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Mythology Behind Ganesh Chaturthi | Vinayaka Chaturthi


Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the most popular festivals of India. It is a 10 day long celebration and during this period all offices, schools, colleges and commercial establishments remain closed. Hindu devotees celebrate this festival by worshipping Lord Ganesha idol at home. Pujas and regular arti are performed, followed by offerings of modak, the favorite sweet delicacy of Lord Ganesha. This annual festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over the country, particularly in the state of Maharashtra as they believe that it was Chatrapati Shivaji who initiated this festival several years ago.

Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and there are several legends associated with his birth. As per mythology, when Parvati was taking bathe, she instructed Ganesha not to allow anybody to enter there. After a while Shiva came there but Little Ganesha stopped him and denied entry. The angry Shiva cut off Ganesha’s head from his body. Goddess Parvati became upset and furious and transformed herself to Goddess Kali, ready to destroy the entire world. Realizing his mistake and to save the world, Lord Shiva ordered his attendants to bring the head of the first living creature they could find. They found an elephant first and cut off its head and brought to Lord Shiva. Shiva placed the elephant’s head on Ganesh’s body and brought him back to life. All gods blessed Ganesh and since then Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated which signifies his rebirth.
Lord Ganesh Family

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