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Malapannagudi Temple Hampi, Karnataka

Malapanagudi is a small village on the way to Hampi. The road which connects Hospet to Hampi crosses this village.

As you approach Malapanagudi, you can see the sign of the archaeological service on your left which indicates the direction of the Stepped Tank. The well is known as Soolai Bhavi (prostitute’s well), for a curious reason. It is believed that a dancer (or a courtesan) ordered for the benefit of travelers from the old capital.

The well is made in a typical Islamic style architecture. The octagonal well is made in a multi-storied style with a series of steps leading to the water. Each of the walls is designed with an arch in the middle facing the water. From the outside of the well, look a little low and flat. Therefore, it appears as a simple structure from the road. Discover the immensity of the structure as you start stepping into it. A few minutes later, your bus should pass through a small town square. You have just crossed Malapanagudi.

Probably, this village itself was a fortified enclave during the Vijayanagara era. Although in ruins, there are still two entrance gates at each end of the village. The centerpiece of Malapanagudi is the Mallikarjuna temple, on the left. The temple’s whitewashed main tower overlooks the main road. The temple is still in active worship. Although not as big as some of the temples in Hampi, the Mallikarjuna temple is quite old (even older than the Vijayanagara empire) and special with its fort as walls around the complex.

Although the main road pass through the village, visiting the Mallikarjuna temple could be a logistical challenge if you arrive in Hampi by bus. This is mainly because this village is a bit far from the rest of the ruins of Hampi. One option is to “return” to Malapanagudi from Hampi after renting a moped or bicycle.

Malapannagudi Temple Hampi, Karnataka

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