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Maha sivarathri at Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple

17 February 2015 Tirupati: Huge number of devotees had darshan of Lord Shiva at Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple in Tirupati on Tuesday on the auspicious Maha sivarathri. This famous and ancient Shiva Shrine is under the control of TTD.

Tirupati the temple city of Lord Venkateswara Swamy which usually vibrates to “GOVINDA NAMA” chant, on Tuesday the temple city echoed with the divine mantra "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" and “HARA HARA MAHA DEVA SAMBHO SHANKARA” on the actuation of Maha sivarathri at Sri Kapileswara Swamy temple.

TTD has made elaborate preparations of safety deploying special staff of vigilance sleuths for crowd administration and in addition over one hundred Srivari Seva Volunteers to take care of queue lines, distribute annaprasadam and so on for the multitude of visiting pilgrims.

The day started with Suprabhatam at 2.30 am followed by Mahanyasapurvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam, upto 4.30 am, later the devotees were allowed for Sarva Darshanam from 5.30 am to 11 am.

Between 7 am to 9 am Rathotsavam was performed at the temple. After Rathotsavam which is also called Bhogitheru, Snapana Tirumanjanam performed to the utsavarulu. After utsavarulu the devotees were again allowed for darshan from 11.30 am to 2 pm. Special abhishekams, Alankaram, Sahasranamarchana, Deeparadhana were also performed in the noon,.

The Devotees were allowed for Sarva Darshan from 5 pm to 12 midnight. Between 6 pm to 10 pm Lord Shiva was taken for a holy ride on Adhikara Nandi Vahanam, the most famous Vahanam of the ten day brahmotsavams.
At zero hours of February 18, Lingodbhavakala Abhishekam was performed from till 1 am, followed by second, third and fourth abhishekams which is followed by Alankaram, Archana, Naivedyam, Deeparadhana and Ekantaseva.Bhogitheru

bhogi-theru-Sri Kapileswara Swamy
photo from ttd

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