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Pithapuram Vallabha Temple Chandi Parayanam and Homam Dates 2021-22

During the time of the incarnation of Sree Sripada, this holy premises was the residential house of Sree Bapannavadhanulu Garu who his maternal Grand Father

Lord Sripada Sri Vallabha is the first and foremost incarnation (Avatar) of Jagatguru Sri Dattatreya, which took place in 1320 AD. at Srikshetra PITHAPURAM.

Sripada Sri Vallabha is the most powerful and capable of destroying the difficulties, losses, miseries and obstacles occurring in the developments of His dedicated devotees.

The aim of Sripada Sri Vallabha’s incarnation is to bless Maha Siddhas, Maha Yogis and to uphold Dharma through them in the Universe.

Every Chandi Parayanam and Homam is performed in Pithapuram Pada Sri Vallabha Swamy Temple

Pithapuram Vallabha Temple Chandi Parayanam /Homam Dates 2021-22:

S.NO Month Date
1 April 27-04-2021 (Tuesday)
2 May 26-05-2021 (Wednesday)
3 June 24-06-2021 (Thursday)
4 July 26-07-2021 (Monday)
5 August 24-08-2021 (Tuesday)
6 September 20-09-2021 (Monday)
7 October 20-10-2021 (Wednesday)
8 November 19-11-2021 (Friday)
9 December 20-12-2021 (Monday)
10 January 17-01-2022 (Monday)
11 February 16-02-2022 (Wednesday)
12 March 18-03-2022 (Friday)

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