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Self Immolation of Sati Devi | Sathi Devi Death Story

Once, Daksha, father of Sathi Devi, Performed a Yaga (Yagam). For that he invited all the priests, Kings, Gods and all Relatives except his daughter Sathi and son-in-law Lord Shiva. Sathi Devi had a deep desire to attend the yaga conducted by her father. Though she sought the permission of her husband he advised Devi not to attend the yaga as Daksha’s intension was to ridicule Shiva. Bhagvan at last yielded to the pressure of his wife and gave her the permission to go.

When Devi reached the Palace of Daksha, he not only ignored her presence but also ridiculed her husband in front of his invitees. She could not bear the teasing words of her father about her husband. She was over whelmed with sorrow and in her anger she decided to destroy the yaga. Devi committed Suicide by jumping in to the yaga fire (Yaga Kundam). On hearing about the sad death of his wife, Bhagvan became very angry and send his most powerful warrior Veera Bhadra to kill Daksha and destroy the entire dynasty of Daksha. Veera Bhadra Cut off the head of Daksha and destroyed the entire place where yaga was conducted.

Over whelmed with sorrow Lord Siva went to the place where yaga was conducted. He took the dead body of Sathi Devi and danced (Siva Thandavam). Knowing the pathetic condition of Shiva, Lord Vishnu with a view to console Siva send his Sudharsana chakra and cut off the corpse of Sathi Devi into a number of pieces. The parts of the dead body fell in different places of earth. Out of these the loins (Arakkettu) of Devi is said to be fallen here in Chengannur.

The Kamakhya Temple in Assam also holds the same History.

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