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Sri Venkateswara Vratha / Vratham Kalpam Procedure, Mantram, Slokam

A great Vratham that was given by Lord Venkateswara Himself.

Sri Venkateswara Vratha / Vratham Kalpam Introduction:

In this whole universe there is no place greater then Tirupathi. There is no God greater then Lord Venkateswara, till now nor will there in the future.
Great are the leelas of Lord Venkateswara. Lord Venkateswara himself has come and lived at Tirupathi in Kaliyuga to help us all overcome our difficulties.
Lord Venkateswara loves his bhaktas a lot. If we leave out our egoism and desires for worldly things and pray whole-heartedly to Lord Venkateswara’s Lotus feet, he will take care everything. In Kaliyuga there is no greater God then Lord Venkateswara, That is the reason thousands of devotees go to Tirupathi to pray to the Lord everyday.
If we pray to Lord Venkateswara whole-heartedly we will feel very happy and know him as the supreme God.
‘Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam’ has been written with Lord Venkateswara’s Grace.
In Kaliyuga all human beings experience various kinds of difficulties. If we want to get rid of our difficulties we should do the Venkateswara vratham just once, all our difficulties will vanish.
The first story in this vratham was written on Tirupathi Hill itself. This was written with the grace and order of Lord Venkateswara himself. The remaining four stories were written by great munis Vishwamitra, Bharadwaaja, Vasishtha and Aathri.
Tirumala is a divine place. In Tirumala if we sit calmly at any place and meditate we can clearly hear the ‘Omkara’. Not only that we can hear the Vedas, the Puranas and Upanishads too. Even today Three Crores (mukothi) devathas and Mahamunis roam in Tirumala in invisible forms. Tirupathi is such a divine and holy place. Only due to the fruits of good deeds earned for several lives we are able to set foot on the divine hill of Tirumala. Only with great merit can we serve the supreme lord.

Tirumala Sri Venkateswara Swamy

Doing this Vratham is very simple and easy. Every one can do the vratham according to their means and convenience. Any kind of difficulty goes away in a few minutes of doing this vratham. Bhakthi and concentration is very important while doing the vratham. With a peaceful mind, keeping full concentration on the feet of the Lord if this vratham is done, one can reap the full benefit immediately.
Lord Srinivasa knows our limitations etc all the difficulties we face in Kaliyuga. That is the reason he gave us this very easy way of pleasing him and getting our troubles removed. That Lord will surely bless those who do this vratham, listen to the stories and eat the prasadam. Their difficulties will be removed.
Writing this vratham has been a Mahayagnam. For an ordinary human being like this great priviledge of writing this book has come only due to Lord Venkateswara’s grace and blessings of all the gods and saints.
While writing this book my wife Srimathi Venkata Rukmini Vaidehi and my children chirajivi Anandi, Amukh and Aditya. Sri Vasavi Graphics and Sri and Srimathi P. Jagdish did the cover page of this book very nicely. I pray that Lord Srinivasa and Goddess Lakshmi bless them.
Similarly in printing this book many of Srinivasas beloved devotees helped me a lot. I pray that they and all their family members always get Lord Srinivasa’s grace.
What can be greater luck then being able to write such a vratha that is the Lords favorite. I will spend my life in serving the Lord and taking his Tatwa closer to peoples hearts.
I thank everyone who helped me in writing this book.
There is no difference in Bhakthi, like small Bhakta, big Bhakta etc. Bhakthi is a divine quality. Every ones Bhakthi reaches Lord Srinivasa.

Sriye Kanthaya Kalyana Nidye Nidhyarthaman
Sri Venkata Nivasaya Sri Nivasaya Mangalam!!!

Procedure of Sri Venkateswara Vratha / Vratham:

In Kaliyuga to gain the blessings of Sri Ventakeswara this vratha is the best and easiest way. As soon as this vratham is done any kind of difficulties will be gone. This great vratha that Great Lord himself thought is very easy to do. This vratha can be done by anyone anywhere. If you are facing financial or health problems or any other kind of problems, if you do this vratham all difficulties will be resolved very soon. Also when you are doing any auspicious things like Gruhapravesam or marriage you can perform this vratha before starting the auspicious work. You can do this vratha for a good job, promotion or success in business you will see good results immediately.
This vratha can be done on any day, doing it in Margashira, Magha, Kartika Months or on Pournami, Panchami, Sapthami, Ekadashi days or on days in which Sravan Nakshatram (which is the lords nakshatram) comes it gives a superior results.
This vratham can be done in the morning or evening. This vratham has 5 stories in it. Lord Venkateswara told the first story. Great Munis, Vishwamitra, Baradwaja, Vashistha and Athri told the remaining 4 stories. This vratham can be done in your own house, rental house, the temple or any holy place.
If possible invite friends and relatives and do the vratham. First the place where the vratham is going to be done has to be cleaned properly. Then a Mandapam should be made and Lord Venkateswara’s photo should be placed on it. If you can keep the Lord Venkateswara’s photo along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi in a Kalyana Venkateswara phose. It is much better then a normal photo. You need to keep a small idol of Lord Venkateswara or his form on a coin or just use a one-rupee coin. Then arrange the kalasam. You can also keep photos of other gods which are your favorite deities on the Mandapam.
Do prayer for the navagrahas and the ashtah dikpalakas or at least pray to them mentally.
Make a small Vinayaka with turmeric powder. Pray to Vigneswara to make the vratham a success. After the vratham puja you need to read the 5 stories of the vratham.
If anyone performs this vratham with full devotion and care (Bhakthi and Shraddha) the lord himself comes to that place in some form and takes the prasadam. This is a belief.
The lord himself told another important fact about the vratham. If any of us have some difficulty and need to perform the vratham but cannot do it that elaborately, due to time constraint or some other situation. We can do this vratham alone too.
Sitting in front of the Lord’s photo first pray to Vigneswara mentally, then pray mentally to the navagrahas and ashtadikpalakas. Keep Tulasi leaves, flowers, and coconut and other fruits in the plate in front of you. Pray to the lord and read all 5 stories in the mind itself. Immediately all your difficulties will go away.
After every story one coconut has to be offered as naivaidya, Maha prasadam has to be made of wheat rawa, sugar and ghee just like for Satyanarayan vratham. A banana has to be put in this prasadam before offering it to the lord. After each story we should say ‘” Govinda Govinda Govinda”.
The Lord Venkateswara loves Tulasi leaves a lot. So if you offer Tulasi leaves during the puja you get a lot of results. After the puja if everybody takes the tulasi leaves as prasadam all kinds of diseases will go away and one will be bestowed with ashtaishwarya (eight forms of wealth, money, knowledge, kids, courage, crop etc)
After the vratham break a coconut offer it along with the mahanaivadyam made of rawa and give it to everyone as prasadam you will get a lot of punyam.
As far as possible do this vratha as carefully as possible with a kalasam and all. In case it is not possible we can do it in the second way as told above.
There is one thing we all need to remember. No one knows all our difficulties like the Lord Venkateswara himself. So if we pray to the Lord using this vratham, we will resolve our difficulties and get health, happiness and wealth.

