have planned for construction which is not happening, all our savings we have lost and we have pledged our jewels too… So stagnant in life. And in case if I construct which facing door and gate is good for me?

    1. Dear Darshan
      Yes nothing stays in your hands as balance as per your Chart.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam on any Monday or any Maasa Siva Raathri day or any Pournami day.
      And also perform Ganapathy Homam first and then Rudhra Abhishekam.
      And regularly worship Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Lord Nrusimha and Guru Dhaththathreya is must.
      Doing water Abhishekam to Lord Shiva and reciting Shiva Sthothrams gives some releief.
      As per your Rasi it is beneficial to build your house having at East direction (North East). Since your favorable planet represents as Sun. You can also have a Swastik symbol on or above the main door to maintain positive energy in your home.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    1. Dear Pushpavathi
      No Kaala Sarpa Dosham or Kuja dosham.
      But since kethu is placed in 1st house with in a bad sign need attention in most of your deeds. Also Rahu’s placement in your chart, not let to achieve in ease. But will achieve in delay only. You may feel like no gains in any aspects also.
      So as a remedy doing Rahu Kethu pooja is beneficial.
      And worship Goddess Durga maa daily or every Tuesdays and Fridays sincerely and with utmost dedication.
      Offer regular prayers and try to get the blessing of Lord Venkateshwara and Goddess Lakshmi.
      Just do as I said above for some months and you may see some changes.
      Observing 7 Saturdays vrath. This may gives you releif from form all of your problems.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  4. Namaste sir , Darshan here from Bangalore, 22/05/1990 12.30 noon.
    What are the doshas I have? What is the remedy? I’m facing delay in construction, and no progress in anything.. Feels so stagnant in life… Solution pls.

    1. Dear Shivaraj
      It may be because of improper compatibility of both Horoscopes matched.
      So if you want some more details then send your spouse details also to check.
      Establish a Kesariya Ganesh idol in your pooja room and worship the Lord regularly. Observe fast on every Sankastha Chathurthy day and have Chandra Dharshan and if you could please the Lord then you will get relief from all your problems.
      Also presently you are in Rahu Maha Dasa. So possibilities to get troubles. So doing Rahu Kethu pooja gives relief.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  5. Hi Sir,

    DOB: 06.09.1990
    Time : 11:50 pm

    Do I have any dosha in my birth chart?

    If any dosha please let me know where to be done ?

    I’m getting delay in marriage

    1. Dear Sri Pallavi Teegela
      Have Mangalya Dosham. Hence the delay.
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh.
      Worship Lord Hanuman on every Tuesdays. Recite Hanuman Chaleesha. Visit Hanuman temple also.
      Visit Srinivasa Mangapuram temple on a Tuesday and participate in the Kalyanam ritual and tie the Kankanam and soon you get marry.
      If it is not possible then let me know wheer do you live and I suggest the option for this.
      Do regular poojas to Sri Venkateshwara sameetha Lakshmi Devi matha. Also worship your family deity.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  6. My son Rahul, Dob: 12 Jul 1997..11PM, Manipal, Udupi dist.. Please advise of any dosha & remedy..

    1. Dear Veera Bhandary
      He has Mangal Dosha in his chart.
      Worship Lord Ganesh daily or every Wednesdays.
      Then recitng Lord Subrahmanya Bhujanga Sthothram daily or every Tuesdays.
      Visitng Ganesh & Subrahmanya (Karthikeya) temple on Wednesdays & Tuesdays respectively is must.
      And doing marriage after 28th age is advicable and factually most of the natives get marriage after 28 only.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  7. Hi Sir,

    DOB: 21/12/1991
    Time : 1:30 PM

    Do i have any dosha in my birth chart?

    Also where to do parihara pooja ?

