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Shri Nandishvarashtakam Lyrics in English with Meaning


śrīnandīśvarāṣṭakam Lyrics in English:

puñjah svayam sikharisekharatamupetah ।
yatresvarah sa khalu nandati yena veti
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 1॥

santarpi krsnacaritamrtanirjharaḍhyah ।
parjanyasantatisukhaspadapurvako yo
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 2॥

yatsaubhagam bhagavata dharanibhrtapi
na prapyate suragirih sa hi ko varakah ।
nandah svayam vasati yatra saputradaro
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 3॥

yatra vrajadhipapurapratimaprakasa
prasadamurdhakalasoparinrtyarangi ।
barhiksyate bhuvi jayadhvajaketubhuto
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 4॥

krsnah satrsnanayanah parito vrajabjam ।
alokyate dvisaḍudaradalatavista
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 5॥

jigye yadiyatatarajisarojaraji
saurabhyamañjulasarojalasikarena ।
trailokyavartivaratirthayaso rasaughai-
rnandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 6॥

syuh pavana api janah svadasam paresam ।
sa pavanakhyasarasi yadupatyakayam
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 7॥

krsnakhyamasti mahadujjvalanilaratnam
sute tadeva vasu tatsvabhuvaiva drstam ।
tallabhyate sukrtinaiva yadiyasanau
nandisvarah sa madamandamudam dadhatu ॥ 8॥

durvasanasatavrto’pi bhavatprayatnah
padyastakam pathati yah sikharisa tubhyam ।
krsnanghripadyarasa eva sada satrsnam
etam janam kuru gurupranayam dadhanam ॥ 9॥

iti mahamahopadhyayasrivisvanathacakravartiviracitam
srinandisvarastakam samaptam ।

Shri Nandishvarashtakam Meaning:

1) May Nandisvara Hill, where the Supreme Personality of Godhead, crowned with a peacock feather and splendid as a monsoon cloud, enjoyer of pastimes, delight me.

2) May Nandisvara Hill, rich with the nectar rivers of Krsna’s pastimes that please the grass of the living entities in the world, and previously the place of happiness for a great monsoon cloud, delight me.

3) With his son and wife King Nanda lived on Nandisvara Hill. The good-fortune of Nandisvara Hill was never attained by any other mountain. What is tiny Mount Meru in comparison to it? May Nandisvara Hill delight me.

4) May Nandisvara Hill, where the king of Vraja had his capitol of splendid palaces with spires and domes where a peacock could be seen happily dancing among the colourful victory flags, delight me.

5) Krsna sometimes climbs its aromatic summit and sits on a rock, gazing out with thirsty eyes at the twelve forests that are the great petals of the Vrajabhumi lotus spread beneath Him. May Nandisvara Hill delight me.

6) May Nandisvara Hill, which by sprinkling the nectar waters of it’s lakes fragrant with lotus flowers defeats the glory of the most exalted holy places in the three worlds, delight me.

7) May Nandisvarah Hill, which has at its base a lake named Pavana that purifies and liberates all its touches with the purifying breeze from its shore, delight me.

8) May Nandisvara Hill, which has at its peak a great and splendid sapphire treasure named Krsna, which was seen by the demigod Brahma, and which may be gotten by the most pious person, delight me.

9) O Nandisvara Hill, O king of mountains, please be kind to they who try to glorify you by reading these prayers. Even if such readers are infested with hundreds of sinful desires, please transform them into great devotees, full of devotion for their spiritual master, and thirsty for the nectar of Krsna’s lotus feet.

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