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Significance of Chanting Sri Narasimha Divya Jaya Nama

In Kaliyuga, Nama Smarana (chanting the divine names of the Lord) is the simplest and most feasible way for everyone to attain the grace of the Supreme Lord. That too, our Poorvacharyas and Maharishis attached great importance, in particular to the chanting of the divine names of Lord Sri Nrsimha, who is Yugavatara Purusha and to the direct physical manifestation of Parabrahma (Parabrahma Sakara Swaroopa).

Lord Sri Nrsimha is known as "Kshipravaraprasada", who is easily pleased and responds quickly to the wishes of the devotees. The chanting of the divine names of Lord Sri Nrsimha is exalted to be very powerful and auspicious.

“ जय जय लक्ष्मीनरसिंह, वज्रस्तंभज नरसिंह ”
"JAYA JAYA LAKSHMĪNARASIMHA, VAJRASTAMBHAJA NARASIMHA” is the auspicious ‘SrīNarasimha Divya Jaya Nāma’.

‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ is a very important name of the Lord. While there are countless sacred Namas (names) to Lord Sri Nrsimha, it is indeed ‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ that is the very first Nama of the Lord. This is because, as per the Narasimha Avatara, the ‘STAMBHA’ (pillar), from which the Lord emerged, is considered the Matru Stana (mother) of Sri Nrsimha. The term ‘VAJRA’ signifies solidity, density or hardness. So, ‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ means the one born from a tough solid pillar. This Divya Nama denotes that Lord Sri Nrsimha is the Supreme manifestation, untouched by the womb of a mother and absolutely unbound by Maya. ‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ thus indicates the ‘Parama Shuddha Chaitanya Swaroopa’ of the Lord.

'VAJRASTAMBHAJA' is the very first Nama to proclaim the Yugavatara of the Lord. On invoking the Lord as ‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ with true devotion, one can visualize the divine and magnificent 'Mahatejomaya Avatara Swaroopa' of the Lord.Also, this Divya Nama of ‘VAJRASTAMBHAJA’ represents the Parabrahma as mentioned by the Upanishads. It demonstrates the Upanishad Vakya attributed to the Parabrahma - ‘Anoraniyan’, which means the One who is an atom smaller than the perceivable atom, an atom within an atom, and thus the Omnipresent One. Appearing from a strong solid pillar as 'VAJRASTAMBHAJA', Lord Sri Nrsimha vindicated this important Upanishad Vakya that He is Sarvavyapi and the Supreme ‘Anoraniyan’.

'Sarvagopi Stambhavasa:’ is a statement mentioned in our Sastras. This means, even though Lord Sri Nrsimha is the Omnipresent Supreme, His presence is specially intense and powerful in a Stambha. Hence, 'VAJRASTAMBHAJA' is considered a very significant and glorious name of Lord Sri Nrsimha.

The greatness of this ‘SRI NARASIMHA DIVYA JAYA NĀMA’ is boundless. This powerful divine chant of Lord Sri Nrsimha – ‘JAYA JAYA LAKSHMINARASIMHA, VAJRASTAMBHAJA NARASIMHA’ bestows all material as well as spiritual auspiciousness and prosperity.

'Vidikshu dikshurdhvamadha: samantat antarbahirbhagavan Narasimha:' - this Sastra Vakya firmly declares that devotees, who chant Sri Nrsimha Nama with pure devotion, will be meticulously guarded and protected always by Sri Nrsimha from all ten directions. Thus, by chanting ‘Sri Narasimha Divya Jaya Nama’ 3 sessions (trikala) every day - 108 times per session (i.e. daily chanting 3 rounds in a Japa Mala containing 108 beads) throughout one’s life span, one is blessed with all prosperity in the material world, and such a devotee attains a completely pure conscience, and on leaving the physical body, he/she reaches the Supreme SriVaikunṭa (Moksha).

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