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Sun God’s 12 Forms of Unique Powers

The Bhagavata Purana lists these “Adityas” as various sun gods. Each month of the year, a different “Aditya” is believed to shine.

  1. In the form of Indra, the sun god destroys his own enemies.
  2. As Dhata, the sun god creates living beings.
  3. In the form of Parjanya, the sun god Showers down rain.
  4. The Sun God Tvashta lives in the trees and herbs.
  5. As Pusha, the Sun god makes foodgrains grow.
  6. In the form of Aryama, the Sun god is in the wind.
  7. As Bhaga, the Sun god is in the body of all living beings.
  8. The Vivasvana form of the Sun god is on fire and helps to cook food.
  9. Vishnu is another form of Sun God, who destroys the enemies of all other Gods.
  10. As Amshumana, the Sun god is again in the wind.
  11. In the form of Varuna, the Sun god is in the waters.
  12. As Mitra, the Sun god is on the moon and in the oceans.

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