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Osian Sachiya Mata Temple Aarti Timings, History

Osian Sachiya Mata Temple or Shri Sachchiyay Mataji Temple is located in Jodhpur – Bikaner Highway, Ramdevra, Osian, Jodhpur District in Rajasthan State. Sachiya Temple is located on a hill in the northeast direction of Mahavira Temple. It is the city’s most favored temptation. It is dedicated to the wife of Lord Indra, Goddess Sachiya Mata and the daughter of Demon King Pauloma. She is equally worshipped by Jains and Hindus. A hundred-step staircase leads to the temple which will not only give you a wonderful view of the temple itself but also give you a refreshing spectacle of sand dunes and nature. The temple was built in the 8th century and renovated in the 12th century.

The temple has many arches that accompany the steps up to the height, which makes the slope extremely wonderful. The temple is endowed with a large number of sculptures and figures which are exhibited at the entrance of the temple and exhibited by the absolute aura of this sumptuous area. At the north end of the temple, there is a statue of Varaha Swamy(boar), an incarnation of Sri Vishnu and to the east, there is Sri Lakshmi and Sri Vishnu idol.

Osian Sachiya Mata Temple Timings: 6.00 AM to 7.15 PM

Morning Aarti: 8.30 AM to 9.00 AM
Evening Aarti: 20 minutes after Sunset.
During Navratri opens till 10.00 PM

Osian Shri Sachchiyay Mataji Temple History:

A stone inscription in the Jain temple of Osian gives another story about the name of Sachiya Mata. According to this story, a Jain monk, Acharya Shrimad Vijay Ratnaprabhasuriji Maharaj Sahib, visited the town of Osian to perform the ceremony known as Anjan Salakha, in the newly created temple of God Mahaveer, around 43 AD. The Mahavir temple was built by Uhad, who was a minister of King Upaldeo; at that time, Osian was known as Upkeshpur. A temple of Jagat Bhavani (Great Goddess) Chamunda Mata was located in the city of Upkeshpur. To receive the grace of the goddess, sacrifices of male buffalo were often made in the temple during the feast of Navratri.

When the Jain monk Vijay Ratnaprabhasuriji Maharaj learned about this practice, he felt deep sympathy for the animals sacrificed. Using his influence on the minister and king, he convinced them to ban this practice. The mother goddess Chamunda then became enraged and angry with the monk. He was tortured and vexed by the goddess. However, by virtue of his self-restraint and devotion to his cause against cruelty, the monk changed her heart. According to this story, Chamunda declared that she was convinced regarding the harmful nature of this practice, and therefore would not accept any offer which carries blood or is symbolic of blood.

She offered blessings for the followers of the Jain religion so that the cause of non-violence could perpetuate. The Jain monk gave a new name, Sachi Mata (Real Mother) to Chamunda. A temple in Katraj (Pune) is dedicated to Sachchiya Mata (Osiya Mata), close to the Swetamber Jain temple of Katraj. In her temple, Sachiya Mata-Ji is worshipped with lapsi (an Indian sweet dish), saffron, sandalwood, and incense.

Osian Sachiya Mata Temple Address:

Jodhpur – Bikaner Highway,
Rajasthan – 342303.

Osian Sachiya Mata Temple Aarti Timings, History

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