Things Required to perform Pooja:

• 6 Coconuts for kalasam and 1 to offer as naivaidya after each of the 5 stories
• Flowers
• Kumkum
• Turmeric Powder
• Prasadam (Rava Halwa)
• Bananas for Naivaidya
• Tulasi leaves
• Small Glass for Kalasam
• Akshatas (dry rice made yellow with Turmeric powder)
• Sandal wood paste or powder.
• Panchambrutham (Mix 1 spoon each of cows milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee in a small cup)

How to Arranging things for the Pooja:

Create the Kalasam, spread a new cloth, put some rice on it, put a small container of fresh water on the rice and put a coconut on top of the container, put kumkum mark on the coconut. This is the Kalasam. Keep Lord Venkateswara Swamy Photo in front of the Kalasam if possible with Lakshmi devi and Padmavathi on either side.
Light the lamps (with cows ghee if possible else oil)

Sri Vvenkateswara Vratha Kalpam:

Before beginning the puja make sure you have the following things all ready in front of the God in the Puja room. Make sure to clean the room and the house properly before the Vratham.


Vakrathunda Mahakaya Kothi Surya Samarabha
Nirvignam Kurume Deva Sarvakaryeshu Sarvada
Shuklam Bharadaram Vishnum Chathurbhujam
Prasanavadhanam Dhyayeth Sarva Vignophshanthaye ||
Thadeva Lagnam Sudenam Thadeva Tarabhalam Chandrabhalam Thadeva|
Vidyabalam Devabalam Thadeva Lakshmipathe Tanpriyagam Smarami |


Om Keshavaya Swaha
Om Narayanaya Swaha
Om Madhavaya Swaha
Om Govindaya Namaha
Om Vishnuve Namaha
Om Madhusudhana Ya Namaha
Om Trivikramaya Namaha
Om Vamanaya Namaha
Om Sridharaya Namaha
Om Rishikeshaya Namaha
Om Padmanabhaya Namaha
Om Damodaraya Namaha
Om Sankarshanaya Namaha
Om Vasudevaya Namaha
Om Pradyumnaya Namaha
Om Aniruddhaya Namaha
Om Purushothamaya Namaha
Om Adhokshajaya Namaha
Om Narasimhaya Namaha
Om Achutaya Namaha
Om Janardhanaya Namaha
Om Upendraya Namaha
Om Harye Namaha
Om Sri Krishnaya Namaha


Uthishta Buthapisacha Ethe Bhoomi Bhaarake
Ethesham Virodhena Bramakarma Samarabh
(put some akshatas behind yourself, then touch your nose and do achamanya as below)


Om Bhu Om Bhuva Om Suva Om Jana Om Thapa Om Gam Sathyam
Om Thatsuvithurvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Demahi Deeyoyoha Prachodhayathu
Om Apojyouthr Rasamrutham Bhrama Bhurbhuvasuvarom.
Mamupatha Durithakshaya Dwara Sri Parameswara Preethayrdham
Shubhe Shobhana Muhurthe Sri Mahavshnorajyaya Pravartha
Manasya Ayabhamana Dvithiya Pararthe Shwetha Varaha Kalpe
Vaymaswatha Manvanthare Kaliyuge Pradhamapadhe Jambudweepe
Bharatha Varshe Bharatha Kande Merodakshina Digbaghe
Srisailasya Pradheshe Krishna Godavari Madhyabhage Swa Shobane
Gruhe Samastha Devatha Brahmana Harihaa Sanidhe Aasmina
Varthamane Vyavaharika Chandhramanena Swasti Sri
Say the current year telugu name NAMA SAVACHARE _____say the aayanam name (utharayanam or dhakshinayanam) AAYANE say current ruthu name RUTHU
Say the current telugu month name MAASE say paksha name should be krishnapaksha or shuklapaksha PAKSHE say the telugu thidhi name THIDHE
Say the day of week name in telugu VASARE say your gotra then GOTRA
Say your name Namadeya Dharmapathni Samethasya Askakam
Sahakutumba Shema Stayray, Dhayrya Vijaya Aayurarogya
Aishwaryabhivradam Dharmartha Kaama Moksha Chathurvidha Pala
Purushartha Sidyardham Mamopatha Durithakshya Dwara Sri
Paramesara Preethyardham Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara
Devatha Madhishya Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpa Karishye Dravye Sambavadbhi
Padarte Sambhavata Nivyaman Yavashakth Dhyana Avahaadhi Shodhashopachara
Pujam Karishye
Touch the water in the little glass in front of you.


This is the little kalasam you use for praying not the one arranged with the coconut.
Keep the little glass filled with water in front of you and pray to it with Kumkum,
Turmeric and Sandalwood and put a flower in it.

Kalasasya Mukhe Vishnu Kante Rudhrasamasritha
Mule Tathra Sththo Bhrama Madyemathraganashritha
Kukouthu Sagarasarve Sapthadweepa Vasundhara
Rughvedho Yajurveda Samavedho Hadarvana
Angeshcha Sahita Sarve Kalsamba Samasritha
Kalashe Gandha Pushapksha Than Nikshiptha Hastheachadhya
Apoo Va Idgam Sarvam Viswabhothanyapa Pranava Aappa Pashava Aaponna
Vaapomrutha Maapa Samrudapo Visradapa Swaradapashchandhagapyapo Jyohigam Pyapo
Yajagamshyapa Sathyamaapa Sarva Devatha Aapobhoorbhvasuva Rap Om
Gangecha Yamunegheva Godavari Saraswathi
Narmade Bandu Kaveri Jale Smin Sannidekuru
Kaveri Tunga Badhracha Krashnavenicha Gouthami
Kalshodhen Devamathmanam Puujaa Dravyani Cha Sanproksha
(Take the water from the little glass and sprinkle it with a flower or tulasi leaf on the god and all the things kept for the puja, flowers, fruits, akshatam, kumkum, turmeric etc. and also on yourself and all people participating in the puja)


Make a small Ganesh on a Pan leaf or small silver plate with turmeric powder mixing it with water to make it wet and like a thick paste. It need not be in the correct form just make it like a small hill. Put kumkum on it and pray to it as follows.)
Shuklam Baradharam Vishnum Shashivarnam Chaturbujam
Prasannavadhanam Dyayethi Sarva Vignopashanthaye
Adhou Nirvignena Vratha Parisamaptha Rdham Ganapathi Pujam Karishye
Gananam Twangana Pathigam Havamahe
Kavim Kavina Maapamashravasthavam.
Jyeshtarajam Bramanam Brahmanaswath
Aanashrnya Nuthibhi Sidhasadhanam

Ganapathi Dyanam:

Sri Mahaganadipathye Namaha Dyayami Dyanam Samarpayami

Ganapathi Avahayami:

Aavahayami Rathna Simhasam Samarpayami Padye Paadyam Samarpayami Hasthe Argyam Samarpayami Mukhe Aachamanyam Samarpayami.
Aapohi Ppamayoubhoovasthana Urjdadaathana Maheranaaya Chaakshase Ya Vasivatha Mourasasthsya Bajayatehanaha Ushathrana Matharaha
Thasmaram Gamamavo Yasyakshayaaya Jinvadha Aapojnayadaachanaha

Ganapathi Aachamanyam:

Sri Maha Ganadipathye Namaha Sthapaami Snanantharam Shudha Achamayam Samarpayami
Abhi Vastrasu Vasananyar Shaabhidenusu Dukha Pujamanaha
Abhi Chandra Bartha Ve No Hiranyabhyaswn Rdhi Nodeva Sooma

Ganapathi Vastram Samarpayami:

Srimaha Ganadhipathye Namaha Vasthra Yagyam Samarpayami

Ganapathi Yagyopitham Samarpayami:

Yaghyopavitham Paramam Pavithram Prajapathe Ryatsayhjam Parasthath
Ayushya Magrayam Prathimancha Shubram Yagyopavitham Baamasthu Thejaha
Sri Mahagana Dhi Pathye Namaha Yagyopaveetham Samarpayami

Gandhadwaram Duradarsham Nithyapushtham Karishinim
Eeshwarigam Sarvabuthanam Tha Mihopahvaye Sriyam
Sri Mahaganadhiathye Namaha Dvyasri Chandanam Samarpayami.
Aayane The Parayane Durva Rohanthu Pushpini
Hrudhashch Pundarikani Samudrasya Gruha Eme
Sri Maha Gana Di Pathye Namaha Durvadi Nana Vidha Pushapani Pujayami.

Nana Vhidhi Parimala Pushpani Samarayami:

Vanaspathyarbhavairdvye Nana Gandas Sanyatha
Aapreya Sarvadevanam Dupoyam Prathigrahayatham
Sri Mahagaadhipathye Namaha Dhupamagramapayami
Sajyam Trivarthi Sanyaktham Vahnina Yojitham Priyam
Grahana Mangalam Dhipam Thrailokyathimiravaham
Bhakthya Deepam Prayachami Devaya Paramathmane
Trahi Mam Narakadhora Dhivyajyothi Rnamosththe
Sri Mahaganadhi Pathyenamaha Depam Samarpayami Dhupa Deepanantharam Achamanyam Samarpayami.


