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Lord Shiva′s Promise

The legend of Lord Shiva’s assurance explains the popularity of Shivaratri festival amongst the devotees. Besides, it also tells us why we observe fast in the name of the Lord and perform ceremonial baths on a Shivaratri day.

Lord Shiva, being the legend, explains the popularity of the festival of Shivaratri within their devotees. It also reveals why we observe the fast name of Shiva and why we take ceremonial bath on this pure day of Shivaratri .

The Legend:

Story go like this, when the creation got complete, God Shiva started living on the peak of the mountain Kailash with his life lord, parvati. On a very fine day, parvati asked shiva that no matter what, his devotees try their best to pleases lord shiva and perform many rituals, but what makes him happy of the most. To this question, lord shiva replied humbly that 14th night of the new moon is his most favorite day which appears during the month of the phagun. That day is celebrated as shivratri. On this day, the worshippers observe a very strict spiritual discipline and worship shiva in four very different form. These four different forms are worship on the very next consecutive different successive three hour period of the night.

Further Lord shiva add that it is his favorite when the devotees offer him the bel leaves (Bilva leaves) and these leaves are very precious for him as they considered them as the precious jewels and flowers. Also lord shiva mentioned the right way of worshipping him. He said that devotees should made him to bath with the milk during the first period out of the four period, in the second period, he clarified about the curd, in the third period he asked for butter and for the fourth period, he mentioned to prefer honey. He also mentioned that in the next morning, devotees must feed the Brahmins first and then the prescribed ritual should be taken to break the fast. He strictly mentioned that the rituals of Shivaratri must not be compared to any other festival or ritual.

The talks impressed goddess parvati deeply, and she narrated it to her friends. Through her friends, every one in the world came to know about these. Hence then, the devotees of lord shiva started celebrating the festival of Shivaratri by fasting and performing all the rituals in a very pure form.

Sati -Lord Shiva

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