Pradakshina Prayer for a Happy Living Lyrics in Sanskrit with Meaning

Chant this Mantra when Pradakshina / Circumambulating:
Yaani kaani cha paapaani janmaantara krtani cha
taani taani vinashyanti pradakshina pade pade

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning:

yani kani ca- whatever; papani- sins; janmantara- all my lives; krtani cacommitted; tani tani- those; vinashyanti- destroy; pradakshina- circumambulation; pade pade- with every step


O Bhagawan! Whatever sins I have committed all my lives (including previous lives), please destroy them at every step I take around you.

Brief Explanation:

Pradakshina, meaning circumambulation, consists of walking around in a clockwise „circle‟ around the deity, as a form of worship in Hindu ceremonies. We see people doing this at our temples where they go around in circles either chanting some shlokas or just walking with pure devotion. In that context, this shloka can be sung where in, one asks the lord for forgiveness from the sins that he/she has committed with every step taken during the Pradakshina.

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