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Mangal Bhaat Pooja at Ujjain

Mangal dosh is said to have been caused when Mangal (mars) occupies the first, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house of the concerned individual’s horoscope. According to the soothsayers from the southern part of the country, mangal dosh ensues when mangal sits in the second position. An individual afflicted by such a condition is called a manglik.

Because mangal is the ruling planet for controlling aggression, confidence and courage, any dosh induced by it may determine the afflicted person’s behavior linked to these areas. It may also arouse problems in monetary or marital aspects. Accidents, debts, relationship issues, surgeries etc. may also occur. In order to do away with mangal dosh’s negative impact, you can get Mangal bhaat pooja in Ujjain done. This pooja necessitates the offering of bhaat or rice to mangal in order to pacify its aggressive nature.

Mangal Bhaat Pooja

If you are interested in conducting mangal bhaat pooja nivaran in Ujjain, then there are quite a few service providers to make advances to. But for desired results, you must carefully choose a mangal bhaat pooja service in Ujjain.

Also, there is no dearth of pandits. Choose the best pandit for mangal bhaat pooja and bid adieu to your mangal defects.

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Kartik Chawk,
Madhya Pradesh,
e-mail: pt.trivediritesh@gmail.com
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Mangal Bhaat Pooja at Ujjain

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