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Here Are Some Solutions in Connection to Rahu

Exaltation Sign: Mithun
Gender: Male
Gotra: Paiteenas
Special Sign (Molatrikona): Kumbh.
Transit Period : 1 ½ Years.
The Rays of Ragu: 4 Rays
Enmity: Surya, Chandra, Mangal.
Rishi: Vamdev
State: Ambar (Jaipur Region Of Rajastan).
Ascetic Yoga: Witchcraft, Black Magic.
Metal: Lead
Humours: Gas
Line on Palm: Line Of Serpent
Vastu: Godown (Place for Dumping waste material).
Elements: Air + Fire.
Human Body: Intestine, Ears, Head.
Physical Ingradients: Intestine
Colour: Black (Or) Ash Colour.
Direction: South West
Deities: Batuk Bhairav, Chinmasta Devi
Parayana: Durga Kavach.
Sign: Kumba, Makar, Kanya
Debilitation Sign: Vrichik
Guna: Tamasic
Language: Foreign Language
Nakshatras: Aridra, Swati, Sathabisha
Dasa Period: 18 Years.
Friendship: Budha, Sukra, Sani.
Asana: Flag
Dasavathara: Varaha (Pig).
Abode of Departed Soul: Hell.
Cause of Childlessness: Curse Of Serpent
Tsate: Sour
Scented Material: Mustard
Qualities: Lazy, Liar
Caste: Muslim, Sikh.
Human Relationship: Paternal Grand Father.
Human Face: Mouth, Lips, Ears.
Grain: Black Gram.
Precious Stones: Agate & Gomed
Portfolio: Low Class People.
Education: Chemical, Nuclear Physics
Temple: Thirunageshwaram (Tamil Nadu) Srisathong (Thailand)
Physical Apperance: Tall in statue, Windy Constitution
Places: Snake holes, Ant hills, Graveyards, Tombs, Caves, Durga Temple, Mosque, Gurudwaras.
Disease: Cataract, Tooth ailments, Leprosy, Skin Diseases, Suicide, Stammering, Sudden death, Murder, Accidents, Sexual Perversity, Homosexuality, Lesbianism, Snake Bite, Insanity.

To Pacify Rahu:
Rahu is the karak of foreign language, so during performing Rahu sadhana, whatever request is done to Rahu should be spoken in foreign language. In India, people are familiar with one foreign language namely English. Hence, one should use English while requesting to Rahu.

Rahu Graha Mahadasha

Before performing Rahu sadhana, devouring garlic is helpful. When Lord Vishnu cut off Rahu’s neck, the blood fell on earth and a garlic plant came out. Hence, Vaishnav’s do not eat Garlic since they worship Lord Krishna.
Raat Raani flowers have to be used during performing Puja or Sadhana of Rahu. It is proved to be good omen to see a snake near the Raat Rani plant. Some say blue flowers should be offered but colour does not matter. The smell of the flowers is most important.

RAHU in the light of realistic life:
Rahu is known as the shadow planet while Ketu is not the shadow planet. Few people know why Rahu and Ketu are placed on darker side of earth. Any object that is present in the form of matter always casts a shadow. Thus, in this universe there is some practical form. There are probably one or more big black holes that are yet to be discovered. Scientists do not do any research work based in the light of our Rishi’s knowledge. Planets discovered till date were actually marked by ancient Rishis thousand years ago. Only hundreds of years ago Galileo proved that earth moves round the sun.

Lord Vishnu’s dearest one was Bhakt Prahalad. Swarbhanu[Rahu]was son of Prahalad’s sister Simhika. Hence, relationship of Prahalad with Rahu was maternal. Hirnakashyap, father of Prahalad was maternal grandfather of Rahu. Hirnakshipu was brother of Hirnakashyap. They were Lord Vishnu’s gate keepers Jai and Vijay. In the following birth, they were Ravana and Kumbhkarna. Following this, they were born as Shish pal and Dantavakra. These two demons could only be killed by Lord Vishnu only in this universe. Hence, Rahu was having shine on his face not less than any Devas. Rahu was also a close relative of Devraj Indra.

In previous history, it is stated that Maa Diti was sad after death of her two sons namely Hiranyaksh and Hirniyakshipu. Maa Diti prayed and kept fasting for one year. This special fasting is known as Punsvan Vrat. The aim for this fasting was to get a son who would kill Devraj Indra. On hearing this, Indra tried to kill the sons but failed. There were total forty-nine Asuras who were blessed by Lord Vishnu. They were safe, protected and could not be killed.

Rahu approached Lord Brahma for his blessings and reputation. Brahma gifted him the body of a snake. This is because the first snake took birth from Lord Brahma’s body. Also, everyone knows that the snake can survive after being cut into two. Snake is honoured by Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. Vishnu rests on snake while Shiva garlands the snake. Dev Maa Aditi and Maa Diti were sisters who were married to Rishi Kashyap. Also, Maa Aditi and Maa Diti were daughters of King Daksh. The other daughter of King Daksh was Maa Sati, wife of Lord Shiva.

Rahu helps one who practises Tantrik [Mystic-Supernatural] Sadhna [Art]. Rahu prayed to Lord Shiva and asked for his blessings and his eminence. Rahu did not think he had done anything wrong. [Everyone knows Lord Ganesha’s head was chopped off. It was replaced with the head of an elephant’s head. When Sati burnt herself, her father’s head was chopped off by Veerbhadra-Ganas of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva added an animal’s head as Haygreev .[There are ten avatars of Lord Vishnu especially Kurma, Narshingh and Matsya avtaar] then all Devtas with Lord Vishnu rushed to Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma and prayed. They did not go there to help Rahu. Lord Shiva the Maker/Lord of Tantrik gyan blessed Rahu with it. Maa Shiva- Shakti also called Maa Parvati [Sati] also blessed Rahu. If one’s Rahu is not in a favourable position in one’s horoscope. One should worship Lord Shiva, Maa Shakti, Lord Ganesha [elephant] and Lord Kartik [peacock]. People trying to work on mystic arts should get blessings of Rahu.

Medicine or any physical problem can be understood and cured through only Rahu. Any problem related to blood [owner Mars] could be cured by Rahu’s blessings. Rahu’s drippings blood is like donating blood for the good of mankind. It has helped solving heart problem, artery/vein blockage, diabetes, high cholesterol and many others. Best way to remain physically fit is to donate blood regularly without taking money. This also solves the problem of Indians who have Kaal Sarp Yog in their horoscopes. India would become the leading blood donating country. She would be engrossed as the strongest country [Mars would help]. Now in this Kalyug, Rahu would appear in the strongest and remarkable position. Rahu also represents low caste people. One can see that at this period of life low caste people are gaining more powers than any other. This is because Rahu is gaining powers. Very few people know remedies of Kaal Sarp cannot be performed by ordinary Brahmins. Rahu gives magnificent benefits in the field of share market, stock, gambling, wine business etc. One should study the productive relations of Rahu and Dhan KUBER who blesses the fields. When one wants highest prosperity with very little effort one should worship Dhan Kuber and Ravana. They were very closely related.

Here Are Some Solutions in Connection to Rahu

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