Rakshoghna Mantra Lyrics in Sanskrit With Meaning

(Rig Veda IV. 4. 1-5 and Yajur Veda I. 2. 14. 1-5. Mahānārāyaṇa Upaniṣad 27)

Reciting Rakshoghna Mantra will remove obstacles and miseries; for the fulfillment of worldly desires; to ward off evil effects of planets, etc.

Rakshoghna Mantra – Sanskrit Lyrics and Meaning:

कृणुष्व पाजः प्रसितिं न पृथ्वीं याहि राजेवामवाँ इभेन ।
तृष्वीमनु प्रसितिं द्रूणानो अस्ताऽसि विध्य रक्षसस्तपिष्ठैः ॥ 1 ॥
O! Adorable Lord, put forth your vigor, as a hunter speeds his capacious snare, and go like a mighty king on his elephant with his attendants. You are the scatterer of dark forces. May you swiftly follow and transfix the miscreants with your dart that burns more fiercely.

तव भ्रमास आशुया पतन्त्यनु स्पृश धृषता शोशुचानः ।
तपुँष्यग्ने जुह्वा पतङ्गान् असन्दितो वि सृज विष्वगुल्काः ॥ 2 ॥
O! Divine fire, your swift and whirling flames move quickly. Glowing in your fury may consume (the foe). O! Fire divine, (when oblations are) offered by ladle, may you cast scorching flames, sparks and firebrands all around you.

प्रति स्पशो वि सृज तूर्णितमो भवा पायुर्विशो अस्या अदब्धः ।
यो नो दूरे अघशँसो यो अन्त्यग्ने माकिष्टे व्यथिरा दधर्षीत् ॥ 3 ॥
O! Fire divine, may you with your most rapid motion direct your radiant flames all around and un-resisted become the protector of your people. Let no malevolent miscreant, whether far away or close by, prevail against us, your worshippers.

उदग्ने तिष्ठ प्रत्याऽऽ तनुष्व न्यमित्राँ ओषतात् तिग्महेते ।
यो नो अरातिँ ममिधान चक्रे नीचा तं धक्ष्यतसं न शुष्कम् ॥ 4 ॥
Rise up, O! Sharp weaponed divine fire! Spread wide your flames. Entirely consume the miscreants, unfriendly to us. O! Blazing fire-divine! Burndown that one like a piece of dry wood, who acts as an enemy towards us.

ऊर्ध्वा भव प्रति विध्याध्यस्मत् आविष्कृणुष्व दैव्यान्यग्ने ।
अव स्थिरा तनुहि पातुजुनां जामिमजामिं प्र मृणीहि शत्रून् ॥ 5 ॥
Rise up, O! Divine fire! Chastise those who overpower us. Manifest your divine energies. Slacken the strong bowstrings of the malignant foes. Destroy those who are hostile, whether friend or alien.

Rakshoghna Mantra Lyrics in English: