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Suryakalad Mana History, Legends

Suryakaladi Mana, entrusted with the responsibility of tantric rites & Mantravadam by Lord Parasurama, is considered to be the ‘Final Word’ in ‘Mantra Shastra’ from ancient times. Centuries back, ‘Surya Deva’ – the Sun God, blessed the Bhattathiri of Kaladi Mana and handed over a book of secret powerful mantras & tantric methods.

Suryakaladi Mana is also the abode of Sree Maha Ganapathy, who resides in the Nalukettu.

Suryakaladi Mana is an age-old family and was entrusted with the responsibilities of conducting Tantric rites and Mantravadam (Science of Mantra). Mana, the abode of brahmins is usually the center of culture, education and scale of wisdom. In Kerala, these manas were said to be established by Lord Parasurama in order to fabricate a new texture of social customs and traditions. Namboothiri from the north. Were brought by him as a part of this novel concept. Suryakaladimana, one of the six richest focal points of ‘mantra’ practitioners is renowned for mantravada, the science of Mantra and for Ganesha worship. This Mana, situated in Nattassery, Kottayam Dist, Kerala is enriched with glorious tradition and legends is believed to have been instituted by Lord Parasurama.

​The legend goes that Lord Surya appeared in front of an ancestor of this mana and blessed him with a divine text (Grantha) containing many secret mantras and their proper applications. One male child in each generation is titled “Suryan” as a reminder of his ancestor’s tryst with God.The name Suryakaladi owes its incomparable origin from this illuminating episode of history.

​Suryakaladi Mana is an ancient abode of Lord Maha Ganapathy. In Suryakaladi mana, the vision of Mahaganapathi is a tri-juncture of Siva, Vaishnava and Sakteya traditions. Vibhoothi Devi, the wife of Maha Ganapathy is seen sitting on lord’s lap. Vibhoothi Devi is none other than the Chaitanya of Lakshmi Devi. The dignified presence of Malva Vishnu, Lakshmi Devi, Maheswar, Parvathi Devi, Lord Varaha, Bhoomidevi, Rati and Manmadan lends illuminating power to the temple and the mana. While Lakshmi Devi lavishes boundless prosperity Parvathi supplies all rare skills to enrich and ennoble life. Maha Ganapathy mantra practiced is a rare and transcendent combination of ‘Beejas’ of sree, ‘sakthi’, and ‘kama ’,‘ varada, and ‘Ganesha’.This unique combination transforms the Mana into an elegant seat of superhuman power. A devotee who seeks the blessing of the lord wholeheartedly is never disappointed. At Suryakaladimana, Ganapathi Homam (Haven) is conducted in front of the lord every day for centuries without fail. it is the unique feature of this mana that Maha Ganapathi is situated at the center of Sun God (Surya Mandala Madyastham) and hence here Ganapathi Homam can be performed only after sunrise whereas same is performed before sunrise everywhere

Suryakalad Mana

The actual age of Mana is unknown but the present palatial building was built as an offering by King Swathi Thirunal and finds frequent references in the history, literature and Vedic concepts of Kerala. The Nampoothiries of Surya Kaladi Mana belong to the ‘Vishishtar’ category of Nampoothiries who came after their uppermost classification or Azhvaanchery Thamprakkal (the supreme spiritual head of Nampoothiries) and the eldest male member of the family is always known as Suryan Bhattathiri. Surya Kaladi Mana is known for its renowned ancestors who were great tantriks or those who perform the ‘Tantram’.

Suryakalad Mana History:

Bharathapuzha, the largest and sacred river that flows gently with a liquid murmur in Kerala is perhaps the cradle of nature in Kerala. Many great Brahmin families spread their colorful wings of tradition upon her shore. Time always heard and still hears such sweet flutterings coming from Surya kaladi mana near the white banks of this river.

The great ancestors of this mana have contributed in not an insignificant manner towards the propagation of a new culture, spirit and spirituality. How inexpressible is the long legend of Masters who visited this abode!. How unimaginable is the supply of age-old tantric rites and visions that emanated from this seat of lord Ganesha!. And then again, what tranquility and gentleness, the seeker meets with as he steps his feet upon this holy soil!.

The mana takes its origin in ponnani taluk and holds a great legacy. It has its link with the great Navamukuntha temple which was powerful in manifold ways. Martial arts and similar attempts came to be practiced and popularized in a lager measure by this temple. It was also the nucleus of historical, cultural, literary and spiritual sagacity. Interestingly enough the Suryakaladymana in Ponnani had the reins of control over this temple. History still takes its hats off to this mana for the unparalleled development of this temple.

