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Sarva Dev Mandir Hours, Address, Pujas, Festivals

Sarva Dev Mandir Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 5.00 PM to 8.00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10.00 AM to 8.00 PM

Sarva Dev Mandir Pujas:

Every Day Aarti at 7.00 PM
Monday: Shiva Chalisa 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM Followed by Aarthi
Tuesday: Hanuman Chalisa 6.00 PM to 7.00 PM Followed by Aarthi
Wednesday: Aarthi 7.00 PM
Thursday: Aarthi 7.00 PM
Friday: Aarthi 7.00 PM
Saturday: Aarthi 7.00 PM
3rd Saturday: Sunderkand 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM
Sunday: Amritvani 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Sunday: Aarthi 7.00 PM

Sarva Dev Mandir

Sarva Dev Mandir Deities:

Sri Ganesha
Durga Devi
Sri Rama
Sri Krishna

About Sarva Dev Mandir:

The SarvaDev Mandir was established on September 20th, 2001, to meet the Religious, Spiritual, Educational, Cultural and Social needs, paying special attention to the youth and seniors. Our purpose is to bring Hindu Community Together to overcome several challenges that our growing children face in this country. It is hard for our children to answer questions like why we have several Gods, Why do we have Ganesh with elephant Trunk and Hanuman ji with monkey face?

Children need to have answers and the only way they will learn is, if they are exposed to our religion in their daily life. Our seniors are living a very lonely life and are far removed from their culture when they are living here in this country with their very busy children. We wish to build an avenue where Seniors can come to temple on their own. We welcome your help to achieve this goal.

Sarva Dev Mandir Center Mission:

To provide you with the facilities and support to meet your social and cultural needs. Let us help each other.

SDM Center opened on November 8, 2007 to meet the social and cultural needs of the Indian community in Central Massachusetts. The brand new, 4,000-square-foot facility has state-of-the-art infrastructure and can be used as a community center for various activities, including business meetings, birthday celebrations, weddings, music functions and other social gatherings.

The Center has a seating capacity of 178. It is equipped with a commercial-grade kitchen and an advanced audiovisual system. Two large LCD 52-inch high definition (1080p) televisions have been installed already. Closed circuit television is available for remote viewing of events. The center also includes a stage for dancing or musical performances. After six years of hard work, our dream has come true. We are indebted to the Friends of Hindu Heritage Foundation (Sarvadev Mandir) for their vision and commitment. Thanks to all who helped contribute to this $1.4 million project.

Sarva Dev Mandir Music Classes

Tabla Classes: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Sundays
contact Dr. Nishikant Sonwalkar at [nish@alum.mit.edu]

An introductry Dance Class: For Physical fitness, Stress Reduction and Fun
Friday March 20th, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

We are fortunate to have found Mittal ,a successful professional women who loves dancing and has learnt from famous Shiamak Davar. She is very energetic and is willing to share her talent with us. Please join us for the fun night!

Instructor – Miss Mittal Kanabar
An Engineer by profession and MBA graduate from Mumbai-India.She had joined Shiamak Davar dance institute in 2004.His is one of the most professionally sound institutes for dance in the country. She was with Shiamak for two years as a student. She has taught dancing to many students in India.Dancing comes naturally to her.

Bollywood Dance consists of various Indian and Western dance forms inspired by the Bollywood (Indian film) industry. A typical Bollywood dance class covers the following styles: Indian film moves that are more lyrical and expression-based, traditional Indian folk dance steps (Bhangra, Garba, etc.) and Western dance styles like jazz, hip-hop, funk, etc.

Apart from combining contemporary Indian styles with Western techniques, our dance movement also emphasizes personal growth, de-stress, fitness and fun for all. A great way to end your day!!!!!

All classes include a short workout followed by a fun filled dance routine and are conducted for a duration of one hour. We are sure you will find the experience unique and fulfilling.

Our motto is “If you have Feet ,You Will Dance.”


Festivals Celebrated:

New Year – Ganesh Puja
Lohri and pongal
Maha Shivaratri
Hanuman Jayanti
Raksha Bandhan
Purnima Puja
Shri Krishna Janmashtami
Ganesh Chaturthi
Purnima Puja
Durga Puja – Maha Shasthi
Durga Puja – Maha Saptami
Durga Puja – Maha Ashtami
Durga Puja – Maha Nabami

Sarva Dev Mandir Address:

6 Main Street,
MA 01540, USA
Phone: +1 508-731-0818
General Information: Info@Sarvadevmandir.org
Mandir Booking: Booking@Sarvadevmandir.org
SDM Center Booking: Booking@SDMcenter.org
From South (Putnam-NY)
– Take Exit # 3 off 395 and at the ramp make a right turn.
– At T Junction- take a right on Rt 12
– Mandir is the second building on your right.

From North (Boston-MA)
– Take Exit # 3 off 395 and at the ramp make a left turn.
– At T Junction- take a left on Rt 12
– Mandir is the second building on your left.

Sarva Dev Mandir Hours, Address, Pujas, Festivals

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