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Kukke Subramanya Temple Sarpa Samskara Pooja, Timings

The famous Kukke Subramanya Temple in Karnataka is famous for being the home of the Nagas. The temple is also famous for Sarpa Samskara Pooja performed to eliminate Sarpa Dosha from one’s horoscope. It is believed that Pooja is one of the most powerful way to please Naga devatsa, so that the harmful effects of killing a snake in a previous birth are solved and that one continues a happy life.

According to the legend of Kukke Subrahmanya is the son of Lord Shiva’s and Goddess Parvathi, and popularly known as Karthikeya, Muruga, Shanmuga, Skanda, Arumuga and Kumaraswamy, and the protector of snakes. It is believed that Vasuki, the king of snakes, was protected from Garuda (Sri Maha Vishnu’s bird) by Lord Subrahmanya in this same place. Therefore, it is a common belief that anyone who harms a snake should come and appease Lord Subrahmanya Swamy for the forgiveness of divine sin.

Kukke Murugan Temple

Kukke Subramanya Temple Sarpa Samskara Puja Timings:

Day 1 Timings: 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Day 2 Timings: 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM

Who should perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?:

According to Hindu beliefs, any man or woman who knowingly or unknowingly killed a snake in their previous birth suffers from Sarpa Dosha in the horoscope. The direct effect of this Dosha is that the marriage may be delayed or fail. A person suffering from Sarpa Dosha must perform this pooja to atone for his sin. The astrologer usually informs one about the presence of Sarpa Dosha in their horoscope.

Couples who have infertility problems or troublees conceiving a child are advised to perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja.

A person experiencing delayed marriage or delay in occurrences of any important issues are advised to perform the Pooja.

A person experiencing skin diseases or bad health must perform the Pooja.

What are the benefits of Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

By offering Sarpa Samskara Puja to Lord Subrahmanya, it is believed that one is liberated from Dosha Sarpa in his or her horoscope.

This Pooja is performed to achieve a better career and a person’s financial growth.

It is believed that fertility and problems related to children are solved during the execution of the pooja.

Problems such as delayed marriages and skin diseases are also cured after performing this ritual.

When should One perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

Sarpa Samskara Pooja can be performed every day except Ekadashi, Dasami, Gokulashtami, Shivarathri, any day of the eclipse, and during the annual Temple festival, which lasts about 15 days.

The monsoon season is not an appropriate time to perform this Pooja since the Temple is located in a mountainous area where landslides are very common.

How to perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

A maximum of 4 people are allowed to attend the Pooja with 1 ticket. The temple appoints the Brahman priest for people who are unfamiliar with the Pooja rituals.

Sarpa Samskara Pooja is a 2 days program. The Pooja starts at 8.30 AM on the first day and ends at 12:00 PM on the same day. The devotee must get up early and take a dip in the Kumaradhara River. Then they must appear at the Adi Subrahmanya temple, where they will receive a Deeksha Vastra. This Vastra is important and should be used on the second day of Pooja.

After the end of the rituals on the first day, the devotees receive food and Prasadam. According to tradition, Pooja participants should not eat outside the Temple premises during the two days of Pooja.

The rituals of the second day consist of Pindi Pradana and Tarpana for 64 times. This ritual means the transfer of the soul to the higher realms of existence and the granting of Moksha. The Pooja ends with the Naga Prathishtha in the temple of Subrahmanya.

What are the materials required for Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

New or clean washed clothes should be worn inside the Temple. Men have to wear Dhoti and women should wear Saree or Salwar costume. All Sarpa Samskara Pooja items will be provided by temple authorities by paying the necessary cash at the counter.

Where to perform Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

The Kukke Subramanya Temple located in Subrahmanya District in Karnataka is the place to go to get rid of this Dosha. The temple is 280 km from Bengaluru/Bangalore. The beautiful city of the temple is easily accessible by road and train. Regular buses are available from the main cities of Karnataka. Subrahmanya railway station is also well connected to the main cities of Karnataka and its surroundings.

What is the cost of performing Sarpa Samskara Pooja?

Sarpa Samskara Pooja cost in the Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is about 3000 Rs. The reservation must be made in advance, as the exclusive Pooja slots fill up quickly.

Kukke Subramanya Temple Sarpa Samskara Pooja, Timings

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