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Miracle Calf with a Third Eye

Miracle Calf with a third eye Excited locals have been flocking to a small village in Kolathur, Southern India, Tamil Nadu to meet a new born ‘miracle’ calf which has 3 eyes.

which they are beliving as an incarnation of the Hindu God, Lord Shiva.

The calf was born with a third eye right in the centre of its forehead, just like the Mahadeva, and

this has made the calf a new celebrity.

Meghala the Owner of the calf said: ‘This is a miracle! We have named the calf after the God, Shiva.’

calf-3-eyesThe Hindu God Shiva’s extra feature represents his ‘wisdom and insight’. Worshipers believe it is the source of his energy. According to Ruptly.tv, the Hindu god Shiva’s third eye is also said to emit flames and burns things to ashes. It is believed that when Mahadeva is extremely angry, he opens his third eye to punish the bad aasuras.

But this young animal has been hailed a blessing in the village since she was born just two weeks ago, and the Meghala believe that her presence will bring their family good luck and a prosperous life.

The calf has now been put on display for the visiting crowds to see and admire, with many choosing to stroke her forehead in the hope that her good luck will be shared.


Miracle Calf with a Third Eye

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