Keep A Small Piesce Of Jaggery In Front Of Vigneshwara Put Water Drops Around It And Say
Om Bhur Buvaswaha That Savithurvarenyam Bharodevasya Dheemahi Dhiyoyona Prachodhayath
Sathyam Twartena Parishanchami
Sri Mahaganadhipathey Namaha Gudhopahara Naivaidhyam Samarpayami
Amrutha Masthu Amruthovastharanasi
Om Pranaya Swaha Om Apanaya Swaha Om Vyanayaswaha Om Udhanaya Swaha
Om Samanaya Swaha Madhye Madhye Paniyam Samarpayami.
Amrutha Pidhan Masi Utharaposhanam Samarpayami
Hasthe Prakshalayami Shudhachamaniyam Samarpayami.

Pugipalai Sakarpur Ragavalidalairyatham
Muktha Churna Samayuktham Thamboolam Prathigrayatham
Thamboolam Samarpayami.
Gananam Thwa Ganapathigam Havamahe Kavim Kavinamapamasravasthavam
Jyeshatarajam Brahmanam Brahmanasvth Aanashrnya Nuthibhi Sidh Sadhanam Sri
Mahaganadhipathey Namaha Suvarna Manthra Pushpam Samarpayami

Mantrahinam Kriyaheenam Bhakthi Henam Ganadhipa
Yathpujitham Maya Deva Paripoornam Thadhasthuthe
Aanaya Dyana Vahanadhi Shodha Shopachar Pujaya Cha Bhagvan Sarvathmika
Sri Mahaganadhipathi Supritho Varadho Bhoothva Uthare Karmanya Vignamastyathi
Bhavantho Bravanthu Uthare Karmanye Vignamasthu Ganadhipathi Prasadam Sirasa
Sahastra Parama Devi Sthamula Sathankura
Sarvagam Harthu Me Paapam Dhurvdhusvapna Nasini
Ganapathim Yadhasthanam Udvasayami

Yagyna Yagyamaya Jantha Deva Sthani Dharmani Pradhaa Nyasana Tehanakam Mahiman Sachanthe Yathra Purve Sadhya Santhi Deva Punarachamanam.

Prana Prathishta:

Om Asunithe Punarasmasu Chukshu Puna
Praanamihaanodehi Bhogam Jyokvashyema
Suryamacharastha Manumthe Mradhayan Swasthi
Amruhtham Vaiprana Amruthamapa Pranaa Neva
(Touch The Lord’s Idol)
Sri Venkateswara Swami Avahayami (Welcoming The Lord)
Sthapayami Pujayami (Making Him Sit And Praying To Him)
Vardhobhava Suprasannobhaa
Sthirasanam Kuru

Dyanam ( Meditating On The Lord Venkateswara,)

Shantakaram Bhujagasaynam Padmanabham Suresham
Vishwakaram Gagana Sadrusham Megha Varnam Shubham
Lakshmi Kanatham Kamalanayanam Yogihradyan Gamyam
Vande Vishnum Bhavbhayahaaram Sarvalokayknatham
Dyanam Samarpayami
(Keep Flowers And Tulasi Leaves On The Lord)

Avahayami (Welcoming The Lord And His Divine Consorts):

Avahayami Devesha Siddhigandharva Sevitha
Yadrahasyamidam Punyam Sarvapaapahaarohara

Aasanam (Offering A Throne Of Gold Studded With All Precious Stones To The Lord):

Deva Deva Jagannadha Pranuth Ksheshanaasana
Rathna Simhaasanam Divaym Gruhan Madsudhana
Rathna Simhasanam Samarpayami
(Place A Flower, Tulasi Leaf Or Akshathas On The Lord)

Paadyam (Offering The Lord Water To Wash His Feet):

Vanchitham Kurume Deva Duskrutham Cha Vinasaya
Paadyam Gruhana Bagavan Maturutsjga Sansthitha
Sri Laksmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamine Namaha
Padye Padyam Samarpayami
(Take Some Water From The Little Glass Hand And Leave It On The Ground)

Aryam (Offering Water To Wash His Hands):

Kurushvame Dyam Dev Sapaararthi Bhayapaha
Dadikshira Palopetham Grahaanaaryam Namosthuthe
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamine Namaha
Haste Yourargyam Samarpayami
(Take Some Water From The Little Glass And Leave Some Water In A Small Plate)

Aachamanyam (Offering Water To Wash His Face):

Nama Sathyaya Sudhaya Nithyaya Janarupine
Grahabachamanam Deva Sarvalokaik Nayak
Mukhe Aachamaniyam Samarpayami
(Take Some Water From The Little Glass And Leave Some Water In A Small Plate)

Panchamrutha Snanam:

(Bathing The Lord Venkateswara With Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey And Suger)
Panchamrutha Mayanitham Payoudhdhignatham Madhu
Sarkara Sahitham Chaivadevathvam Prathigrahyatham
Sri Laksmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamine Namaha.
Panchamrutha Snanam Samarpayami
(Bath The Lord With The Panchamrutha Mixture Consisting Of Milk, Curd, Ghee, Honey And Sugar)

Shudhodhaka Snanam:

(Bathing The Lord Venkateswara With Water Or Coconut Water)
Narikela Udhakam Ganga Yamunadhi Samanvitham
Shudhodhakam Grahanesha Snanam Kuru Yadhavidhi
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathisametha Sri Venkateswara Swaminie Namaha
(Bathe The Lord With Water)


