Sri Bhaktha Anjaneya Temple Chandi Homam Pooja Material

Turmeric powder 1/4 Lb
Kumkum 1 Packet
Sandal Wood Paste/Powder 1 Packet
Agar Bathi(Incense Sticks) 1 Packet
Camphor 1 Packet
Beetle Leaves Approx. 30
Flowers 4 Bunches
Fruits 12 Bananas and 5 other Varieties
Coconuts 8

Chandi Homam

Rice 10 lb
Atukulu 1 lb
Vasthram All Colors (15)
Sari (for Poorna Ahuti) 1
Dress (for Kanya Puja) 1
Kalasam 4
Honey 1 Small Bottle
Ghee 1 lb
Dry Fruits All varieties
Coins (Quarters) 20
Naivedyams Devotee’s Choice
Sugar Candy (Misri) 1 Packet


Deepam (Lamp)/Oil for Deepam/Match Box/Cotton Wick for Deepam
Small Trays 2, Big Trays 2, Small Cups 5
Asirvada New Dresses
Blankets 2
Paper Towels, Paper Plates , Aluminum Foil

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