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Lord Nityananada Prabhu Met Laksmipati in Pandharpur, Solapur

Adapted from Narahari Chakravarti Thakur
Sri Bhakti-Ratnakara 5.2241-2328

Nityananda Prabhu was born in the village of Ekachakra. (Text 2241) His mother was Padmavati and his father was Hadai Pandit. Who can describe their love for their child? He was the breath of life The son of luck Padmavati much appreciated in Ekachakra Gram hobby Filled with ecstasy, Nityananda showed people the hobbies of Krishna avataras Ekachakra people was very lucky. For all, Nitai was a treasure, his love for him grew and grew. For twelve years, Nityananda Prabhu remained in this village. Who has the power to understand Lord Nityananda’s heart? Without Sri Krishna Chaitanya’s association, Nitai could not stay alone One day, Nityananda thought, “It’s not yet time to catch up. Sri Krishna Chaitanya is now on Navadwip.

Nityananada Prabhu Laksmipati

Hide your true identity, enjoy hobbies as a child. When you openly manifest your true identity and enjoy the hobbies with devotees, I will meet you. For the moment I will go on a pilgrimage. “Thinking like this, Nityananda smiles. Shortly after, sannyasi came to this village and instructions from residents came to Hadai Pandit’s house. Seeing the holy guest, Hadai Pandit became happy at a time, kept many foods in front of him and asked him to eat the sannyasi said. “Oh, brahman, promises that will fill my order, eat only then” To make that promise, the quitter took his meal .. then, at the time of his departure, he asked to give Nityananda. comforting his father and mother, and with a peaceful heart, Nitai left the sannyasi home So Nityananda Prabhu left. who has the power to understand your wonderful hobbies?

Nityananda Chandra is in full bloom of youth Her beauty will enchant you all worlds At a glance, it brings refreshing happiness in the eyes Wherever Nitai, who was full of divine love, people went, with my heart in ecstasy, ran to see Him show great mercy to all, Nityananda Svarup, the Personality of God Himself, walks like a great king of elephants. Nityananda Prabhu visited the same holy places where he visited Lord Balaram in Dvapara-Yuga. Traveling south, he went to Pandharpur. There, Lord Nityananda saw the divinity of Lord Vitthalanath. In this city lived a kind Brahmin who was a spiritual brother of Madhavendra Puri. Inviting the Lord to his home, the Brahman should be respectfully offered fruits, roots, milk and other foods for him to eat. Looking at Nityananda Rama, the lucky people of Pandharpur felt that their life was filled with an accomplished bliss. Who can understand the desires in the heart of Nityananda Prabhu? After seeing Lord Vitthalanath, Nityananda stayed in an isolated place. Coming from afar, the brahman’s spiritual master, Sri Lakshmipati, suddenly came to this village.

Seeing this, the Brahman was very excited Lakshmipati was very old His glorious activities were indescribable His fame spread He was a great saint, surrounded by disciples, learned in all the scriptures, and walked on the path of pure devotional service. Lakshmipati felt for his disciples? Why do you want lakshmipatira mahima? Ya’ra sishya Madhavendra pura – sima ei Who has the power to describe the glories of Lakshmipati? His disciple was Madhavendra Puri, whose glories were the best. (Text 2271) Madhavendra pure Prema-bhakti-rasa-MAYA Yara Sakala Siddhi wet Smre haya Madhavendra Puri was the home of the Mellows of pure love of God. The Remembrance of His Name (Text 2272) Disciples Madhavendra Puri, led by Isvara Puri and Sri Sri Ranga Puri were all intoxicated with the nectar of ecstatic love. Sripad Madhavendra had many disciples in Bengal, Orissa and elsewhere. All were dedicated to Krishna and were absorbed in ecstatic love. Madhavendra Puri was famous in Madhva sampradaya. He was an excellent teacher and Lakshmipati had lunch at this Brahmin disciple. Impatiently, he spoke of Lord Krishna and again, Lakshmipati said, “I see a great sponsorship that I have come home many times, but I have never been so happy in my heart, I think a great devotee should be here! “. To this, the brahman replied. “Your pity is very powerful.”

By the desire of Lord Nityananda, the Brahman did not reveal the presence of Nitai in the house the day was dedicated to Sri Krishna. Christmas night in his living room well, the glorious sannyasi Lakshmipati sang songs glorifying the hobbies of Lord Balaram, hobby heart of love. Absorbed in Ananya-Bhakti, unshakable love

Lord Nityananada Prabhu Met Laksmipati in Pandharpur, Solapur

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