(Offering Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi And Goddess Padmavathi Nice Silk Clothes)
Tapthakanchana Sankasam Pithambhara Midham Hare Sugrahana Jagannadha Srinivaasa Namosthuthe
Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara Sametha Sri Vekateshwara Swamine Namaha Vastrayagyam Samarpiyami
(If You Have A Pair Of New Clothes (Dothi or pant shirt) you can offer it to the lord and wear it later, Also if there is a new sari you can offer it to Goddess Lakshmi and Padmavathi and use it later, if not make a small thread with cotton, apply little turmeric to it at 5 different places and offer it to the lord, In the mind imagine that you are offering him very nice silk clothes with gold colored border, similarly imagine you are offering Goddess Laksmi and Goddess Padmavathi very beautiful exquisite silk saris, The thoughts are very important)


(Offering the Lord Venkateswara the sacred thread and Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi Mangalsuthra)
Yagyopvitham Paramam Pavithram
Pragya Patheryatsahajam Parsthth
Aayashyamgrayam Prathimaechashubram
Yagyopavitham Balamashtu Teja
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sameth Sri Venkateswara Samamine Namaha
Yagyopavitham Samarpayami
(Make a small thread with cotton apply turmeric fully to it to make it yellow join the two ends for it to look like a small circle and offer it to the lord)


(Applying Sandalwood to the Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi )
Chandhana Garu Kasthuri Ghanasara Samanvitham
Gandham Grahana Govinda Nanagandhashchadarayya
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateshwara Swamine Namaha Divya Pari Mala Gandhana Samarpyami
(Put sandalwood paste on Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi )


(Offering Akshatas to Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi)
Govinda Paramanandha Haridra Sahithakshathan
Visheshwara Vishalaksha Grahaana Parmeshwara
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sameth Sri Venkateswhara Swamine Namaha Akshathan Samarpiyami
(put Akshathas on the Lord and his consorts)


(Offering flowers to the Lord Venkateswara, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi )
Sugandhim Supushpani Jajikundhamakhanicha
Malathi Vakuladini Pujardham Rathigrahyam
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswahara Swamine Namaha Pushpam Samarpayami
(Offer flowers to Lord Venkateshwara, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Padmavathi )

Adhanga Pooja:

(Praying to all parts of body of Lord Venkateswhara)
offer the lord a flower, tulasi leaves, akshatha or kumkum after saying each line
Om Sri Venkateswharaya Namaha – Padhou Pujayami
Om Sri Venkatachaladishaya Namaha – Gulbou Pujayami
Om Sri Pradayakay Namaha – Janini Pujayami
Om Padmavathi Pathye Namaha – Jampe Pujayami
Om Gyanapradhayakay Namaha – Janini Pujayami
Om Mahabagaya Namaha – Kathim Pujayami
Om Nirmalaya Namaha – Udharam Pujayami
Om Vishala Hrudhayaya Namaha – Hradhayam Pujayami
Om Porishudhatmene Namaha – Sthanwe Pujayami
Om Swarna Hasthaya Namaha – Hasthe Pujayami
Om Varapradhaya Namaha – Kantham Pujayami
Om Sarveswaraya Namaha – Mukham Pujayami
Om Rasagyaya Namaha – Nasikam Pujayami
Om Punya Shravana Kirthanayanamaha – Srithre Pujayami
Om Pullombuja Vilochanaya Namaha – Nethre Pujayami
Om Varchaswinie Namaha – Lalatham Pujayami
Om Ramya Vigrahaya Namaha – Sarvanyangaani Pujayami

Om Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Paramathmene Namaha Divya Sundara Vigraham Pujayami.

Asthohthara Pooja:

(Praying to the Lord with 108 names)
You can keep putting kumkum, turmeric, akshathas, tulasi leaves or flowers on the lord after each name or hold them in the hand and put them on the lord after the saying all the names.

Venkateswara Asthotharam Shatanamavali:

om sri venkatesaya namah
om srinivasaya namah
om laksmipataye namah
om ananuyaya namah
om amrtamsane namah
om madhavaya namah
om krsnaya namah
om sriharaye namah
om nnanapanjaraya namah
om srivatsa vaksase namah || 10 ||

om jagadvandyaya namah
om govindaya namah
om sasvataya namah
om prabhave namah
om sesadrinilayaya namah
om devaya namah
om kesavaya namah
om madhusudanaya namah
om amrtaya namah
om visnave namah || 20 ||

om acyutaya namah
om padminipriyaya namah
om sarvesaya namah
om gopalaya namah
om purusottamaya namah
om gopisvaraya namah
om paranjyotise namah
om vtekuntha pataye namah
om avyayaya namah
om sudhatanave namah || 30 ||

om yada vendraya namah
om nitya yauvanarupavate namah
om niranjanaya namah
om virabhasaya namah
om nitya trpttaya namah
om dharapataye namah
om surapataye namah
om nirmalaya namah
om devapujitaya namah
om caturbhujaya namah || 40 ||

om cakradharaya namah
om caturvedatmakaya namah
om tridhamne namah
om trigunasrayaya namah
om nirvikalpaya namah
om niskaḷankaya namah
om nirantakaya namah
om artalokabhayapradaya namah
om nirupradavaya namah
om nirgunaya namah || 50 ||

om gadadharaya namah
om sarnnapanaye namah
om nandakini namah
om sankhadarakaya namah
om anekamurtaye namah
om avyaktaya namah
om katihastaya namah
om varapradaya namah
om anekatmane namah
om dinabandhave namah || 60 ||

