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Kurupuram Pada SriVallabha Swamy Temple Timings

Kurupuram Pada SriVallabha Swamy Temple or Kuruvapur Sri Ksetra or Kurguddi is in Raichur District, Karnataka State. Bhagwan Shri Dattatrayas is Kaliyuga’s first incarnation is SriPada Sri Vallabha Swamy. His birthplace and working land (Karma Bhumi) is Pithapuram in East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, his Tapsya Bhumi is Shrikshetra Kuravpur in Raichur, Karnataka.

The place is completely surrounded by the Krishna River and is called Dweepa/island. Tembe Swamy Majaraj (Sri Vasudevananda Saraswathi) performed “Chaturmasya vratha” here in 1911. The follower of Tembe Swamy Sri Rangaavadhootha, Gunavani Maharaj also performed penance here. Since it is donated to temple priests, it is called AGRAHAR Temple is built as per Hemad Pandit Style. Nagarkhana has been built by SHRI TUKDOJI HOLKAR. PARAMPUJYA VASUVANANDA SARASWATI MAHARAJ came to this place in 1911.

He was taken his birth in the family of Appalaraju Sarma and Sumathi. He has performed penance for about 35 years for Gnana, Viragya siddhi atKuravapur and closed his avatar On Ashweeja Bahula Dwadashi (Hastha star) in Krishna river of Kuravapur. The day is known as “GURU DWADASI”. But till today he is in sukshma rupa there and giving indirect darshan to the devotees who are having full faith in him. This place Is termed Gurudweepa in Skanda Purana. Skanda Purana explained that 28000 yogis and siddhis of the Himalayas were

Kuruvapur Sri Ksetra Timings:

Morning: 4.30 AM to 12.00 Noon
Evening: 4.00 PM to 7.30 PM

Kuruvapur Sri Ksetra Festivals & Daily Programmes:

At Kuruvapur Sri Ksetra Different festivals are celebrated which are as follows:-

  • Shripad Vallabh Jayanti – Bhadrapada Shukla 4
  • GuruDwadashi – Ashwin Vadya 12
  • Dattajayanti Margshirsha – Yadaya Shu 13 to Vadya 2
  • Maha Shivratri
  • Maghuvadya Pratipada / Shri Gurupratipada.

Kuruvapur Sri Ksetra Daily Pooja:

Early Morning 4.30 Kakad Aarti
Early Morning 5.00 to Noon 12.00 Puja 1 Abhishek, Noon Mahaprasad
Evening Palkhi & Shejarati.

Kurupuram Pada SriVallabha Swamy Temple Other Places:

Sripada vallabha paduka mandir
1000 years vata vriksha
The cave where Tembe Swamy Maharaj performed penance
Oudumbar Vriksha
Sreepada Mudras
Datta Mandir at Sri Vithal Baba ashram..

How to reach Kurupuram Vallabha Temple:

Route 1: This is about 30 kms distance from the district headquarters Raichur of Karnataka. There is a bus facility from Raichur to Aathkur which is 1.5 hours journey. From Aathkur to Kuruvapur, every Person has to travel in the Krishna river for 20 minutes in small boats or “butti”. (charge around 15 to 20 rupees). The connection Conveyance facility is available for each bus reaching Aathkur.

Route 2: This is about 2.50 hours journey from the district headquarter Mahaboobnagar of Andhra Pradesh. Mahaboobnagar is about 2.50 hours journey from the state capital Hyderabad. The persons can catch direct buses from Hyderabad to Raichur and have to get down at Makthal. From Makthal to Kurugadda (kuravapur) autos and jeeps Are available. The devotees have to engage an auto or jeep to reach the Krishna river. From there also buttis and small boats Are available to reach the temple.

By Rail:
Raichur Station is the Nearest Destination. To get down at Raichur Station then go to Bus stand. From the bus stand go to Atakur at 7.30 morning & 11 am. only two buses are available From Village we have to go from bullock cart, boat and sand (walking) we come to Kuravpur Temple. Following are some important trains coming to Raichur.

Kuruvapur Temple Accommodation:

There are some limited accommodations available for devotees to stay. Around 10 rooms are available to stay without any major facilities. For bookings please contact in advance so accommodation facility, as well as food facilities, would be arranged. Please note that there are no such modern amenities for staying there as some accommodations are in caves.

For bookings and other details please contact Mr. Ravindra Bhatt(Poojari). 09972559818

Kurupuram Pada Vallabha Swamy Temple Address:

Karnataka – 584135.

Kurupuram Pada SriVallabha Swamy Temple Timings

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