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Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple ISKCON Colombo, Sri Lanka

ISKCON Colombo Temple Timings:

4:30 am Mangala arati
5:00 am Tulasi-Puja arati
5:15 am Japa Meditation
6:30 am Srimad Bhagavatam discourse
7:30 am Sringar darshan
7:45 am Guru puja
12:30 pm Raj Bhoga Arati
4:30 pm Usthapana arati
7:00 pm Sandhya arati
7:40 pm Bhagavad Gita discourse
8:30 pm Shayana arati

Temple will be closed:

From 1:00 PM to 4:30 pm and 9.00 pm to 4.30 AM

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple ISKCON Sri Lanka

With Srila Prabhupada’s instructions and blessings, some devotees arrived in Sri Lanka on 4-10-1976 to open a temple in Colombo, Sri Lanka. An entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mr. E. Shanmugam, donated a place to open a temple for ISKCON in Colombo. On 15/03/1977, ISKCON was registered as a religious and cultural organization in the Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

The divinity of Sri Krishna was given to ISKCON Sri Lanka by the TTD, Andhra Pradesh India in 1982 and Lord Sri Krishna was formally installed with the Kumbabishekam ceremony in 1982. The divinity of Srimati Radharani was also given by TTD in 1990 and installed with the Kumbabishekam ceremony in 1990. After that, the temple was named as Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple and the deities are called Sri Radha Rajagopal.

In 1992, ISKCON was officially incorporated by an Act of Parliament n. 69 of 1992. In 1996, the centenary of the appearance of Srila Prabhupada was celebrated with 1008 sacred waters of the sacred places in India.

The deities of Jagannath, Baladev, and Subadhra were brought from Jagannath Puri India and they were ceremonially installed and have been worshipped since 1997. In 1999 the first Jagannath Ratha Yatra led as a festival of peace and this has become an annual event.

For Donations:

Indian overseas bank, Main Street, Colombo
Account Name: Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home – Gokulam
Account No: 20646
Routing number: 7117000
Swift code: IOBALKLC

ISKCON Sri Lanka Contact Details:

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple,
188 New Chetty Street,
Colombo 0013,
Sri Lanka.
Phone Number: +94 112433325.

Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple ISKCON Colombo, Sri Lanka

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