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Legends of Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Timings:

6.00 AM to 8.30 PM

Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple History:

Sri Gangamma Devi, the presiding deity of the temple, is the sister of Lord Sri Venketeswara Swamy. Sri Gangamma Devi is regarded as the protector of her devotees, who abolishes their enemies. As per legends, few centuries ago, there lived two tribes known as Boyas and Yelikas in the forest surrounding the hill. They worshipped Sri Gangamma Devi and by her blessings they lived a peaceful life with happiness and prosperity. But the peaceful situation suddenly changed when the Navabs from the north invaded them. The two tribes united to fight against the attackers. Seeing their strength and fearing defeat, the king of Navabs brought his main army to attack the Boyas and Yelikas tribes. The tribals could not withstand against the mighty trained army of Navabs. Both the tribes withdrew their fighters and took shelter in the Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple, praying and seeking support of Devi. It was believed that Goddess Sakthi manifested into a physical form, to abolish the invading Navab army. As per legends, Devi’s anger was quenched only after cutting of the heads of all Navab soldiers who tried to harm her devotees.

Sevas / Poojas Details in Boyakonda Temple:

Prakarosthavam- Unjal Seva: Rs.516.00
Abhisekam: Rs.300.00
Kunkuma Archana: Rs.101.00
Seegra dharshanam: Rs.50.00
Special Dharshanam: Rs.10.00
Pushpam: Rs.10.00
Thalanilalu: Rs.10.00
Theertham: Rs.1.00
Two and Three Wheeler Puja (Bike, Auto, Scooter): Rs.10.00
Four Wheeler Puja (Car, Lorry, Tempo etc): Rs.20.00

Sri Gangamma Temple Boyakonda

Boyakonda Gangamma Temple Address:

Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple,
Diguvapalli Village,
Chowdepalli Mandal,
Andhra Pradesh – 517280.
Contact Number: O8581-254766, 254777, 096115 03961.

Legends of Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Temple

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