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Puri Chakra Narasimha Temple History | Odisha Narasimha Temple

Puri Chakratirtha is also known as Chakra Narasimha Temple, Chakra Nrusingha Temple and Chakra Narayana Temple. The presiding deities are Abhaya Nrisimha, Chakra Nrisimha and Lakshmi Narasimha. In this temple, a large granite wheel like the Sudarshana Chakra is worshiped with a picture of Narayana. It is the place where the sacred Daru (wood) for the construction of the first idol of Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Sudarshana Chakra touched down after floating in the sea and was finally taken by Indradyumna maharaja. It is also an important site since a sanctuary dedicated to Varuna, Lakshmi’s father or Jagannath’s stepfather is built according to legends.

Puri Chakra Narasimha Temple History:

Local people believe that there was a cyclone in Puri and that the Neelachakra (the wheel at the top of the temple of Jagannath) was moved from its location, crossed the sky and finally fell into Chakratirtha. The “ Daru ” (wooden divine trunk for the creation of deities of the temple of Lord Jagannth during Navakalevara) is also believed to have touched the ground in Chakratirtha for the first time across the sea. Chakratirtha has another spiritual significance since the home of the father of the goddess Mahalaxmi is here.

The temple of Chakratirtha is closely linked to the temple of Lord Jagannth and each year Agnyamala of Lord Jagannath comes to Lord Nrusingha. The Narasimha Janma festival is observed in this temple with great devotion.

Puri Chakra Narasimha Temple Address:

Chakratirtha Road,
Post/Via/Tehsil: Puri,
Puri Chakra Narasimha Temple