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Sri Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple Timings, History

Sri Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple is an ancient Lord Shiva temple located in I Agraharam, Salem, Tamil Nadu State. The main Lord Shiva is tilted slightly to a side with a scar caused by a hunter. The Linga stage or platform called Avudayar is in two parts connected with the Vishyu and Somasundara parts. It is a strange aspect of the temple that cannot be found anywhere else. Lord Shiva’s consort Goddess Parvathi is worshipped as Sri Swarnambikai Amman. This is one of the five temples with Swayambu lingams on the banks of the Manimuthar river that were worshipped by Beema.

The other four Lord Shiva temples worshipped by Beema and Pandavas, on the banks of Manimuthar river are:

  1. Uthamachozhapuram Karapuranathar
  2. Pillur Veeratteswarar Temple
  3. Paramathi Beemeswarar Temple
  4. Paramathi Velur Nan Sei Idayaru Eyilinathar Temple

As per the belief of historians, this temple was constructed by Mamannan Sundara Pandiyan during the 13th century. Saint Arunagiriar has sung the greatness of the temple in his Tirupuazh hymns.

The planets Rahu and Mars are installed in different places against the usual tradition. Praying to these planets would ensure a happy marriage and good jobs. The symbols of the Lizard and the Udumbu also a creature belonging to this family on the Navagraha shrine provide relief to those affected, according to the faith.

The sage Sukha worshiped in the temple taking the form of a parrot. Hence, the place became known as Sukhavanam and Lord Sukhavaneswarar. The temple is mentioned in the hymns of Arunagiriar and is linked to such events as the Lord granting darshan to Adiseha, King Chera, the Devas worshiping the Lord in the form of a Bodhi tree (Arasamaram) and the famous poet Tamil Avvaiyar leading the wedding of his adopted daughter.

Sri Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple Timings:

Morning: 6.00 AM to 12.00 Noon
Evening: 4.00 PM to 9.00 PM

Selam Sugavaneswarar Temple History:

Creator Brahmma was telling to some about the mystery of His creations being different from one another. Sage Sukha, noted Shiva devotee, hearing the secret conversation, informed the same to Saraswathi, Goddess of Wisdom. Angry Brahmma cursed Sukha to become a parrot and said that he would be relieved of the curse if he prays to Lord Shiva in the Papanasam region (present temple area). Sage Sukha turning a parrot, came here with a huge number of parrots and began praying to Lord Shiva.

A hunter came to the spot and wanted to drive away from the parrots which hid in an ant-hill. The hunter cut the ant-hill when parrot Sukha spread his wing to protect the Sivalinga. Parrot Sukha was also attacked causing profuse bleeding and death. Blood also oozed out from the Linga. Realizing the truth, the hunter killed himself. Sage Sukha getting his own form, prayed to the Lord to be here in the name of Sukhavaneswara which the Lord oblige. The temple came into being.

Mainmuthar River, Papanasam, Thenu, Amanduga, Manusarana and Manatha are the Temple Theertham.
Peeple tree is the Sthala Vruksham.

Sugavaneswarar Temple Festival:

10 day Vaikasi Festival
Chithirai Festival
Panniru Thirumurai
Ammai Appar Festival

Sri Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple Address:

I Agraharam,
Tamil Nadu – 636001.
Phone: 0427 225 4414

Sri Sugavaneswarar Swamy Temple Timings, History

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