But history sometimes has its unpleasant twists. Samuthiri the then ruler of the region seems to have felt the discomfort of no reason whatsoever, for the honest and pure endeavors that the members of this great mana showed to the temple. Ultimately the temple was taken over by the samuthiry. No surprise the Suryakaladi members felt the pinch and pain for all that they got from whatever they gave as honesty and submission. History now winds forward and the law of nature appears in the disguise of Thekkumkur Raja(King). The king holds it a matter of immense esteem and honor to have the Suryakaladi family as his Raja Guru (family teacher). The members shift their soil and tradition happily to Kottayam. it is good to remember that Chennas Nambudiripad author of Tantra Samuchayam emerged as one among the Pathinettara Kavikal(eighteen and a half).

It was a usual practice among the scholarly persons to sharpen their art, intelligence and knowledge in all areas by engaging themselves in activities like debates and discussions. There were several such important occasions and the most important ones were ‘Kadavaloor Anyonyam’ and ‘Revathi Pattathanam’. Revathy Pattathanam, a scholarly debate is mainly intended to exchange ideas in Vedas, ‘Vedanthas’ like Tarkam (debate) Vyakaram, (grammar) and Tantras. Tulam (Malayalam Month) is the auspicious time for conducting this. Those who win these debate ‘Pattathanam’ is conferred with the title ‘Bhattathiri’. Suryakaladi was a permanent invitee to this and to attend Revathy Pattathanam he used to visit Kozhikode once in a year.

​It was a tradition in the royal family to give patronage to popular and important people. Suryakaladimana came under the royal patronage of the Travancore Royal family.

Suryakalad Mana Legends:

The legends of Suryakaladi Mana could be found in ‘Aithihyamala’, a Malayalam book on various legends of ancient & historic Kerala, by Shri Kottarathil Sankunni. The summary of those legends are as follows

​The Yakshi, Revenge & Surya Deva’s Blessing:​

Once Suryakaladi Bhattathiripad and his friend started to Trishivaperoor (Trichur) to see the famous pooram. Enroute they had to pass through a Yakshiparambu (a place inhabited by Yakshis (Demon Goddess). At the dead of night, they were accosted by two beautiful ladies (Yakshi in disguise). Bewitched by these women the men followed them. Bhattathiripad was cruelly killed by the demon goddess, but his friend escaped because he had Devimahatmyam (a holy text of goddess) with him. Bhattathiripad was the only male member in the family. His wife was pregnant during the time of his tragic death. She gave birth to a radiant baby boy who grew up to be extraordinarily brilliant. When the boy reached the age of sixteen he became a paragon of wisdom. When he came to know the details about his father’s death, he vowed to average the death of his father by exterminating the whole race of Yakshis from the face of the earth. He began an Intense Tapase to please Lord Surya and Lord Surya appeared in the guise of a brahmin and bestowed upon him all the secret and powerful mantras along with a divine text which contained all the mantras and its applications. Since then kaladimana came to be known as Suryakaladimana. And it is believed that always sun God is present in the mana throughout for the members to worship him.

Bhattathiripad’s Tragic end:​

Being blessed by Lord Surya Bhattathiripad decided to lead a Grahastasrama (married life) and also intended to transfer this unusual power of mantravadam to the coming generations. After some years, he turned his attention to his life’s mission of eliminating Yakshi who had caused his father’s death. He made elaborate poojas for this. Pyer was lighted and mantras were chanted. The demon goddess was summoned by this intense prayer to the lighted pyre to be incanted there inn. An exasperated Yakshi cursed the Bhattathiripad that on the 41st day of homa, he will also meet with his death. At his request, she gave the absolution on condition that if he could reach Tiruvaloor temple and offer his prayers there, he will escape the bane.

On another such occasion, Bhattathiripad tried to evict a Gandharva (Celestial lover) who had possessed the body of the wife of Pallibava Perumal, using several cruel methods. An aggrieved Gandharva who was the husband of formerly sacrificed ˜yakshi also cursed bahttathiripad with impending death on the 12th day of homa. As in the earlier incident, he had given the same absolution. On the previous day of the Bhattathiripad’s death, there was a corporeal (voice from sky) in the Tiruvaloor temple ordering the temple doors to be closed early the following day as there would be an unnatural death on the premises. In obeisance to this, the temple doors were closed early the next day. Bhattathiripad reached Tiruvaloor temple ignorant of this development and went to wash in the temple pond. He was feeling suffocated by an urge to urinate and inability to do so. He had climbed the steps of the pond several times to wash. As this discomfort continued increasingly, he chastised Lord Surya.

