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Shaivism A Perspective Forward


Praises to the Supreme Guru, Formless Attribute less and Omniscient shivam, which presents Itself in the form of the Guide who enlightens the pashus with the Supreme knowledge towards Itself, the Thing explainable only by Him. To that Guru who blissfully explains sitting under the banyan tree salutations, salutations, salutations.

The Supreme shiva who stands beyond immeasurable depth and height, stands beyond the limits of time, enacting the Five deeds (paJNcha kR^ityam), enjoying completely in the Self, uplifting the one who worships, that God and Its glory are too immense to be described in detail for anybody. It stands beyond the limits of sex to be described He, She or It. It is the Absolute which is not born out of anything else. It stands as the pillar of flame with innumerable facades. Very many are the philosophies that looks into few of those facades praising Its Glory in the ways they can.

This work is an attempt to speak about the splendor of that Supreme Luminance called Lord shiva from the perspective I see It. Sure, the speech about that glory will never end, but it is the huge desire to talk about Him that motivates this work. It is needless to say it is not a complete index even to the information on His holy paths of Shaivam. But it is a glimpse of the Glory of pashupati who comes to us because of His unlimited Grace liberating us. If that Supreme Lord shiva has to be described flawlessly it is possible only by that Lord Himself. But that Lord shiva who is praised as the Asutosha, the fast pleased, accept this offering to His pleasing as a fragrant flower nice for His feet, guiding through this effort of offering. Salutations to His Feet, the ultimate goal

Shaivism A Perspective Forward

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