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Nanjundeshwara Temple Frequent Asked Questions

Nanjundeshwara Temple FAQs

Does Nanjundeshwar Temple open Now to take Dharshan amidst Covid 19?

Nanjundeshwar Temple opens from 06.00am – 01.30 pm & reopens at 03.30 pm – 08.00 pm. There are no restrictions but devotees should abide by the rules guided by the Government such as maintaining social distance, having personal sanitizer, etc.

What are the Temple Timings of Nanjundeshwara Temple?

Temple Timings are from Morning – 06.00 am – 01.30 pm & reopens at 03.30 pm – 08.00 pm.

Can we stay at Nanjangud Temple?

Devotees can stay in a Dormitory Hall belongs to Nanjangud Temple is available near the main temple.

Is there any staying place available near Nanjangud Temple?

Temple Dormitory is available to stay at Nanjangud temple.

Is there any bathing facility available near Nanjangud Temple?

Either devotee can have a bath at the Kapila River Bathing Area or at Bathrooms available near Nanjangud Temple dormitory. So inquire about this with the temple officials or check in google maps for the exact spot.

Nanjundeshwara Temple Frequent Asked Questions

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