He asked Lord Surya Bhattathiripad: I have done whatever they’re in the text given by you, then why are you giving such a punishment for me. Lord Surya: Whether it was prescribed in the text that Suryakaladi only should do it? Bhattathiripad’ curse on Lord Siva and its absolution Bhattathiripad met his tragic end in front of the closed doors of Tiruvaloor Temple. Before his painful death, he cursed Lord Siva and the temple for not preventing his death he cursed Lord Siva that the temple would perish in a fire and the nearby illness and the village also would be destroyed. Bhattathiripad has given the absolution that the curse would be removed from the place when the athi tree in the temple would perish the dilapidated structure would be renewed. It is heard that for the renovation of the temple they needed tots of milk which was brought from a neighboring village by building a large stone passage. The remnants of which can be seen there even now. Bhattathiripads Association with Travancore Royal Family and the establishment.

Once Raja of Travancore visited Kumaranalloor Devi Temple to offer his prayers. He was accompanied by a train of brahmins his soldiers and from the village. These brahmins from the village. These brahmins were discontented because of suryakaladi’s popularity. Knowing his financial condition they wanted to ridicule him by playing a trick. They told Maharaja to have his lunch from Suryakaladiman as it was the most popular one in that area and Bhattathiri would feel insulted if Raja went away without doing so. Raja without realizing the real situation consented and sends his arrival. This disrupted Bhattathiripad’s mental peace. He was disturbed as he knew that he would be humiliated if he couldn’t treat the Raja properly. He entered into the Sreekovil and started doing prayers for seeking a way to overcome the current situation and offering Nivedyam with kadalipazam(banana) to Lord Ganapathi. As he was praying as the boat came there with a man who was mentally ill. This man brought here to be treated by the Bhattathiripad. They were prepared for a long stay as it was believed to be a complicated treatment. They brought all the necessary things with them. Bhattathiripad gave the banana from the Nivedyam to the man and miraculously he became normal. They left the place leaving the things which they brought with them. Bhattathiripad could give a sumptuous feast to Maharaja and his attendants. Raja realized the real plight of the mana and ordered for the revolution and in 1835 AD the present mana came into existence with its full glory and power. It is a marvel in Vastu shastra where Mahaganapathi temple as well as the residence of Suryakaladi family is situated. The structure is an offering by His Excellency Swathi Thirunal of Travancore Royal family.​

Lord Maha Ganapathy:​

Lord Maha Ganapathy had always been plentifully caring and blessing each member of this Mana. This care too dominant during times of misfortune or danger.The story goes that the King of Travancore once visited the famous Kumaranaloor Devi temple to offer his prayer. It was so essential that a suitable and befitting lunch had to be given to the king. Suryakaladi Mana was then not so prospers to receive the ruler of the land. Sad enough some of the other Brahmin families were beaten upon taking some sour revenge from this plight though for no specific fault of the Mana. Egoism and envy are always that, they breed upon human minds touching Barbous heights. Some of the lords suggested that the king may have his food from the Suryakalady Mana. They were happily weaving situations where the members of this Mana were going to become the butt end of ridicule in front of the king. The eldest member of the Mana fell in front of Maha Ganapathy upon bended knees, not knowing how to receive a person as powerful and important as a king. With a single fruit in his hand as an offering upon the lotus feet of the Lord. He prayed and prayed, tears trickling down his face. Meanwhile, a group of people (from Alleppey district) reached the Mana with a mad man. They hoped that the man could be relieved by the blessing of the Lord. The male member offered the same fruit which he submitted to the Lord and asked him to eat it. The wonder of Wonders the man became as fit as a fiddle. How could imagine the surprises that come from a heavenly hand! The people who come with the man had come with load full of vegetables, rice and other things thinking that they would have to remain there for days in order to treat the man. Submitting all this to the family they traced their steps back happily. And when the king came a sumptuous feast was waiting for him. Those envious goals who tried to belittle the pious Brahmins of Suryakaladi Mana were at a loss to understand how this miracle happened. It was always like that, the great Lord was always with his children in that family caring, protecting and fondling them.

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Suryakalad Mana History, Legends

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