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Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Ahobila Mahathyam

1) Ahobilam a Swayamvyakhta Kshetram is the place of incarnation of Lord Lakshmi Narasimha.

2) Here Ahobila Narasimha pesponded to the prayers of brahma and retrieved the vedas stalen by a rakshsa.

3) Lord Shiva praised lord Narasimha as the supreme God in his “Manthraraja pada” Stothram. Lord.

4) Sri Rama Worshipped Ahobila Narasimha “Sri Narasimha Panchamrutham” Stothram.

5) Lord Srinivasa offered Nivedyam to Ahobila Narasimha on his Wedding to Padmavathi Ammavaru.

6) Garuda did thapas here and the Lord appeared as Jwala Narasimha before him.

7) Ahobilam is one among the 108 Divyakshetras and was extolled by Thirumangai Alvar.

8) Adi Sankar who was protected by Lord Narasimha from danger of glorified Narahari by his famous Karavalamba Stothram.

9) In the year 1396 Lord Lakshmi Narasimha initiated Sri Adivan satakopa (founder Jeeyar of Sri Ahobilamuth) in the ascetic order and ordinated that from then fourth he propagate the Visishtadwaita philosophy, Travelling from village to village with his Utsavamurthi Molola Narasimha ad redeem the souls. Sri Ahobila muth thus became the “Temple on the move” ever since it continues to be so even today.

10) King Pratapa Rudhra who come to Ahobilam for sports became the ardent Devotee of Sri Adivan Satakopa when he found the idol of lingam he tried to last kept on becoming Lakshmi Narasimha he presented this image to his Guru Sri Adivan Satakopa this beautiful image is worshipped even now in the camp of Ari Ahobila Muth.

11) Having won the battle by the grace of the Lord of Ahobilam, King Krishna Devaraya erected a Victory Piller (Vijaya Stamba) in the lower ahobilam in front of the temple.
12) All pomtf of the Dvaita advaita and Visishtadvaiota Schools venerate Lord Lakshmi Narasimha as their personal God and offered daily worship.

13) Achievements of the present 45th Jeeyar.
Renovation of all the Nava Narasimha Temples.
Installation of Chatravata, Yoga, Kroda, Utsava Idols.
Reclamation of the Lower Ahobilam Temple Pushkarini.
Descending Steps Laid at the Upper Ahobila Bhiravakundam.
Gold Kavacham, Hastam, Paada Peetam, Sanka and Chakra to Prahaladavaradan.
Similam Gold Adornment for his Consorts.
Huge Silver Gangalams (Vessels).
New Simha Vahana, Gaja Vahana, Vrushaba Vahana, Asva Vahana, Garuda Vahana, Hamsa Vahana, Mangalagiri .
Sri Ramana Sannidhi built in Sri Prahladhavaradan Temple.
Addala Mandapam (Mirror Mandapam) Newly Constructed.
Muth’s Guest House complex with fourteen bath attached rooms.
Ten Dormitory on the existing Muth building.
Maha Ratham (Temple Chariot) with a protecting shed and Rahta Mandapam.
New paths and bridges for easy access to different Shrines in Upper Ahobilam.
Drinking water and catering facilities.
Over head Tanks fr supply of water.
Archakas and Non-Archaka Staff Quarters.
Community Hall and Kitchen for Pilgrims.
Regulated daily poojas in all the Shrines.
Special Swathi poojas every Month.
Golden Crown and Karna patrams to Moola Murthi in lower Ahobilam.
Water Supply from Malolan Theertham source through pipes to Upper Ahobilam Temple Pushkarini.

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple Ahobila Mahathyam

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