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Vrath details: “In the early morning of each Monday take a bathe and wear a pure white cloth. Take one kilogram of pure white wheat flour, mix with Jaggery and ghee and boil. Offer this ‘Sweet Pongal’ along with a ghee lamp, as well as Jaggery, beetle nut, a sacred thread, sandal paste, some grains of rice and flowers to Lord Shiva.
First worship Lord Ganesha and recite his Manthra (Suklam Bharadharam Vishnum,,,,,,,,,) and then start to worship Lord Shiva. You also adorn the Lord Shiva ‘Nama’, with three lines horizontally and with one mark in the center of your forehead. Recite his mantras, sing His songs, perform the fire sacrifice with Sambrani powder, and make other forms of worship for the Lord. And after the worship you may also take prasad just as you have offered to Shiva.
“Completing your worship to Lord Shiva in this way for sixteen Mondays, On the seventeenth Monday you prepare Sweet Pongal (Sweet Rice). Offer this ‘Sweet Pongal’ to Lord Shiva with all of your devotion and love. You may then partake of the prasad, sharing in the blessings of Lord Shiva. If you observe this vrath, it is said to that one / you will soon get the improvement.Shiva Raksha Stotram

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