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Portland Balaji Temple Marriage Items List

Hindu Educational and Cultural Society of America
Portland Balaji Temple
A Non-Profit Organization Tax Exempt ID: #27-1098567
2092 NW Aloclek Dr.Suite 522-526 Hillsboro, OR 97124
PH: 503.621.7716 / 503.420.7270

Portland Balaji Temple Marriage Items:

Turmeric powder Small Packet
Kumkum Small Packet
Betel leaves 10
Betel nuts 20 no’s.
Agarbatti 1 Packet
Camphor 1 small Packet
Sandal powder 1 small packet
Rice 2 lbs
Blouse piece 1 (Red or Yellow)
Flowers 1 bunches
Flower Garlands (big) 2 (Muhurtha Mala)
Flower Garlands (small) 4 (Garlands to be exchanged by bride & groom)
Coconuts 6
Banana 1 dozen
Fruits different types P1 Tray
Quarters (coins) 10 Rolls or $1 coins $100
Ghee 200 gms
Dry coconut (whole) 4 or half – 4 pieces
Kalasham 1
Wicks , Oil, Match box
Aluminum food containers 1 sq ft 2
big plates 2, small plates 2, spoons 4
glasses 2, Arati plate 1
New Dresses for bride and groom
Umbrella, handstick, shoes, hand fan, for kashi yatra
Mirror, bashikam, eyetex
Rice for talambralu (for Telugu)
Mangalyam and toe rings

Tips to start the pooja on time.
* Please keep ready all the Pooja Materials at the Pooja Place.
* Open all Fruits, Pan Leaves, Mango Leaves & Coconuts from the Bag and Wash them keep them in a Bowl.
* Prepare Deepas Ready to Light.
* Cut the Flowers From the Bunch.
* Keep the Turmeric Powder, Kumkum, Akshata, and Chandan in Cups.
* Please clean the coconuts & wash them.


Portland Balaji Temple Timings:

Weekdays: 9:30 AM to 12.00 Noon, 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Weekends & Holidays: 9:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Portland Balaji Temple Address:

2092 NW Aloclek Dr #522,
OR 97124, USA
Phone: +1 503-621-7716

Portland Balaji Temple Marriage Items List

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