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Sri Mangala Gowri Vratham | Mangala Gauri Vrat


Shravana Masa is considered sacred month to seek blessing of Lord Shiva and Goddess Gauri by observing Vrats like Shravana Somvar and Mangala Gauri Vrat. Devotees take Sankalp either to observe fast in Shravana month or to initiate sixteen weeks Vrat starting from Shravana month.

Mangala Gauri Vrat is usually observed by married women on each Tuesday in Shravana month. Newly wed women, observe this vrat to get marital bliss. In North India, Shravana month is also called as Sawan month.

In Andhra Pradesh, Mangala Gauri Vrat is also known as Sri Mangala Gowri Vratham.


Step by Step guide for Mangala Gauri Pooja Procedure:
1) Take a holy bath before the sunrise on the day of Mangala Gowri vratm.
2) Take a green or red cloth and spread it at Pooja platform.
3) Make Navagrahas using rice and Shodash Goddess using wheat.
4) Place a Lord Ganesha idol and place it on the front of the main Pooja place.
5) Kalash Sthapana is performed as usual as during other Pooja.
6) Lamp is lit and offer Haldi, kumkum, and Akshata to the deepam.
7) In Mangla Gauri Pujan, water, sandalwood, vermillion, betel nuts, rice flowers, cardamom, bel leaves, fruits, nuts, and alms are offered during Lord Ganesha Pooja .
8) Some people also worship Kalasha as Lord Ganesha.
9) After Ganesh Pujan, Navagraha Pujan and Shodasha Goddesses Pooja (Pooja to 16 Goddesses) is performed.
10) Shodashopachar Pooja is offered to Goddess Mangala Gauri (16 steps of Pooja methods).
11) 16 types of flowers and fruits; mirror, comb, and bangles are offered to the Goddess.
12) Mangala Gauri Vrat katha (story of the vratam) is chanted during the end of the vratham.
13) At the last vrat (5th year after marriage) i.e. the last Tuesday in Shravan month, the next day, Wednesday, the idol of Mangala Gauri is immersed in pond (Mangala Gauri Visarjan / Udyapana).
14) Distribute prasadam, haldi, kumkum (vermillion) to other married women who attend the pooja.

Mantra to chant during Pratishta of Mangala Gauri idol:
Mama Putra Poutra Sowbhagya Vruddhyarthe, Shri Mangala Gauri Preetyartham, Panchavarsha paryantham Mangala Gowri Vrathamaham Karishye

Mangala Gauri Dhyana Mantra:
Kumkumagaru lipthangaam Sarvabharana Bhushithaam
Neelakantapriyaam Gaureem Vandeham Mangalaahvaayaam

Vishesha Arghya Mantram:
Poojaa sampoornathartham thu gandha pushpakshathai saha
Vishesharghyam mayaa datto mama soubhaya hethave
Sri Mangala gauryai namaha

Vayana Daana Mantram:
Anna Kanchuki Samyuktam Sahasraphala dakshinaam
Vayanam Gauri Vipraya Dadaami preethaye thava
Soubhagyaarogya Kamaanaam sarva sampathsamruddaye
Gauree Gireesha thushtyartham Vayanam thei dadaamyaham

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