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Mallemala Sundara Rami Reddy Indian Film Producer, Director, Screen Writer and Lyricist

Mallemala-Sundara-Rami-ReddyMallemala Sundara Rami Reddy (15 August 1924 – 11 December 2011), popularly known as M. S. Reddy and Mallemala, was an Indian film producer, director, screen writer and lyricist in Telugu cinema and a writer known for his contribution to Telugu Literature. He has also served as the President of the Telugu Film Producers Council, South Indian Film Writer Association, Film nagar co-operative housing society and Chairman of A.P. Film Development Corporation

He wrote books & poems with pen-name ‘Mallemala’ & is known as ‘Sahaja Kavi’ for his simple yet striking writings. Telugu film Producer Shyam Prasad Reddy is his son. He died at the age of 87.

M.S. Reddy’s ‘Mallemaala Ramayanam’ was one of his great work that shows his literary caliber. He has written many poems, books and film songs. He started his career with a photo studio in Chennai. His first movie as a producer was a dubbing movie ‘Kanne Pilla’ in 1966. Then he produced many movies like Bharya, Talambralu, Ankusam, Agraham, Ammoru, Anji, Arundhati. He is not only a poet, lyricist and a producer he is also a very good artist and a photographer . He is the first Telugu producer to build a theater in Chennai.

M.S.Reddy is founder of Shabdhalaya Theaters which is one of the best hub for film dubbing and recording. He penned lyrics for more than 5000 songs in telugu. He released his controversial autobiogrpahy ‘Idi naa katha’ in which he straight forwardly criticised many telugu actors and film personalities

He has established Kaumudi pictures and produced about 25 films.

Film production

  1. Kanne Pilla (1966)
  2. Konte Pilla (1967)
  3. Hantakuni Hatya (1967)
  4. Bharya (1968)
  5. Kabrsina Manasulu (1968)
  6. Sri Krishna Vijayam (1971)
  7. Kode Naagu (1974)
  8. Mutyala Pallaki (1976)
  9. Nayudu Baava (1978)
  10. Rama Banam (1979)
  11. Tatayya Prema Leelalu (1980)
  12. Ekalavya (1982)
  13. Palnati Simham (1985)


  1. Raghupathi Venkaiah Award – 2005.
  2. National Film Award for Best Children’s Film – 1998 for producing Ramayanam (1997 film)
Mallemala Sundara Rami Reddy Indian Film Producer, Director, Screen Writer and Lyricist

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