om jagadvyapine namah
om akasarajavaradaya namah
om yogihrtpadsamandiraya namah
om damodaraya namah
om jagatpalaya namah
om papaghnaya namah
om bhaktavatsalaya namah
om trivikramaya namah
om simsumaraya namah
om jatamakuta sobhitaya namah || 70 ||

om sankha madyolla sanmanju kinkinyadhya namah
om karundakaya namah
om nilamoghasyama tanave namah
om bilvapattrarcana priyaya namah
om jagatkartre namah
om jagatsaksine namah
om jagatpataye namah
om cintitardha pradayakaya namah
om jisnave namah
om dasarhaya namah || 80 ||

om dasarupavate namah
om devaki nandanaya namah
om sauraye namah
om hayarivaya namah
om janardhanaya namah
om kanyasranatarejyaya namah
om pitambaradharaya namah
om anaghaya namah
om vanamaline namah
om padmanabhaya namah || 90 ||

om mrgayasakta manasaya namah
om asvarudhaya namah
om khadgadharine namah
om dhanarjana samutsukaya namah
om ghanatarala sanmadhyakasturi tilakojjvalaya namah
om saccitanandarupaya namah
om jaganmangaḷa dayakaya namah
om yannabhokre namah
om cinmayaya namah
om paramesvaraya namah || 100 ||

om paramardhapradayakaya namah
om santaya namah
om srimate namah
om dordanda vikramaya namah
om parabrahmane namah
om srivibhave namah
om jagadisvaraya namah
om alivelu manga sahita venkatesvaraya namah || 108 ||

Sri Lakshmi Asthotharam Shatanamavali:

Om Prakruthyai Namaha
Om Vikruthyai Namaha
Om Vidhyayai Namaha
Om Sarva bhootha hitha pradhayai Namaha
Om Shraddhayai Namaha
Om Vibhuthyai Namaha
Om Surabhyai Namaha
Om Paramathmikayai Namaha
Om Vachyai Namha
Om Padmalayayai Namaha || 10 ||

Om Padmayai Namaha
Om Shuchayai Namaha
Om Swahayai Namaha
Om Swadhayai Namaha
Om Sudhayai Namaha
Om Dhanyayai Namaha
Om Hiranmayai Namaha
Om lakshmiyai Namaha
Om Nithya Pushtyayai Namaha
Om Vibhavaryai Namaha || 20 ||

Om Adhithyai Namaha
Om Dithyai Namaha
Om Deepthaayai Namaha
Om Vasudhayai Namaha
Om Vashudharinyai Namaha
Om Kamalayai Namaha
Om Kanthayai Namaha
Om Kamakshiyai Namaha
Om Krodha smabavayai Namaha
Om Anugraha Pradhayai Namaha || 30 ||

Om Buddhaye Namaha
Om Anaghayai Namaha
Om Hari Vallabhayai Namaha
Om Ashokayai Namaha
Om Amruthayai Namaha
Om Deepthayai Namaha
Om Loka shoka vinashinyai Namaha
Om Dharma Nilyayai Namaha
Om KarunaYai Namaha
Om Loka mathre Namaha || 40 ||

Om Padma priyayai Namaha
Om Padma hasthayai Namaha
Om Padmakshiyai Namaha
Om Padma sundhariyai Namaha
Om Padmodhbhavayai Namaha
Om Padma Mukhiyai Namaha
Om Padma Nabha priyayai Namaha
Om Ramaayai Namaha
Om Padma malaa dhariyai Namaha
Om Devyai Namaha 50

Om Padminyai Namaha
Om Padma gandhinyai Namaha
Om Punya ghandhayai Namaha
Om Suprasannayai Namaha
Om Prasadabhimukhiyai Namaha
Om Prabhayai Namaha
Om Chandra vdhanayai Namaha
Om Chandrayai Namaha
Om Chandra sahodhariyai Namaha
Om Chaturbhujayai Namaha || 60 ||

Om Chandra roopayai Namaha
Om Indhirayai Namaha
Om Indhusheethalayai Namaha
Om Ahladhajananyai Namaha
Om Pushtaye Namaha
Om Shivayai Namaha
Om Shivakarthiyai Namaha
Om Sathyai Namaha
Om Vimalayai Namaha
Om Vishva jananyai Namaha || 70 ||

Om Thustayai Namaha
Om Dharidya Nashinyai Namaha
Om Preetha pushkarinyai Namaha
Om Shanthayai Namaha
Om Shuklamlyambhariyai Namaha
Om Sriyai Namaha
Om Bhaskaryai Namaha
Om Bilva nilyayai Namaha
Om Vararohayai Namaha
Om Yashasvinyai Namaha || 80 ||

Om Vasundharayai Namaha
Om Udharangayai Namaha
Om Harinyai Namaha
Om Hemamalinyai Namah
Om Dhana dhaaana kariyai Namaha
Om Siddhaye Namaha
Om Sthrinya Soumyayai Namaha
Om Shubha Pradhayai Namaha
Om Nrupa veshmagathanandharyai Namaha
Om Vara lakshmiyai Namaha || 90 ||

Om Vasuprdhayai Namaha
Om Shubhayai Namaha
Om Hiranya Prakarayai Namaha
Om Samudhra Thanayayi Namaha
Om Jayaayai Namaha
Om Mangalaayai Namaha
Om Vishnu Vakshasthala sthithayai Namaha
Om Vishnu pathniyai Namaha
Om Prasanna akshiyai Namaha
Om Narayana samashritha yai Namaha || 100 ||