    1. Dear Manjunath
      No there is no major dosha in your chart.
      But doing Rahu Kethu pooja on a Sunday raahu kaal time at Sri Kaala Hasthi temple is good remedy for your career.
      Do recite Guru Manthra for 108 times daily or every Thursdays and do visit any Guru Temple like Dhaththathreya or Sai Baba temple during Harathi pooja.
      And do worship Lord Ganesh and Subrahmanya regularly and do visit temple also.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  8. Hi Sir,

    DOB: 21/12/1991
    Time : 1:30 PM

    There is no movement in office work and no peaceful office life and bit problem in marriage

    Do i have Kuja rahu sandhi dosha? What to do

    1. Dear Manjunath
      If you have Kaala Sarpa dosha then it will either delays marriage or gives troubles in married life as per the houses posited and other aspects. There will be troubles in career or business also at times.
      So perform the Rahu Kethu pooja.
      If you are not married then do it on any Tuesdays raahu kaal time or If married then do the parihara pooja on any Sundays or Mondays or any Shukla Paksha Panchami rahu kaal time.
      Also perform Rudhra Abhishekam before doing the Parihara pooja
      Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Kavya M
    DOB 28-8-1996
    Timings 1 30 pm
    Getting delay in marriage
    No peacefull in life
    Lot of misunderstanding blw my mom and myself

    1. Dear Kavya
      Its because of your frustration only due to too much of thinking about something.
      So try to perform the remedies that i have suggested. If you do that sincerely you can overcome the troubles facing at home with mom also.
      Om Namah Shivaya

    1. Dear Kavya
      First always worship Lord Ganesh, then recite Hanuman chaleesha daily or every Tuesdays and do visit temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays as per possible.
      Then perform Tila Abhishekam on a Saturday to Shani deva. Do pradhakshinas to Shani Deva on every Saturdays and offer black sesame seeds lamp.
      Then worship Goddess Lakshmi on every Tuesdays and Fridays and do visit Temple also. Recite Lakshmi or Lalitha Sahasranama.
      And do regular worship to Dhaththathreya, Goddess Parvathi / Durgamma. Offer lamp to Durgamma on every Fridays.
      Perform poojas on the nine days of Navarathri to Goddess Durga (her forms). Best remedy for you.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  10. Karthik Kumar reddy
    DOB 07/10/1993
    Birth timings 19:38 pm
    My family is searching for gal(bride) but at the conclusion we are facing one or the other denials, and also job also not going good. Most of the things

    1. Dear Karthik Kumar
      It is because most of the people if sees Planet Mars placed in 7th house scare to accept the Horoscope to proceed. Hence your marriage is being denials.
      Visit Ghati Subrahmanya temple on a Tuesday and get Kuja Dosha Nivarana pooja done. Take both your father and mother to the temple with you.
      You need to see a girl having the same placement or equivalent as the same like in your Horoscope so that it matches most. That also cancels the dosha also.
      Actually this dosha turns mature at the age of 28. Also those who has Kuja dosham getting marry after 28 will be better for a happy married life.
      Simha (Leo), Tula (Libra), Dhanus (Sagittarius). Kumbha (Aquarius) are sutable for you but avoid Kanya (Virgo) and Vrishchika (Scorpio).
      Note: Horoscopes should be matched before taking a decision. Simply looking at some rasi we should not conclude.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  11. Hello sir

    My self Karthik kumar Reddy
    DOB 7 /10/1993.
    Delays in marriage. Lot of denials.checked with lot of swamy ji, they advised to visit ghati or Kukkeshree swamy temple for kuja dosha. So please tell me where to where ghati subramanya temple or Kukkeshree swamy temple. If yes then who suppose to come with me mom or dad or else both should come. Please help me

  12. Respected sir , I am krishna..my date of birth is 28-12-1987; 20:15 PM.. raasi – Meena and nakshatra – Revathi..I am looking for marriage since 8 years and nothing been finalised yet sir ..I kindly request to help me with the sort of remedy Poojas to be performed …my parents literally worried about my marriage sir ..this helps me to proceed further …thank you

    1. Dear Krishna
      Its because of your 7th house lord is Saturn who is a Maraka planet.
      Perform Tila Abhishekam and offer black sesame seeds tied in black cloth placed in clay deepa with oil lit lamp, do pradhakshinas to Shani deva, Navagrahas on every Saturdays.
      Recite Hanuman chaleesha or Subrahmanya Bhujanga sthothram daily.
      Visit Hanuman temple or Subrahmanya temple regularly.
      Offer pooja to Shukra deva also on a Friday.
      Perform Rudhra Abhishekam – this is not for marriage, as a remedy for the present Sun Dasa.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  13. Respected sir below are my birth details
    Name : srinivasulureddy
    Birth date :27-11-1989
    Time : 6:00 am
    Place: Rlykodur : kadapa dist
    My marriage is delaying and my career growth is not good , I missed many good opportunities with minute chances , place suggest a remedy sir ,presently I am staying in Bangalore

