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Paluke Bangaramayena Song Lyrics in English and Meaning

“Paluke Bangaramayena” is a famous Telugu devotional song also known as “Sri Ramadasu Keerthanalu”. It was composed by the saint-poet Bhadrachala Ramadasu in the 17th century in praise of Sri Rama. The song is beloved by devotees of Sri Rama and is often sung in temples and homes during auspicious occasions. Its lyrics speak of the divine beauty and glory of Sri Rama and the profound devotion of his devotees. The soulful melody and powerful lyrics of “Paluke Bangaramayena” continue to inspire and uplift people of all ages and backgrounds to this day.

Paluke Bangaramayena

Sri Ramadasu Keerthanalu English Lyrics:

॥ palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ॥
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ॥
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā kōdaṇḍapāNi
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

palukē baṅgāramayē pilichina palukavēmi
kalalō nī nāmasmaraNa maruva chakkani thaṇḍri
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

iravūga nisukalōna pōralēna yuḍutha bhaktiki
karuNInchi brō chithivani nēranammithi ninnē thaṇḍri
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

rāthini nāthiga jēsi bhūthalamuna pra
khyāthi jēndhithivani prīthithō nammithi thaṇḍri
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

yēntha vēḍina gāni sunthaina dhaya rādhu
panthambu sēya nēnēnthaṭi vāḍanu taṇḍri
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

saraNāgatha thrāNa birudhāṅkithuḍavu gādha
karuNinchu bhadhrāchalavara rāmadāsa pōṣha
palukē baṅgāramāyēnā ||

Paluke Bangaramayena Song Meaning:

Your talk has become gold, Oh Kodandapani (Rama with a bow in hand). Why don’t you talk when I call you? I think of your name even in my dreams. Oh, my dear father, I can never forget you.

When a squirrel rolled in the sand to help you in a humble way, you kindly protected it. I have immense faith in you only.

Oh, my father I fondly believed that you earned fame by transforming a stone into Ahalya compassionately.

Oh my father, why are you not compassionate? I’ve been begging repeatedly. What am I after all?

You possess the title ‘protector of devotees’. I pray for your mercy. Please bless Bhadrachala Ramadasu and protect them.

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