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Purpose of Burning Agarbatti

AgarbattiBurning Agarbatthi (incense) during daily poojas, social and religious
occasions since time immemorial, is a Tradition followed by almost all
of the Indians and other parts of the Asian Continent too.

There are mentions about the burning of Agarbatthi in the Vedas, specifically the Atharva –Veda and Rig Vedha. The Siddhas or the medicinal priests (as per the Vedas) are said to be the creators of the Agarbatthis to create pleasing aroma. It also acts as a medicinal tool as it is made of flowers, seeds, roots (turmeric, vetiver, ginger, costus Indian Spikenard etc), dry leaves and stems (wood such as sandal, aloes, cedar etc), to enhance the nervous system of the Humans body.
Where, When and Why we use burn Agarbatthi?

  • The Agarbatthis will be burned in places where we worship such as Temples, Dargahs, and at Homes.
  • The major belief of burning Agarbatthi is that it pleases or invites the Gods to our Home / Earth to accept our hospitality to bestow our desires. It carries our prayers to God.
  • It also helps in achieving concentration while praying or Meditating.
  • The Aroma drives away the Demons (Historical belief), Flies (scientifically).
  • The Aroma improves a good mood and scents the house too from bad odor.
  • Agarbatthi Aroma is a must during Coitus and in the romantic places.
  • There are two says about burning Agarbatthi during Death Ceremonies.
  • One is to please the God to grant a place in the Heaven and the other is to drive away the bad smell that emerges from the dead body.

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