    1. Dear Srinivasulureddy
      Daily worship Lord Ganesh.
      Worship Goddess Durgamma by reciting Durga Sthothram or Ashtottharanamavali daily.
      Offer lamp to Durgamma on every Fridays in the temple and if not possible then can do it at your home itself.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  14. Respected sir ,
    Thank you so much for your comments… my hometown is Hyderabad and I work at chennai location .. Suggest me what kind of pariharam I have to do and also got to know that I have manglik dosham as well.request to help me with sort of remedies to be performed ..that really helps to proceed further
    Thanks sir

    1. Dear Sandhya Venkata
      Two reasons behind your delay in marriage. First is that you belongs to Ashlesha Nakshathra which most scare to marry. Secondly due to Mangal dosha which delays in getting marry. But Mangal dosha has maturity age of 28 years and after that the dosha is said to reduced. So marrying a person either a Manglik and a person with nakshathras like Ashwini, Magha, Jyeshta, Moola and Revathi. So tell your sister and parents to search for a boy with the above nakshathra and do match properly then also.
      Remedies –
      Either perform Sarpa Santhi Homam at Ghati Subrahmanya temple or Rahu Kethu pooja at Sri Kalahasthi temple.
      Sarpa Shanthi Homa includes Kuja Shanthi and Navagraha Shanthi pooja which last for 3 hours. This temple is nearby Bengaluru. You can have direct busses from Chennai also. At present this temple is not performing these poojas due to covid restrictions. So plan for after the restriction is relaxed may be after july 15.
      Rahu Kethu pooja at Kalahsthi takes only 45 minutes only with Manthroccharana pooja to two naaga idols. Since Lord Shiva has the Navagraha Kavach here it is auspicious to perform the pooja here also. You can come and perform Rahu Kethu pooja at present as here there is no restrictions so far now. If you decide to visit Srikalahasthi then plan for Ashlesha Nakshathra day –on July 12 2021 between 07.22 am and 09.00 am.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  15. Tons of thanks sir 😊… this really helps ..as mentioned below , will perform all sort of Pooja’s

  16. Respected sir ,

    My sister name is venkata sandhya and her date of birth is 30-01-1991; 11:30 PM… raasi : karkataka and nakshatra : ashilesha ..
    We are looking for her marriage since 4 years and nothing has been confirmed yet and her career growth is also not good..request to help us with the sort of remedies pooja that to be performed for her marriage .. my parents are literally worried about her ..please help us on this sir…


    1. Dear Venkata Sandhya
      I have already replied to her comment. Let me know where does she stays and I give remedies.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  17. Respected sir , I am Sitaram and my dob is 04-11-1989;04:20 AM.. I am looking for marriage since 7 years and my career is also not so good..request to help me with the sort of remedies poojas to perform. Please help me on this sir

    1. Dear Sitaram
      Worship Lord Dhakshinamurthi on every Thursdays and do regular poojas to the lord. Abhishekam at Srikalahasthi is beneficial.
      Also recite Guru Manthra daily or every Thursdays and do participate in Sai Baba Harathi pooja.
      Your career will be normal only and may not find good heights and if want to improvise then worship Lord Ganesh regularly or every Wednesdays by observing a fast.
      Also practice Surya Namaskaram yoga in the morning and then reciting Adithya Hridayam is beneficial.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  18. Hello sir
    Iam sandhya and my date of birth is 30-01-1991 11:30pm rasi: karkataka nakshtrayam: ashlesha
    I have been looking for marriage since 3 years and nothing has been confirmed and my carrier growth is also very bad could you please help us remedies pooja that needs to be performed

    1. Dear Sandhya
      Just worship Lord Ganesh for your Career related problems regularly.
      Observe fast (if you can only and not mandatory) and worship Lord Ganesh on every Sankashta Chathruthy day. There is a procedure to observe this fast. So better search for the details in the web or do consult a temple priest before starting this vrath pooja.
      Also worship either Goddess Lakshmi or Gayathri matha. Or worship Aparajitha Maatha on every Fridays by reciting Aparajitha sthothram. Aparajitha sthothram when recited sincerely is believed to bless to overcome failures towards success.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  19. Hello sir , I am Sandhya and my date of birth is 30-01-1991 , 11:30 PM, Raasi : Karkataka, nakshatra : ashilesha.. I have been searching for marriage since 3 years and nothing is finalised yet sir ….I got to know that I am having manglik Dosha as well ..request to help us the remedies Pooja to be performed that is really helpful to me to proceed further .

