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Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple Timings

Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy temple at Narayanavanam is a small village near Puttur 38 km from Tirupati. Venkateswara Swami and Sri Padmavathi Ammavaru, daughter of Akasa Maharaja were married here. Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy is the main deity here.

This Srinivasa temple holds historical significance. In the Puranas, it was referred to as Narayana Puram and the Pallavas called it Narayanapuram. During the Vijayanagara period, it was known as Narayanavaram, while locals referred to it as Nannaram.

The town is situated in the river valley area of Aruna, which flows around it, providing a magnificent view of the deity. Narayana Raju’s reign saw the construction of a mud fort in this area. On one side of the river stands Narayanavanam and Kempula Palyam, while the shrine of goddess Avanakshamma is situated on the other side.

Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple Timings: 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Narayanavanam Temple Darshan Timings

Morning: 7:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Afternoon: 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple History

Narayana Raju, believed to be the reason behind the name Narayanavanam, was the grandson of Tondaman Tirayan. The entire village is populated by the Padmasali community, as testified by Goddess Padmavathi Devi to Tallapaka Chinnanna.

The temple in the village has a magnificent seven-storeyed Rajagopuram as its main entrance and houses several other deities alongside the seated Kalyana Venkanna, who is worshipped in all his grandeur.

The legend of the arrival of Kalyana Venkanna is recounted in the renowned Sri Venkatachala Mahatmyam.

Venkateswara’s Marriage Venue

Akasa Raju, who ruled over Narayanavanam, had a brother named Tondaman Chakravarty who coveted the town. Interestingly, the parents-in-law of Tirumala resided in Narayanavanam.

Akasa Raju, who was childless, decided to till the land in preparation for performing a yagna there. However, Tondaman found a baby girl named Padmavathi in a thousand-petalled lotus and took her home, thinking there was no need to perform the yagna. Padmavathi grew up as Padmavati Devi in Narayanavanam, where the marriage of Lord Venkateswara was later celebrated.

During the marriage celebrations, all three crore deities came to witness the occasion. Siva and his ganas were particularly enamored by Narayanavanam and chose to reside in Sadasiva Kona, Kailasanadha Kona, Ramagiri, Surutpalli, and other holy places on river banks.

The first meeting of Venkateswara with Padmavathi Devi

Mother and son, Vakula Mata and Srinivasa, received land to construct an Ashrama, promising the first worship, offering, and darshan to Varaha Swami in return. They happily lived there until an angry elephant wreaked havoc on the ashrama. Srinivasa pursued the elephant on a wild horse and ended up in a flower garden on the outskirts of Narayanapura, where he saw Padmavati taking a stroll.

Srinivasa and Padmavati fell in love with each other and were determined to get married. Mother Vakula negotiated, sage Narada mediated, and the Swami disguised himself as an erukalasani, a soothsayer, to gain access to the king’s quarters.

Srinivasa borrowed 14 crores from Kubera and with the money, the marriage of Srinivasa and Padmavati was celebrated grandly and smoothly.

After The Marriage

After their marriage, the divine couple, adorned in their turmeric-dipped clothes, sanctified Appalayigunta, Tondavada, and Srinivasa Mangapuram on their way to Tirumala from the bride’s parents’ home.

Srinivasa fulfilled his mother’s wish, kept his promise to his consort, and manifested himself to fulfill our desires. He stands there in Tirumala in his divine form for our worship, establishing an unbreakable bond with Narayanavanam.

Akasa Raju is credited with building the first temple for Srinivasa, featuring youthful images of his son-in-law and daughters. As centuries passed, the temple was rebuilt many times by various rulers such as the Pallavas, Cholas, Yadavas, Saluva Reddys, and the kings of Karveti Nagaram, who installed many more images of gods.

Narayanavanam sub-temples:

  •  Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple
  •  Sri Andal Ammavari Temple
  •  Sri Sita Lakshmana Sameta Ramulavari Temple
  •  Sri Ranganayakula Swami temple

In addition, there are five other temples attached to Sri Kalyana Venkateswara Swami temple Narayanavanam Puttur:

  •  Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple
  •  Sri Andal Ammavari Temple
  •  Sri Sita Lakshmana Sameta Ramulavari Temple
  •  Sri Ranganayakula Swami Temple

The Annual Brahmotsavams are conducted every year at the main temple, Sri Veerabhadraswami temple and Sri Avanakshamma temple. Navarathri festival is also celebrated at the Sri Avanakshamma temple every year.

Giri Pradakshina (Konda Chuttu Thirunallu) is one of the important festivals conducted during the end of Sankranthi, once a year, with the utsava murtis of Sri Parasareswara swami and Sri Champakavalli Ammavaru, and Sri Agastheeswara swami and Sri Markathavalli Ammavaru.

Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple

Narayanavanam Temple Festivals:

  1.  Andal Neeratotsavam
  2.  Panguni Uttarotsavam
  3.  Varalakshmi Vratham
  4.  Float festival
  5.  Anivara Asthanam
  6.  Ratha Sapthami
  7.  Ugadi Asthanam
  8.  Sreerama Navami
  9.  Chaitra Pournami
  10.  Andal Thiruvadipuram Utsavam
  11.  Deepavali Asthanam
  12.  Vaikunta Ekadasi & Dwadasi
  13.  Karthika Deepam
  14.  Dhanurmasam
  15. Annual Brahmotsavams
  16. Danurmasam
  17. Anivara Asthanam Utlotsavam
  18. Pavithrotsavams

Arjitha Sevas and Weekly Sevas:

Suprabatham Archana Abhishekam(weekly) Unjal Seva(on every Friday and Saturday) Kalyanotsavam (Daily) Arjitham Ekantha Seva

Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple Address:

Sri Padmavathi Sametha Kalyana Venkateswara Swamy,
Puttur Rural Mandal,
Chittoor District,
Andhra Pradesh 517581.

Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkateswara Temple Timings

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      Sri Venkateshwara Temple Nvanam Dharshan Timings – 07.00 am to 01.00 pm and 03.00 pm to 08.00 pm.
      Sorayakayala Thatha temple – 06.00 am – 08.30 pm
      Om Namah Shivaya

  1. we are planning to visit Tirumala temple on 07/29 2pm, please let us know timings for tomorrow and possibility of kalyanam seva? Thanks

    1. Dear Sridhar
      Temple Timings :-
      Morning opens at 05.30 or 06.00 Till 01.00 pm and then after opens at 03.00 pm and colosed at 08.00 pm.
      Om Namah Shivaya

  2. What is the timings of kalyanostavam at narayanavanam temple, and what time tickets wii be available

    1. Dear Nagabhushanam
      kalyanostavam Tickets are issued from 7.00 AM and kalyanostavam time is from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

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