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Rahu Effects and Remedies to Nullify

Here Are Some Solutions in Connection to Rahu

Exaltation Sign: Mithun Gender: Male Gotra: Paiteenas Special Sign (Molatrikona): Kumbh. Transit Period : 1 ½ Years. The Rays of Ragu: 4 Rays Enmity: Surya, Chandra, Mangal. Rishi: Vamdev State: Ambar (Jaipur Region Of Rajastan). Ascetic Yoga: Witchcraft, Black Magic. Metal: Lead Humours: Gas Line on Palm: Line Of Serpent Vastu: Godown (Place for Dumping […]

Remedies to Reduce Malefic Effects of Rahu

Rahu gives a lot of unfavourable results during its Dasha or transit. Person under the influence of Rahu is not interested in religious acts or spirituality. Person’s ideas differ from all other family members. Rahu is one of the unfavourable planets. If the planet forms any relation with any house then it negatively affects that […]

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