Shri Dayananda Panchakam Lyrics in Hindi With Meaning || श्रीदयानन्दपञ्चकम्

Shri Dayananda Panchakam Lyrics in Hindi:

सदा स्मेरवक्त्रं कृपापूर्णनेत्रं स्थिरं दीनमित्रं जनप्रीतिपात्रम् ।
सुविज्ञातशास्त्रं कषायाक्तवस्त्रं दयानन्दरूपं मदाचार्यमीडे ॥ १॥

परब्रह्मनिष्ठं स्वतो धर्मनिष्ठं अहिंसैकनिष्ठं स्वशिष्यैः सुजुष्टम् ।
यतीनां वरिष्ठं गुरूणाङ्गरिष्ठं दयानन्दरूपं मदाचार्यमीडे ॥ २॥

सुशास्त्रे चरन्तं सदा सञ्चरन्तं जनान् बोधयन्तं भवादुद्धरन्तम् ।
मठांस्थापयन्तं गुरून् पूजयन्तं दयानन्दरूपं मदाचार्यमीडे ॥ ३॥

कलानां प्रचारं दधानं विनम्रं स्वयं ग्रन्थकारं सतां मानितारम् ।
नमत्तापहारं स्वयं निर्विकारं दयानन्दरूपं मदाचार्यमीडे ॥ ४॥

सदा शान्तमूर्तिं सदा क्षान्तिमूर्तिं सदा दान्तिमूर्तिं सदा सत्यमूर्तिम् ।
प्रमाणप्रवृत्तिं दिशन्तं सुकीर्तिं दयानन्दरूपं मदाचार्यमीडे ॥ ५॥

इदम्पञ्चकं यः पठेच्छुद्धचित्तः सदा मोक्षमार्गे नितान्तं प्रवृत्तः ।
प्रसादात् स शास्तुर्भवेज्ज्ञानयुक्तः स जीवन्मृतो वा भवेन्नित्यमुक्तः ॥

इति श्रीपरमार्थानन्दविरचितं श्रीदयानन्दपञ्चकं समाप्तम् ।

Shri Dayananda Panchakam Meaning:

I worship my Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati (an embodiment of compassion and ananda), who has an ever smiling face, whose eyes are full of compassion, who is a steady friend of the helpless, who is loved by all people, who is well-versed in the scriptures and who is in ochre-robe. 1

I worship my Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati, who is established in parabrahma, who abides by dharma spontaneously, who follows ahimsa without compromise, who is deeply adored by his (numerous) disciples, who is the noblest among saints and who is the greatest among teachers. 2

I worship my Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati who (always) revels in the sacred scriptures, who is constantly on the move, who shares his wisdom with the people, who uplifts (all) from samsara, who is establishing institutions for scriptural learning and who worships his Gurus. 3

I worship my Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati who promotes all forms of arts, who remains modest, who is an author and composer, who honours all great people, who alliviates the pains of the afflicted and who himself remains undisturbed. 4

I worship my Guru Swami Dayananda Saraswati who is ever the embodiment of peace, accommodation, restraint and truthfulness, who (clearly) unfolds the function of pramanas and who is world-famous. 5

One who is steadily and sincerely engaged in the pursuit of moksa and who reads these five verses will be blessed with knowledge by the grace of Guru. Whether living or dead, he will ever free.

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