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Varanasi Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Frequently Asked Questions


Shri Kashi Shiva Temple FAQs:

1) What is temple timing?
3:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Darshan Starts at 4:00 AM. During Aarti only Jhaanki Darshan is permitted.

Aarti Related:

2) How many types of Aartis are performed in temple?
5 types of Aarti:-
• Mangla Aarti
• Mid Day Bhog Aarti
• Sapt Rishi Aarti
• Shringar/Bhog Aarti &
• Shayan aarti (Non- Chargeable)

3. How can I book aarti?
Through official web portal, IOS App & android app in few simple steps & over the counter from any of the three Helpdesk counters.

4) How can I download ticket booking app?
Click on below given URL to download app For Android App

For IOS App

5) What is timing of Mangla Aarti?
Morning 03:00 AM to 4:00 AM.

6. What is reporting time for Mangla Aarti?
Reporting time is 02:30AM. During rush period devotees are advised to report earlier. Update on 11-04-2019

7. From which gate one can get entry for Mangla Aarti?
Entry for Mangla Aarti is permitted only through gate no. 1 (Dhundhi Raj Ganesh).

8. For other Aarti from which gate devotees can enter?
Devotees can get entry from any gate for Aarti or darshan but for Mangla aarti entry only through gate no. 1 is permitted.

9. What is the timing of Mid Day Bhog Aarti?
Timing for Mid Day Bhog Aarti is 11:15AM to 12:20 PM for & devotees can get entry from any gate.

10. What is the timing of Sapt Rishi Aarti?
Timing for Sapt Rishi Aarti is 7:00 PM to 08:15PM & devotees can get entry from any gate.

11) What is the timing of Shringar/Bhog Aarti?
Timing for Shringar/Bhog Aarti is 9:00 PM to 10:15 PM & devotees can get entry from any gate.

12) Is there any option to cancel Aarti booking?
Yes, Only Trust is having right to cancel Pooja/Darshan booking – if there is any special day/reason.

13) How I can get refund?
Trust follows No refund process for all booked tickets.

14) Is there any option to change Aarti/Pooja date?
Trust reserves all the rights to change the booking date- based on availability.

15) Is there any dress code for darshan?
There is no dress code for visiting mandir. However, Devotees are excepted to wear decent clothing during Darshan.

16) What are the darshan timings?
Darshan timing are
• 4:00 AM to 11:15 AM
• 12:20 PM to 07:15 PM
• 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM

17) What are the items prohibited to carry inside temple?
Electronic gadgets, pens, bags, luggage etc. are prohibited items inside temple premises.

18) How can I donate in temple?
Please log on official portal and click on How to donate link and follow the process. You can also donate over the counters of Helpdesk & get receipts against your donation.

19) Is there any helpdesk available?
Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple Has setup three HELP DESKS at Bansphatak, Saraswati Fatak & Dashaswamedh ghat, where
devotee can book all type of tickets.

20) Is there any temple trust guesthouse?
Yes, there is one trust associated guesthouse.

21) Can I book online temple trust guesthouse?
Please book on

22) Nearest Railway Station/Bus Station/Airport?
From Temple, the distance of Varanasi Railway station cant is around 3kms, Chaudhary Charan Singh Bus Stand is around 3 kms, LBS Babatpur Airport around 18kms , Mauduadiah Railway Station around 2.5kms, Kashi Station around 2 kms.

22) What are the tourist places in and around Varanasi?
• Kal Bhairav Temple
• Sarnath
• Sankath Mochan Temple
• New Vishwanath Temple BHU etc.

23) What are the major functions/festivals of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple?
• Rangbhari Ekadashi
• Dev-Deepawali
• Monthly Shivratri
• Mahashivratri
• Shrawan etc.
• Akshay Triteeya

24) Do I need to pay to enter in temple?
There isn’t any charges for Baba Shri Kashi Viswanath’s darshan, But devotees, who can’t stand in long queues can
avail Sugam Darshan facility.

25) Do I need to pay for darshan?
Only if Devotees wish to avail queue-less & hassle-free Darshan experience on cost of 300.

About Rudrabhishek:

26) Can I book Rudrabhishek online?
Yes, please visit to temple official website or through Mobile app
• For Android App

• For IOS App

27) How many types of Rudrabhisheks are performed in temple?
Rudrabhishek with
• 1 Shastri
• 5 Shastri
• 11 Shastri
• Laghu Rudra
• Maharudra

28) How much amount need to be paid to Shastri as Dakshina?
Nothing. Shastri dakshina charges are already included in ticket cost.

29) What is the timing of Rudrabhishek?
Anytime between morning 4 o’clock to evening 6 o’clock. It takes approx. 45 minutes to perform Rudrabhishek.

30) How long it will take to complete Rurdabhishek?
Depends on type of Rudrabhishek, usually the Pooja takes around 40-45 minutes but Laghu and MahaRudra takes longer duration than normal Rudrasbhisheks.

31) How I can get milk & other pujan samagri for Rudrabhishek in temple?
Pujan Thali charges are already included in Rudrabhishek charges, Milk can be purchased inside temple premises as per devotee’s requirement.

32) Where I can get milk for Rudrabhishek?
Inside Temple Premises Amul Booth.

33) What are the facility for Divyang(Handicapped)?
Wheelchair are available at all helpdesk as well as main gates of Temple free of cost.

34) Is there any locker facility available?
Locker facility is available at helpdesk and is free for Sugam Darshan ticket holders.

35) What is the difference between Aarti and Sugam Darshan?
Four Aartis of Shri Kashi Vishwanath temple is performed at specific time of the day. Sugam Darshan is quick and hassle free, where cost of Prasad and Shastri charges already included in it.

36) What is the process of Darshan for Foreign Tourists?
There is a dedicated entry gate for Foreign Tourists. All Foreigners can enter through gate no 2 (Saraswati Fatak). They must show their passports at the LIU counter situated at the gate no 2.

37. Is there any option to order Prasad online?
Yes. Devotees can order all the prasad items available at help desk online through portal –

38. What are the other Pooja’s performed and their charges?
Update on 11-04-2019

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