Om Dharidra dwamsinyai Namaha
Om Devyai Namaha
Om Sarvopadhrava vaarinyai Namaha
Om Nava durgaayai Namaha
Om Maha kaaliyai Namaha
Om Brahma Vishnu shivathmikayai Namaha
Om Thrikala gyanana sampannayai Namaha
Om Bhuvaneshwaryai Namaha || 108 ||

Say ‘Om’ before every name and ‘Namaha’ after the name while doing puja.
Padmavathe Rathna Prakashkiritadharinye Gandharvashapavimochakaya
Devye Jaganmohinye Krashanpathne
Padmodbhavaye Shakthi Swaropinye Trilokapujithaya Karunapradhaye Prasannodhayaya Jaganmohinye
Sahrudhayaya IndradidevathaYakshakinnara Sulabhaya
Thejaswarupine Kinpurusha Pujithaya Sushilaya
Kamalamukhe Sarvalokanivasinye Anjanasuthanugraha
Padmadhraya Bhujayaya Pradhayane
Shriye Aishwaryapradhaynye Bhakthatmanivasine Padmanetre Shanthaya Sandhyavandinye Padmakaraya Unathasthanasthithaya Sarvalokamathre
Sugunaya Mandharakaminye Om Abhimathadayinye Kumkumapriyaye Kamalakaraya Lalithavadhutye Hemavarnaye Vedhanthagyanarupinye Samasthasashtra Visharadhaya Chandravandithaye Sarvasampathirupinye Suvarnaabharnadharinye Dhagadhaga- Kotisuryasamaprabhaya Ihaparalokasukhapradhayinye
-Prakasha Shariradharine
Vishnupriyay Pujapaladhayinye Karaveeranivasinye
Nithyakalyanye Kamalasanadhi Sarvadhevathaya Nagalokhamun –
Koti Surya Prakashinye Vaikunthavasine Kamalesara Puritharadhagha
Maha Soundaryarupinye Abhayadhayanye Munaye
Bhakthavatsalaya Dhrakshapalpaayasapriyaya SriSrinivasa Priyaya
Bhramandhavasinye Nrithyagithapriyaya Chandhramandalasththaya
Sarvavanchapaladayne Shirasagarodhbavaya Alivelu Mangaya
Dharmasankalpaya Aakasharajaputrikaya Divyamangaladharinye
Dhakshinyaktakshinye Suvarnahasthadharinye Sukalyanapithasthithaya
Bhakti Pradhayane Kamaroopinye Kamakavana pushapapriyaya
Gunatrayavivarjithaye Karunakatakshadharinye Kotimanmadharoopinye
Kalashodashasanyuthaya Amruthasujaya Bhanumandalaroopinye
Sarvalokanjananye Bhoolokaswargasukhadayinye Padmapadhaya
Mukthidhaynye Ashtadikpalakadhipatye Ramaya
Dayamruthayaye Manmadharpasamrutha Sarvalokhasabhanthardharinye
Pragyaye Kamalardhabhagaya Sarvamanasavasinye
Mahadhrmaye Svalpapradhashamaya Sarvaya
Darmarupinye Mahaaparadhashamaya Vishwaroopaya
Alankara Priyaya Shatakothitheerthavasithaya Divyagyanaya
Sarvadharidradwansinye NaradhadiMunishreshtapujithaya Swamangalaroopinye
Sri Venkateswara Vakshasthalasthithaya Sarvaanugrahapradhayinye
Lokashokavinasinye Adhishankara pujithaya Omkaraswaropinye
Vaishnavye Prithidayinye Bhramagyanasambhootye
Thiruchanurupur Vasinye Soubhagyapradhayinye Sri Padmavathye
Vedhavedhya Vi Sharadye Mahakirthipradhaynye Sadhyovedhavathye
Vishnupadh Sevithaya Krishnathipriyaya Sri Mahalakshmye


Dasangam Gugulopetham Goghrthena Samanvitham
Dhupam Grahani Devesha Sarvalokha Namskara
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamine Namaha
(Light the joss sticks or agarbathis and show them to the lord, If you have special dhoops you can light them too)


Thrilokesha Mahadeva Sarvagyana Pradhayaka
Deepam Dasyami Devesha Rakshamam Bhakthavatsala
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateshwara Swamine Namaha Deepam Darsiyami
(Sprinkle little water around the lamps and show them to the Lord)


Sarvabhaksheshcha Bhoashcha Rasepshdhi Samanvitham
Naiveidhyanthu Mayanitham Grahaani Purushotham
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Samehta Sri Venkateshwara Swamine Namaha
Naivaidyam Samarpayami
(If banana say ‘KADHALIPALAM” if coconut say “NARIKELAM” if piece of jaggery say “GOODHOPACHARAM” NIVEDHAYAMI )
Pranaya Swaha Apaanaya Swaha Vyanaaya Swaha
Udhanayaswaha Samanayaswaha Parabhramaneye Namaha

Bhoorbhuvaswaha Thatsuvithurvarenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyoyona Prachodhayath Po Jyothirapo Mrtham Bhrama Bhorbhuvasuvar
Madhye Madhye Paniyam Samarpayami
Amrutha Pidanamsi Utharaposanam Samarpayami Haste Prakshali Youmi Padou Prakshalayami Punaraachimaniyam Samarpayami


Poogipalay Samarpura Ragvallidalairutham
Mukthi Choorna Samayuktham Thambhoolam Prathigruhyatham
Thamboolam Samarpiyami


Sriye Kanthaya Kalyani Nidhye Nidhyerdhana
Sri Venknivasaya Sr Nivasaya Manglam
Sri Lakshmi Padmavathi Sametha Sr Vienkteswara Swamine Namaha
Irajanam Darsayami (Nirajanam Samarpanchi Udharinitho Udkaani Thisukoni
Nirajananantharam Punarachamaniyam Samarpyami.


