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Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati Temple Timing, History, Festivals | Ashtavinayak Temple

Ashtavinayaka Temples or Eight Ganeshas is located in Maharashtra state of India, The Ashtavinayaka yatra or pilgrimage tour covers the eight holy temples of Ganesha which are situated around Pune. Ashtavinayaka temple Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati is located in Mahad village situated in Khalapur taluka near Karjat and Khopoli. Mahad is a pretty village set in the hilly region of Konkan in the Raigarh district. Lord Ganesha as Varad Vinayak fulfills all desires and grants all boons. This region was known as Bhadrak or Madhak in ancient times

Varadvinayak, also spelled as Varadavinayaka, is one of the Ashtavinayak temples of the Hindu deity Ganesha. The temple was built (restored) by Peshwa General Ramji Mahadev Biwalkar in 1725 AD.

In this Ashtavinayak Temple devotees can enter the Garbagriha and pay their homage and respects to the idol personally. Devotees visit the Varadvinayak shrine throughout the year. During festivals like the Magha Chaturthi, huge crowds can be seen in this temple.

Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Temple Timings:

From 5:30 AM to 9:00 PM on all days

Photography is not allowed in Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Temple.
Free Vehicle Parking is available near the temple.
The nearest Cities are Karjat, Khopoli
Varadvinayak Ganpati Bhakta Niwas is the ideal place to stay. The rooms and toilets are clean and well-maintained by the temple admin. Minimum charges are charged for accommodation. Afternoon Lunch is provided as prasad by the temple from 12:00 Noon to 2:00 PM. Tel: 02192-266912

Mahad Ganpati Temple

Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Temple History:

The idol of this Ashtavinayak temple, Varadvinayak is swayambu / self-originated and was found in the adjoining lake in an immersed position in 1690 AD. This varadvinayak temple is said to be built in 1725 AD by Subhedar Ramji Mahadev Biwalkar. The temple premises are on one side of a beautiful pond. A unique feature of Mahad Varadvinayak Temple is a lamp that is glowing continually since 1892.

This Ashta Vinayak shrine faces east and is enshrined in the sitting posture, with his trunk turned towards the left. The stone idols of Riddhi and Siddhi are seen in the sanctum. The statues of elephants decorate the four sides of the temple. The dome of the temple is about 25 feet high with golden pinnacle. A Gomukh (meaning face of a cow) is seen on the north side of the temple from which flows the holy water. A holy pond is situated on the west side of the temple. Other deities in the temple are Mushika, Navagraha Devtas and Shivalinga.

Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Temple Legend:

Rukmangada was the son of King Bheema of Kaudinya. One day Rukmangada went into the forest on a hunt. There he met Mukundaa, whose husband was the Sage Vachaknavi. Mukunda felt attracted to the young Rukmanganda and expressed her desire for him. Rukmangada was shocked and turned down her proposal. Mukundaa cursed him that he would lose his beauty and turn into a leper. Rukmangada’s body changed instantly.

The dejected Rukmangada worshipped Chintamani Vinayak who blessed him and freed him from the curse. In the meantime Indra came to know of Mukundaa’s desire and disguised as Rukmangada fulfilled her desire. Mukunda gave birth to a son who was called Gritsamav. He grew to be a great scholar. One day he participated in a major debate where great sages like Vasistha, Atri and Vishwasmitra were invited. Atri said that he could not debate with Gritsamav as he was not a true Brahmin. Gritsamav unaware of the flaw in his birth was shocked. He came back to his mother and demanded the truth. On knowing the truth he was stunned and cursed her that she would turn into a thorny Ber tree, and though this tree would bear delicious fruit its thorns will keep people away. Mukunda in turn said that since he was so harsh in judging her, he would in his life bear the pain of being a parent of a heartless and cruel child.

Gritsamav moved into the Pushpak forest and started a severe penance. Ganesh heard his prayers and asked him what he wished. Gritsamav asked to be recognized as a Brahmin and he then asked Ganesh to reside in the Puspak forest. Ganesh granted him the two wishes. Gritsamav called Ganesh Varad Vinayak, the one who fulfills all wishes and consecrated him in a temple This temple is now believed to be the temple at Mahad. Gritsamav is known as the creator of the Ganana Twam mantra.

How to Reach Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak:

By Air:
Pune International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport are the nearest Airports to Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak.

By Rail:
Khopoli/Karjat, Pune and Mumbai railway stations are the nearest railway stations to Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak. All express trains stop at karjat station. Took local train from karjat for khopoli. Lonavala is on the main railway line between Mumbai and Pune. All express trains plying between the two cities stop here. There is also an hourly shuttle service for Pune.

By Road:
Mahad Varadvinayak Ganpati Temple at Mahad is 63 km from Mumbai, 85 km from pune, 25 km from Karjat, 21 km from lonavala and 6 km from Khopoli. The temple is 1.5 kms off the Mumbai – Pune old Highway. Mahad Bus Station, operated by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC), connects the place with other major towns such as Khopoli, Mahabaleshwar, Karjat, Alibag, and Shivthar Ghal. Mahad can also be reached via Mumbai – Panvel – Khopoli road.

Places Near Mahad Varadvinayak Temple:

Shri Gagangiri Ashram, Khopoli
Zenith Waterfalls, Khopoli
Shankar Mandir, Khopoli
Khandala & Lonawala

Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Temple Address:

Village Mahad,
Taluka Khalapur Khopoli,
Maharashtra – 410202.
Phone: 02142 242 263, 088507 79208.
e-mail: varadvinayakmahad@yahoo.com

Distance to Other Ashta Vinayaka Temples:

Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak Temple to Lenyadri Girijatmaj / Shree Lenyadri Ganapati Devasthan 142 km.
Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati to Ranjangaon Mahaganapati Mandir 124 km.
Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati to Theur Shree Chintamani Vinayaka Temple 115 km.
Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak Temple to Siddhatek Shree Siddhivinayak Mandir 195 km.
Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak Temple to Morgaon Shri Mayureshwar 155 km.
Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati to Ozar Vigneshwar Mandir 130 km.
Mahad Sri Varad Vinayak Temple to Pali Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtvinayak Temple 38 km.

Mahad Shri Varadvinayak Ganpati Temple Timing, History, Festivals | Ashtavinayak Temple

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