    1. Dear Sandhya
      The malefic effects of Mars reduce after the age of 28 since it is the Maturity age. But even then doing Parihara pooja is required.
      May I know where do you stay and I let you know the remedy pooja to be done.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  20. Thank you so much sir…as mentioned , will perform all sort of Pooja . Can you please confirm once , do I need to perform any Pooja at ghati Subrahmanya or can be ignored..request to confirm on this .. that would be helpful sir.

    1. Dear Swathi
      No not required to perform any dosha Nivarana Pooja at Ghathi Subrahmanya temple. But you can perform Prarthana Puja at Kukke Subrahmanya as a remedy for Marriage. This you need to do on any Tuesdays.
      Apart from this just follow as i suggested before.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  21. Hello, I am swathi and my date of birth is 26-09-1989; 11:06 PM..I have been looking for marriage since 6 years and still nothing has been finalised .. could you please help us the sort of remedy Pooja that needs to be performed ..that would be helpful us to proceed further

    1. Dear Swathi
      Do regular worship to Goddess Durga and offer red saree on a Friday and distribute Curd milk near the temple.
      Observe Kathyayani vrath will surely removes obstacles in your marriage.
      Perform Abhishekam Lord Dhakshinamurthy on a Thursday and regular worship also.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  22. Hi Sir,
    Below are my Birth Details
    Date of Birth: 17 December 1985
    Time of Birth: 4:27 am
    Place of Birth: Belgaum, Karnataka.
    I am worried about Mangal dosha and Takasaka Kaal Sarpa dosha in my horoscope, Currently, I am located in Bangalore, Request you to suggest any pooja I can do at Ghati Subramanya Temple, Doddaballapura, Bangalore.

    Basic Details
    Name Ashish
    Date of Birth 17/12/1985
    Time of Birth 04:27
    Place Belgaum, Karnatak…
    Latitude 15.8497
    Longitude 74.4977
    Timezone 5.5
    Panchang Details
    Tithi Shukla Shashthi
    Yog Vajra
    Nakshatra Dhanishtha-4
    Karan Kaulav
    Sunrise 6:52:14
    Sunset 18:3:50
    Ritu Hemant
    Astro Details
    Ascendant Libra
    Varna Shoodra
    Vashya Maanav
    Yoni Singh
    Gan Rakshasa
    Paya Copper
    Name Alphabet Ge

    1. Dear Ashish
      you can perform eith Rudhra Abhishekam – Rs. 300 and Sarpa Seva – Rs. 750 or Navagraha Santhi and Sarpa Santhi and Ashlesha Bali Pooja Ticket cost – Rs. 5001. This includes Kuja dosha nivarana pooja also.
      Or else doing Rahu Kethu pooja at Sri Kalahasthi and participate in the Kalyana Uthsava performed at Varasiddhi Vinaya temple, Kanipakkam, Chittoor – Rs. 616 /- Removes Kuja dosham.
      Worship Lord Maha Vishnu daily in the morning by reciting Vishnu Sahasranama Sthothram. Do this without fail at least on every Saturdays as much as early in the morning for more benefits.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  23. Hi Sir,

    I was born on 12 april 1995 in Tirupati. My parents was worried about my marriage, health and everything. Currently I am staying in bangalore BTM. I am planning to visit kukke subramanya for pooja rituals to overcome hurdles in marriage, career and health. Could you suggest me better?

    1. Dear Mounika
      Yes sure, But send your time of birth also and I let you know.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        1. Dear Mounika
          Perform Prarthana Pooja at Kukke Subrahmanya is all enough as you don’t have Rahu Kethu dosham or Mangal dosham also.
          The delay in marriage is due to the 7th house lord being Saturn, is a malefic planet. So marriage delays and you will get marry between 28 and 33rd age.
          Some other remedies –
          Worship Lord Hanuman by reciting Hanuman chaleesha on every Tuesdays and Saturdays. And do visit Hanuman temple of every Saturdays.
          Offer Black Sesame seeds lamp to Lord Saturn on Saturdays and do pradhakshinas. And perform Thila Abhishekam to Saturday.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  24. Respected Sir,

    We are searching bride for my brother from more than 3 years but not finding any good matching, so one of priest at temple suggested to visit Ghati subramanya temple and to perform kuja rahu pooja. But there’s lot of confusion. Kindly suggest me the suitable remedies. Please check below for my birth details.
    Vittal V, 08th September 1984 , 6:15PM Afternoon, Kumba Rashi.
    In Ghati Subramanya Swamy temple, there are multiple types of Pooja’s and Homa’s for nivarana Which is suitable for my brother. Please suggest Sir.

