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Shaivam – An Introduction

Shaivam is the religion that worships Lord Shiva. Shaivam a very old religion in the Hindu family of religions is very rich in its philosophies. With its vivid branches very well integrated into the root, it becomes the feast, oxygen and life of many philosophers. With the matured philosophies standing on the great vedantic and sidhdhantic strong bases it presents to its followers the great paths to the Blissful Supreme called Shiva.

In the Shaivam there are many doctrines shaiva sidhdhantham, kashmira shaivam, vira shaivam, vedanta shaivam and many others. These are the contributions of very many scholars who prospered under this shaiva discipline. Shaivam is one of the most followed discipline of sanatana dharama in many of its forms. For most of the shaivites apart from the vedas the Agamas are the scriptures of importance. The Shaivites worship the Supreme as formless, symbol and through many forms all leading to the Ultimate Attributeless Supreme.

Shaivam – An Introduction

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