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Pushkarani Sacred Tank, Hampi | Stepped Tank Karnataka Tourism

About Hampi Pushkaranis:

Pushkaranis are sacred tanks attached to temples. Most of the large temples in Hampi has a tank attached to it. The tanks cater to the ritual and functional aspects of the temple and life surrounding it. Symbolically too these tanks are significant and treated with great respect. In many cases the sacred tanks were the venue for the annual boat festival, where the images of the god and goddess is taken on a coracle.

In Hampi baring a few many of the tanks are in ruined state. However they are great architectural attractions in its own rights. Though it was hopelessly destroyed (or never got completed ), the Pushkarani at the end of Courtesans’ Street is worth visiting. Look for this on your right as you enter the Courtesans’ Street from the riverside. The archaeology department has restored this ruined pond to some extend. You can see the remains of the colonnade once stood around the massive rectangular tank. So is the remains of the pavilion at the center of the tank. There is no water in the tank, so you can even see the details of the base and the gallery like steps around the tank.

A better preserved specimen of the sacred tank is located near the Vittala Temple. This is located a little east of the temple complex. From Vittala temple walk along the car street (Vittala Bazaar), you’ll find the tank just opposite to a ruined temple marked as Kuduregombe Mantapa.

The Pushkarani associated with Virupaksha Temple is functional. This is located just outside the northern tower (river facing). This massive tank is called Manmantha Tank. You’ll also find a series of shrines (many are older than the Virupaksha Temple itself) facing this tank ( See also Manmatha Tank Shrines). The steps and the walls are painted with that characteristic red and ochre stripes. There is small but great looking tank at the west of (behind) Virupaksha Temple.

Hampi Pushkarani

You can also find many temple tanks scattered in the Royal Center area. Though it is not associated with any temple, the most popular is the so called Stepped Tank located inside the Royal Enclosure. There is a dry but peculiar looking tank near the flag post near the Hazara Rama Temple.

Another easy to reach temple tank is the one infront of the Krishna Temple. Just cross the road and walk a minute along the Krishna Bazaar, you’ll see it by the side if this ancient car street, also called as the Krishna Bazaar.

Stepped Tank, Hampi

If you venture up to the Pattabhirama Temple, a 5 more minutes walk down the main road takes you to the massive temple tank. The pavilions are destroyed, but you can still see the series of pillars part of the colonnade surrounded the tank.

Another important sacred tank is the lotus filled Pampa Sarovar on the way to popular Anjaneya Hill.. This mythologically significant place sits inside an arc of boulder hills. Pampa Sarovar is on the ‘other side of the river’ where the Anegondi is located.

Pushkarani Sacred Tank, Hampi | Stepped Tank Karnataka Tourism

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