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Can Pregnant Women go to Temple, Husband Break Coconut, Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja

Can Pregnant Women Visit Naga Temple?

After Conceiving, don’t visit any Nagam Temple, You can visit any of these temples after the birth of the child only. As per Vedic texts, the child in the womb will have negative effects. Pregnant Women should not Visit any of the Naga Temples

Why are pregnant women should not break coconuts in temples?

A coconut tree can drink any kind of water, from fresh groundwater to salty seawater, but the fruit it produces always gives sweet water. This is like the life of a holy person or a mother, as they always offer good things to their followers and children.

Because of this belief, pregnant women are not allowed to break open a coconut because it is seen as harming a life form, and the vibrations from breaking the coconut could potentially harm the unborn baby in the womb.

In Tamil Nadu, the coconut tree is called “thennam pillai,” which means coconut child, and they don’t refer to it as just a tree but as a beloved child. Even cutting down a live coconut tree is considered a sin, similar to murdering their own child in Tamil culture.

Can a Pregnant Woman’s Husband can Break Coconut

No, he should not break Coconut at home or at Temple.

Can Pregnant Ladies Perform Naga Dosha Nivarana Pooja?

Naga Dosha Nivarana pooja should not be performed nearer to the monthly periods. Give at least 8 days gap to conduct the pooja. You should not perform Naga Dosha Nivarana pooja if you are pregnant.

Can Pregnant Ladies Visit Shiva Temple?

Pregnant women can go to the temples of “Shiva” or any Hindu temple and can go around the temple i.e., Pradakshina. It is an exercise of walking with good faith in God with a clear mind.

Can a husband shave when a wife is pregnant?

During the sixth or eighth month of pregnancy, a ceremony called ‘Seemantham’, a sacrificial fire is lit and the husband and his wife pray jointly for the gift of a child and for safe delivery by circumambulating the fire. … When the wife is pregnant, orthodox Brahmins are not expected to shave their beard.

Can a husband break a coconut when his wife is pregnant?

For this reason, pregnant ladies are not allowed to break open a coconut as it is equivalent to kill a life form and moreover, the vibrations from breaking a coconut could harm the fetus in the womb.

Can Pregnant Women Visit Temple?

So it is said that it is not advisable for women to get to the temples during the later stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women need not visit temples or engaged in religious rituals. She needs to rest at home and should not come in contact with random people, as she may catch bad vibes/germs from some random person(s).

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Can Pregnant Women go to Temple, Husband Break Coconut, Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja

4 thoughts on “Can Pregnant Women go to Temple, Husband Break Coconut, Perform Rahu Ketu Pooja

    1. Dear Swathi
      Yes you can go to any Temple, don’t visit any Nagam Temple (Nagadevata), Dont go to temple from seven months.

    1. Dear Bhavya,

      Actually, he should not break a coconut when you are pregnant. But, without knowing, he did it. So you can ignore it.

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