Datta Prasthdyamadhajahaar Sakr Pravidwan Pradisaschthastra
Thamevam Vidwanmrtha Ihaa Bhavathi Nasya Pandha Aayanaya Vidhyathe
Sahastra Shirsham Devam Viswakshm Vishwasambhuvam
Vishwam Narayanam Deva Makshram Paramam Padam
Viswatha Paramanthyam Vishwam Narayanagam Haarim
Vishwamevedham Purushastdwiswmapajivathi
Pathim Vishwasyathmeswaragam Saswathagam Shivamachutham
Narayanam Mahajyeyam Vishwatmanam Parayanam
Narayan Parojyothi Ratmanaarayana Para
Narayanaaram Bhramha Tatwam Narayana Para
Narayana Pro Dyatha Dyanam Narayana Para
Yacha Kinchijgtsaravam Drshyathe Shruythe Piva
Anthrbhahishchthtsarvam Vyapyanarayana Sthitha
Ananthamavyayam Kavigam Samadrentham Vishwasambhuvam
Padmakos Prathikasagam Hradhayam Chapyadhukham
Adhonishtya Vithastyane Nabhyamapari Thishthi
Jwalmaalakulambaathi Vishwa Syayathanam Mahath
Santhathagam Silaabisthulabathya Kossanibham
Tasyane Sushiragam Suksham Thasmintsrvam Prathishtam
Thasyamdye Mahangni Rvisvarchi Rviswthio Mokha
Sograbhu Gwbhajanthisht Nahara Majam Kavi
Thiryagurdha Madhsaaya Rasmya Sasya Santhatha
Sathapyathi Swandeha Mapaadhthlamasthka
Niltho Yadha Madyastha Dwidyulekheva Bhaswara
Nivarasukhavathani Pithabha Snupam
Thasyashikhaya Medhyo Paramathma Vyavasthitha
Sabhrama Ashiva Sahari Sendhra Sokshara Paamaswarat
Bhuthagam Sahyamparam Bhrama Purusham Krishna Pingalam
Urdhareham Virupakshm Vishwa Rupaya Vai Namaha Namaha
Narayanaya Vidmahe Vasudevaya Dimahi
Thono Vishnu Prochodhayath
Raajadhirajaya Prasahya Savine Namo Vayayay Sravanaya Kurmahe
Namekaa Manyamakamaya Prasahya Paahine Namovayavay Sravanaya Kurmahe
Namekaa Manaamakamaaya Mahyam Kaameswaro Vaisravano Dadhaathu Kubheraaya Vai Sravanaya Maharajaya Namaha
Thadbhrama Thadvayu Tatatma
Tahtsathyam Thatsarvam Tathvurm Namaha
Anthashcharathi Bhutheshu Guhaayam Vishwamaarthi
Twam Yagye Sthvam Vashatkarsthvagam Mindrasthwam Rudrasthavam Vishnustwam Bhramasthvam Prajapathi.
Twam Tadhapa Apojyothi Raso Mrutham Bhrama
Bhoorbhuva Suvara
Gada Punasjardajgkalvak Dvajaravindjyjyash Vajralashchitha
He Srinivasa Thwacharanambujhadwayam Madhiya Murdhana Malaja
Niranjanaya Vidmahe Nirabaasaya Dimahi
Thano Srnivasa Prachodhayath
Sri Laksmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swmine Namaha
Suvarna Divya Mantrapuspam Samarpayami.

Pradhikshina Namaskaram:

Yani Kani Paapaani Janmantharakrthanicha
Thani Thani Pranahyathi Pradhakshina Padepade
Paapo Ham Papakarma Ham Papathma Papasambhava
Thrahimaam Krapamaya Deva Saranagatha Vvatsala
Anyadha Sharanam Nasthi Twameva Sharanam Mama
Thaskathkarunya Bhaavena Raksha Raksha Janardhana
Sri Laksmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swamine Namaha Aathmapradakshina Namaskaran Samarpyami
(Meditating On The Lord Turn In Clockwise Direction 3 Times And Then Do Sasthanghanamaskara

Vivodhopachara Pujam:

Chatram Darayami Chaamaram Vichayami Nruthyam Darsayami Githam Sravayami
Vadyam Ghoshayami Aandholikan Aarohayami Aaswani Rohaayami
Gajaanaarohaayami Samastha Ranopachara Sakthyopachaar Yanthropcha
Devopchar Sarvoupchara Pujam Samarpayami


Mantraheenam Kriyaheenam Bhakthiheenam Janardhana
Yathpujitham Mayadeva Paripurnam Thadhasthuthe
Anyaadyaana Vahanadhi Kshodha Shopachaara Pujaya Cha Bhagwaan Sarvatmkika Sri Laksmi Padmavathi Sametha Sri Venkateswara Swarupo Bhagwan Supritha Suprasanno Bhavthu.
Sri Venkateswar Devprasadam Sirsaagrapayami
Akaal Mruthyu Harnam Sarvavyadhi Nivaranam
Samsth Papakshyokaram Sri Sri Nivaspadhodhakam Pavanam Shubham

Sri Venkateswara Vratha / Vratham Kalpam Procedure, Mantram, Slokam

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