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Sri Ram rides on Hanuman Vahanam

9-04-2016, Tirupati: The procession deity of Sri Rama was taken on Hanuman Vahanam on the 6th day of the Annual Brahmotsavam.

Importance of the Hanuman Vahanam:
Anjaneya Swamy is believed the best for Sri Ram. Lord Hanuman played a key role in reuniting Sita Devi with Lord Rama from lanka king Ravana. His devotion to Lord Rama was distinctive and unconditional. Among the many Astottara Shatanamavali of Lord Sri Rama, Hanumadashrita rightly sounds as Rama is at all times served by Hanuman.

Dyeo Smt Munilakshmi, Superintendent Mr. Uma Maheshwar Reddy Temple Inspector Mr. Sesha Reddy, Temple Archaka Sri Nandu Swamy, Archakas Sri Kiran Swamy, Tarun Swamy and huge number of devotees took part in this event.Hanumantha-Vahanam

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