    1. Dear Deepu
      No need to perform any pooja at Ghati regarding Kuja Rahu. But regularly worship of Lord Ganesh and Lord Subrahmanya will be good for your brother.
      So let me know where do you live and I let you know which temple and what pooja to be done for your brother.
      Om Namah Shivaya

        1. Dear Deepu
          If you have any Ganapathy temples that performs Ekantha Seva nearby your living place then you can participate in that pooja may remove the obstacles in your brothers marriage.
          Or plan to visit Kanipaka Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple at Chittoor, AP, and participate in the Ganapathi Ekantha Seva. This removes the obstacles of marriage.
          Perform Prarthana Pooja at Kukke Subrahmanya temple regularly.
          There is no separate pooja done for Kuja parihar but will be done in the Sarpa Shanthi Homa. So doing this is that you done pooja for Kuja Dosha. Also ding Abhishekam to Lord Subrahmanya either at Ghati or at Kukke or any temple is equal to a remedy pooja for Kuja Dosham.
          And worship of Lord Hanuman daily or every Tuesdays and Saturdays by reciting Hanuman chaleesha or any Bhajans of Lord Rama is beneficial and doing this is must. Avoiding non veg during worship of Lord Hanuman is suggestible. Visiting Hanuman temple on Saturdays and reciting Vishnu Sahasranama sthothram at Home is beneficial.
          Om Namah Shivaya

  25. Om Shree Sharawanabhavaya Namaha,

    Namaste Sir,

    I’m facing problems in my Personal Life, Delay in Marriage and differences with family members. When I checked with priest in my village, he said I have Mangal dosha. and Mars positioned at 7th House. Also please help me to understand, Should I check the matches who have mangal dosha, because some priests saying we should consider only mangal dosha profiles, some saying should not.
    Kindly suggest me the suitable remedies. Please check below for my birth details.
    11th May 1990, Afternoon 1:10, Polavaram.
    In Ghati Subramanya Swamy temple, there are multiple types of Pooja’s and Homa’s for Kuja Dosha nivarana like, Sarpa Shanthi Homa, Ashlesha Bali Pooja, Kuja Rahu Sandhi, etc. Which is suitable for me. Please suggest Sir.

    1. Dear Sathya
      There is no Kuja dosha even thought Mars is posited in 7th house since you are born in Simha Lagna and there is a beneficial aspect also on the same house.
      The delay is because of the 7th house lord is Saturn, is maraka planet.
      So doing remedies like Tila Abhishekam, black sesame seed gingely lamp and pradhakshina and worship of Lord Saturn is necessary. If you do this to Navagrahas present in a Hanuman temple then well and fine.
      Also worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesh is beneficial to appease Lord Shani deva.
      No need to go to Ghati Subrahmanya temple but if you would like to do it then you can go on any Monday and staying there for that night and next day Tuesdays book ticket (aroung 5k) and get it done as it is done along with Sarpa Santhi homa pooja. It is not done seperately.
      Yes everbody should match horoscopes for marriage purpose for a happy married life, but there will be some defeciencies and everything cannot be matched best for all.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  26. namo namo subramanya swamy

    I Want to do a kuja dosha nivarana pooja what is the cost of pooja and what are the timing to do a pooja ?

    1. Dear Srawan
      It will be around 3500 – 4000 rs apprx. For exact cost need to consult the temple devasthanam as it includes three types of poojas.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  27. Dear Satheesha
    You please send your request thru this and i will reply thru your mail and wont post in our site.
    Om Namah Shivaya

  28. Financial problem and job satisfaction is very bad and some one told to do this kuja dosha parihara what is the cost for pooja and is this helpful and can be recover my problem

    1. Dear Uday
      kuja dosha parihara price is 5500 in Kuja Rahu Sandhi Ghati Subramanya Temple.

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