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Sri Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra ISKCON Temple Canberra


Agriculture and dairy products modern methods have contributed to wreak havoc on the ecosystem. Today agriculture, which provides the livelihood of human society depends to a large extent on chemical fertilizers and petroleum derivatives. Although the initial increase in yield in the early years, these chemicals have proven detrimental to soil fertility, leaving the sometimes toxic and unproductive. Genetically modified crops bring their own set of ethical and health issues, leading to a world in which certain foods are promoted by one government and banned by others.

The basis of all agriculture depends on nature such as soil, air and water. The establishment of agricultural methods in harmony with nature can guarantee long-term sustainability. Otherwise, experts tell us that we can move towards a global food crisis.

Sri Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra ISKCON Temple Canberra

In ISKCON agricultural communities or ecovillage, we emphasize the importance of spiritual ecology: the need to live in harmony with ourselves, nature and the divine. These vibrant communities promote sustainability and spirituality – based on the principle of respect for all living beings.

There are more than 40 agricultural eco-villages of ISKCON and communities around the world on the basis of this ethic. Some exist on the grill, existing completely from the natural energy of water and sunlight. Others simply advocate a more responsible and natural life based on sustainable care for land and cows. Unlike modern agro-tourism that operate cows and other animals for their milk, meat and eggs, ISKCON farms while at the same time protecting cows throughout their lives, allowing them to live in peace even after the end of their production milk .

“There is an interrelation between sweet and transcendental all living entities, not only without distinction of caste, creed and color between man and man, but between men and animals, man and birds, reptiles, humans and humans And plants, etc. Thus, between man and God, and between God and others, and so on … as [the farm] will be the center of this culture of supreme knowledge. [It] will be an example that neither God Neither the living nor by nature are in any way antagonistic to each other, but all exist in harmony as a whole whole unity. “- Srila Prabhupada

Cow Protection:
Many wonder why Vedic cultures and vaisnaves special emphasis on protecting the cow. The philosophical reason is simple: the cow is considered one of our mothers, because it gives us their milk intakes and thus our health and well-being. In the same way that no civilized person or her mother does not, the Vedas teach that the cow’s milk and then killing is the same as killing her mother. Similarly, the bull is considered the father because the bull traditionally plowing the fields and must be respected.

In the ISKCON farms, no cow, bull or calf is sacrificed. We look for innovative ways to work with the bull and compromise its God-given strength in serving others, in humanitarian and humanitarian conditions. Regardless of milk production, cows and bulls also produce manure and urine that are valuable as fertilizer, manure, certain medicines, cleaning products and biogas. At ISKCON farms, they are housed in stables (goshala), where they are fed a healthy competitive balance and are compatible.

We believe that cow protection is an important element of land protection. According to the ancient Vedic texts, the cow is the representative of Mother Earth. And when the cow and the bull are mistreated, Mother Earth withdraws her generosity.

Sunday Feast Program / Timetable:

12.30 pm: Arti
1.00 pm: Nrsimha Prayers
1.10 pm: Tulsi Puja
1.30 pm: Class
2.15 pm: Vaishnava Acarya bhajans
2.30 pm: Feast

ISKCON Festivals:

Rath Yatra-Festival of Chariots
Diwali, Govadhana Puja
Holi- Festival of Colors


1 Quick Street, Ainslie,
Australian Capitol Territory,
Australia – 2602
Phone:+61 (02) 6262-6208
Mail: P.O. Box 1411,
Canberra, ACT 2601
Fax: +61 (02) 6262-6208

Sri Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra ISKCON Temple Canberra

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