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Panchapalli Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Timings, History, Pooja

Sri Grameswar Mahadev of village Panchapalli is an ancient Lord temple of Lord Siva located in Erasama Block of erstwhile Cuttack district and at present in the district of Jagatsinghpur.

The connotation of village panchapalli represents five hamlets as Gobindapur, Patana, Paniendula, Narada, Tikarapara. Five village Goddesses representing these hamlets always evoke a religious sanctity for the village. One can visit Maa Narayani at Gobindapur, Sunamuhin at Patana, Maa Basulei at Paniendula,Khetrapali Thakurani at Naradia, Batamanga Thakurani at Tikarapara.

Besides this, the temple of Sri Grameswar Mahadev is surrounded by five more Siva temples, the presiding deity of the five villages in the vicinity of Panchapalli namely Sri Biswanath Mahadev, Sri Rameswar Mahadev, Sri
Sankareswar Mahadev and Sri Garedeswar Mahadev in the villages of the Khatikolada, Santola, Pokhariapara and Garadamalla respectively. The art of sculpture being newly constructed in the temple of Sri Grameswar Mahadev, the special glory, and different festivals have been attracting the devotees of Odisha and also the devotees of outside from time immemorial.

Lord Siva is not only deity worshiped in the temple, though it is known as the “Sivji Pitha” along with Lord Siva, Lord Jagannath, Subhadra and Balabhadra are also worshiped here in Nrusinghnath temple. Apart from the religious tourism, the serene and scenic beauty of Siali beach along with its sand dunes in the backdrop of lush green Jham trees cover is always an attractive tourist destination.

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Rituals :

Day to day rituals of God – Every day before sunrise the God takes a holy bath after early and auspicious adoration. After offering sandal paste and flowers morning adorable things are given to God whereas the other Gods and Goddesses are offered morning Bhogas after taking bath and smearing sandal paste and giving flowers.

Sweet rice is being offered in the temple of Sri Grameswar and Sri Nrusinghnath at 10:30 AM The door of the temple is closed for a few minutes at the time of worshipping God with sweet rice. Rice prasad is offered to God with grand adoration at 1:30 PM afternoon and the main door of the temple is closed. But devotees offer their adorable things except for the time of adoration and closure of doors of the temple. In the evening God is worshipped with the light of ghee lamps.

In order to visualize such devotees are gathered in the temple. Last adoration is offered to God at 9:00 PM of night.

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Timings:

5.00 AM to 1.30 PM
Closes at 9.00 PM
10.30 AM – Sweet rice is offered to Mahadev and Nrusinghnath
1.30 PM – Rice prasad is offered
9.00 PM – Last adoration.

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple History:

Lord Shree Shree Grameswar Mahadev abode in the mesmerising temple built in the bank of the River Hansua in the East coast of Odisha. This holy place has its mention in the vedic purana, popularly known as Garga Pitha.

The history relating to the origin of Sri Grameswar Mahadev is very interesting and eventual. As mythology and folklore say the ruler of Bishunpur had constructed the temple basing on the account of a cowboy.

As per the legend, a cowboy notice a grazing cow stopped at a point in the field and oozed its milk out. This generated curiosity in the mind of the cowboy and he started observing the cow. He found that the cow was regularly stationed at a certain point and oozing out the milk. The cowboy reported this unusual incident to the king. The king in return ordered for excavation.

In the process of digging there appeared a “Linga” of Lord Mahadev. The King tried to fathom its root but in vain. The Linga appeared in the midst of the village (grama) for which the King named it “Grameswar Mahadev”.

After the emergence of the Siva Linga, the King constructed a permanent wooden and thatched house and engaged Brahmins from Kanyakubja for performing puja and observing the rituals of Lord Siva. Another story referring to Puran says “Gorga Rusi, the son of Lord Brahma installed this Linga to offer Puja. After the demise of Gorge Rusi the Linga was buried under the earth and the cow was oozing her milk at that place. On the basis of puranic reference, the place of Lord Siva at Panchapalli is also called ‘Gorga Pitha’ A small temple of Gorga Rusi located in the temple premises of Sri Grameswar Mahadev stands as a testimony to it.

After the death of the king of Bishunpur the Landlords of the regions took the responsibility of worshiping Lord Siva. Subsequently, the Endowment Commission taking the responsibility of the management of the temple formed a Trust. In the passage of time the old temple of the wooden and thatched cover was removed, the temple of 71 feet height has been constructed by Managing committee of Temple Trust with the active support of local people of the region and devotees.

The lingam was surfaced while the local king digs the areas where a cow was self milking every day. This place is situated mid of the port town of Paradip and district head quarters town of Jagatsinghpur.

The blessings of lord Grameswar Mahadev in specific preparation cure-all acute diseases mainly skin diseases. There are many events and stories about miracles that happened to the disciples who take the shelter of lord Grameswar Mahadev.

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Festivals:

Rasa Yatra
Saptapuri Amabasya
Gahma Jhulana
Bahuda Yatra
CAR Festival – Sri Gundichayatra
Debasnana Purnima
Sitala Sasthi
Marriage of Lord Shiva
Sabitri Amabasya
Chandan Yatra
Birth of Nrusingh
Pana Sankranti

Sub Deities in Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple:

Ganesha Mandir
Maha Santoshi
Nava Graha
Parbati Mandir
Maha Binayak Mandir
Mahavir God
Snana Mandap
Maha Laxmi
Garg Pitah

Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Address:

Lord Grameshwar Temple
Panchapalli, Naradia,
Ersama, Jagatsinghapur District,

Call : +91- 9437027177

Panchapalli Sri Grameswar Mahadev Temple Timings, History, Pooja

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