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Pithapuram SriVallabha Temple Timings, History, Poojas

Sri Pada Sri Vallabha temple or Pithapuram SriVallabha Temple is located in Pithapuram town, East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh. Sri Pada Sri Vallabha is a guru in Dattatreya Sampradaya, who is believed as an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya. Sri Vallabha was born in Pithapuram and he is considered the first Datta Avatar in Kaliyuga, took Sanyas at the age of 16. SriVallabha took Jalasamdhi in Kuruvapura.

This temple has a huge gopuram and a sacred pond, devotees sprinkle the holy water from this pond as it relieves themselves from their sins.

Pithapuram Pada Sri Vallabha Swamy Temple Timings: 5.00 am to 9.00 pm

Pithapuram Sripada SriVallabha Daily Programme:

5.00 am – Suprabhatam

5.30 am – Kakad Harathi

5.30 am to 6.00 am – Abhishek to Padukas

9.00 am – Mantra Pushpa, distribution of Prasadam

12.00 Noon – Maha Naivedya, Harathi Noon

5.00 pm – Pradosha Worship, Dhoop Harathi

7.00 pm – Pallaki Seva

8.30 pm – Harathi

Sripada SriVallabha Daily Poojas:

1AbhishekamPanchamurta Abhisheka Sahita Ashotottra Pooja9:00 AM
2RudrabhishekamMahanyasapoorvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhisha Sahita Ashtottara Pooja9:00 AM
3Datta Mahamantra HomamDatta Mahamantra Homam To SriPada Srivallabha after Abhishekam offering to Sripada SrivallabhaAfter Abhishekam
4Pallaki SevaPallaki Seva after different Haratis to Sripada Srivallabha7:00 PM
5Rajita Pallaki SevaPallaki Seva (with a Rajita Pallaki)to SriPada Srivallabha after offering different Haratis to Sripada Srivallabha7:00 PM
6GopoojaGopooja will be performed
7Maha Mrityunjaya HomamMaha Mrityunjaya Homam will be performedEvery Thursday 10:00 AM Onwards

Pithapuram Vallabha Temple Vishesh Pooja:

Panchamruta Abhisheka Sahita Ashtottara Pooja for a Period of 41 continuous days
9:00 AM
Panchamruta Abhisheka Sahita Ashtottara Pooja on Sani-Thrayodashi (Trayodasi with Saturday) in Pradosha Samaya
5:00 PM
Panchamruta Abhisheka Sahita Ashtottara Pooja on Chitta Star Day for 12 continuous months
9:00 AM
Navagraha Japam Thath Dattaamsa Homam will perform every Amavasya
9:00 AM
Lakshmi Ganapati Homam will perform
9:00 AM
Chandi Homam will perform
10:00 AM

Pithapuram Vallabha Temple Festivals:
Below are the Sacred Days special poojas are performed in Sripada Srivallabha Temple.

1Chaitra Suddha PaadyamiUgadi -Special Pooja Evening reading of Panchanga.
Vasantha Navarathri CelebrationsChaitra Suddha Paadyami to Navami (Special pujas evening from 6.00 hrs
3Chaitra Suddha NavamiSrirama Navami.
4Vaisakh Suddha TadiyaBirthday of Appla Lakshmi Narasimha Raja Sarma, Father of Sripada
5Aashaada Sudda PoornimaGuru Poornima
6Sravana MaasaSpecial Pooja All Month
7Sravana Suddha PootnimsRakhi Poornima (Raksha Bandhan)
8Sravana Bahula PanchamiBirthday of Sree Vasudevananda Sarswati
9Sravana Bahula AshtamiKrishnaashtami
10Sravana Bahula Thrayodasi to Bhaadrapada Suddha ChavithiSripada Srivallabha Jayanthi Weekly Celebrations
11Bhadrapada Suddha ChavithiBirthday of Sripada Srivallabha
12Aaswayuja Bahula DwadasiGuru Dwadasi (The disappearance of Sree Sripada Srivallabha)
13Kaartika Suddha DasamiBirthday of Sri Sadguru Sri Ramaswamy Garu
14Kartika PoornimaBirthday of Akanda Lakshmi Sowbhagyavati Sumati Mata, mother of Sripada Srivallabha.
15Margasira Sudda Ashtami to Margasira PoornimaSree Datta Jayanti weekly celebrations
16Margasira Bahula PaadyamiThe day conclusion of the incarnation Sree Narasimha Saraswati
17Margasira PoornimaBirthday of Sree Dattatreya
18Pushya Suddha VidiyaBirthday of Sree Narshimha Saraswati
19Maagha Suddha TadiyaInstallation of sripada′s Paadukas
20Phalguna Suddha PanchamiInstallation of three idols in Paduka Mandir

Pithapuram Pada Sri Vallabha Swamy

Pithapuram SriVallabha Temple Donations:

Donors also can avail of 80G Income-tax exemption facility for their donations offered to Sripada Srivallabha Seva Sangh

Donations can be sent by M.O., D.D., Cheque or Online in favor of The Executive Officer, Sripada Srivallabha Seva Sangh, Pithapuram Devotees can pay ONLINE by using their Credit/Debit Cards.

For Services Gopooja, All Poojas, Temple Development, and Books. Bank Name State Bank of India
Account Number: 11003309388
Account Type: Saving Bank A/c
IFSC: SBIN0001003
Branch Code: Br. Code 1003
Branch Name: Pithapuram Branch

Sripada Srivallabha Sevasangh (80G Facility)
For Services Annadanam, Building Development, Goseva, Halva Nivedana.
Bank Name State Bank of India
Account Number: 11003309399
Account Type: Saving Bank A/c
IFSC: SBIN0001003
Branch Code: Br. Code 1003
Branch Name: Pithapuram Branch

Pithapuram SriVallabha Temple Free Accommodation:

Sripada Srivallabha Seva Sangh provides Free Lodging and Boarding Facilities for the followers.

There are nearly 47 rooms available, 2 small halls, 1 dormitory which can fit up to 70 members, one big dining hall sufficient for 120 members in one sitting are available in 3 two-story buildings.

Sripada Sri Vallabha Temple Annadana Scheme:

Annadana Scheme is there for which donors can send an amount according to their will for Nitya Annadanam. Instead of this, Devotee can also Donate the Amount for the following Annadana Scheme

The Annadana scheme is there for which donors can send an amount according to their will to Nitya Annadanam. Instead, the devotee can also donate the amount for the following Annadana program Poshak, Raja Poshak and Maha Raja Poshak.

Srivallabha Temple Goseva:

60,000 Paid devotees are called MAHARAJAPOSHAKULU.
3 Days in Year For 15 Years Gopooja will be Performed on their names and gotra. Day-1 is on Sri Krishna Ashtami. Day-2, & Day-3 are Devotee’s Requested days.

Sri Pada Sri Vallabha Temple Address:

Venugopalaswamy Temple Street,
East Godavari,
Andhrapradesh – 533 450.
Office hours: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Phone : (08869) 250300, 250900, 252300
Mobile: 7382222498

Pithapuram SriVallabha Temple Timings, History, Poojas

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